19 Amazing Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business Growth Faster And Better

Marketing Strategies
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Digital marketing has changed the game so far as to how modern-day marketing strategy works. Both corporate and private businesses today have taken the online stage in order to market their brand.

While many small businesses focus their efforts on free and low-cost marketing strategies, it has since proven to be cost-effective to drive ROI.

Both online and offline stores need some form of eCommerce marketing strategy to stay afloat in the business arena, especially online, as the Internet becomes a place full of customers and competitors.

It becomes extremely difficult for businesses to survive not to talk about excelling without engaging in marketing strategies. Attracting buyers to their online and offline stores is somewhat difficult.

We are here to take you through some of the tested and trusted, amazing marketing strategies in 2022 that have proven a history of success for many businesses and, when properly applied, the same will yield you great output.

However, the application of these marketing strategies should be viable growth strategies with a positive impact, meaning expecting the result in a month’s time and, if possible, the next year. But the essence is key to the strategies that have the potential to increase business growth.

Don’t forget, marketing strategies are not magic nor myth, but once you’re able to implement the marketing strategies rightly, the business growth becomes foreseeable since it is a matter of smart marketing on the front end and good customer retention on the back end. 

It’s imperative that the goal of marketing is to connect your business value to the right customer base as well as to drive actual sales and results. Though this sounds simple, it also requires various strategies that can take on countless different shades.

For a marketing strategy to be effective, it must be encompassing and, as such, requires great work in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing

This guide is titled: Amazing marketing strategies in 2022. When you are done reading, it will give you an insight and expand your awareness of viable marketing channels, any of which could hold the key to your future business growth.

Here, for ease of clarity, we have decided to group these strategies into different channels, which part to be discussed will be digital strategies, while others are discussed more on a general platform, with strategies that can be conducted offline.

Here we go!

#1. Make use of Facebook advertising

Facebook is a platform where different data is run together to serve both the audience and also to provide custom audiences in order to target specific groups including their hobbies, occupation, income, marital status, and many other factors. 

In short, Facebook Ads are primarily to drive actual sales and results using the most powerful targeting tools at your disposal.

How Facebook Ads is an ideal marketing strategy

It is very true that over two million small to medium businesses use Facebook as a platform to advertise as a result of its cost-effective nature of promoting products and services while reaching out to a great audience.

This is indeed a far-reaching ad platform that engages a wide audience with advanced targeting. The essence here basically is to target a specific audience based on location, interests, age, sex, online behavior, and many other factors.

How can Facebook ads be created? This process is simple and easy but it must be attractive in order to call the attention of readers.

Therefore, all you need to do is to create a solid and resounding headline with a descriptive copy and an image with a link for ease of reference.

Additionally, the Facebook Ads Manager is cool and it can make it easier to run and test multiple ad sets, with an improved winning formula and rethink profitability with or without the assistance of advanced technical expertise.

Though, while many new users find it excessively difficult to achieve a great height with their initial campaigns, remember persistence is a key factor when you want to succeed. This calls for Facebook’s popularity with different third-party tools that will guide you on how best you succeed.

Having considered Facebook as your right strategy to promote your business and earn great ROI, AdEspresso has become ideal for you to run your campaigns and your ROI will be guaranteed.

But running a business that has a strong visual component is great though, it might be worth it only if you probably try out Instagram ads. Remember, Instagram ads benefit from the same database and targeting options, thereby allowing you to connect with an audience that is solely targeted for visual sales.

This kind of information people gives out in their public profiles and activities such as Facebook. 

 #2. Create a Facebook page with a custom audience

Wow, this strategy is awesome. The reason is that, on Facebook, ad targeting is one of the most powerful targeting options. This tool is made available with so much data to help advertisers narrow down their audience, thereby reaching out to the right people at the right time.

Additionally, you can target by age, gender, location, interests, etc. Other areas of targeting include the use of partner data so as to target life events/behaviors, net worth/income, political affiliation, and household composition.

But don’t forget, the most important thing here is your data: your website visitors, current purchasers, high lifetime value customers, and loyalty club members. This last category is where Facebook Custom Audiences work better. It’s a way to target those people using Facebook.

What then is the Facebook customs audience

Simply put as a list of people who are already part of your audience, they can also be termed as your present customers/users, past purchasers, high-value customers, loyalty program members, warm lead, etc.

You can also see them as Website Custom Audiences because they form the lists of people who have visited your website (or certain parts of it), shown interest in your products or services, or taken certain actions.

Also worthy of note is, you can even retarget users who have filled out your lead form. But the Facebook Page activity option in particular is the most important piece of information needed. This is because you can treat page visitors just as you would treat your website visitors, serving them particular ads based on the following:

  • Liked, followed, or engaged with your page
  • Engaged with any post or ad
  • Clicked any CTA button
  • Sent you a message
  • Save your page or any post.

#3. Prep for expanded text ads takeoff

It has become a known fact that, on the 31st of August 2021, Google confirmed that after the 30th of June 2022, creating /editing Expanded Texts Ads (ETAs) in both the Google Ads interface and Editor has become impossible.

Many advertisers became dumbfounded at such a decision, this made many people to wonder what does this mean for Expanded Text Ads? And is this the end or is there a solution?

What are Expanded Text Ads? 

ETAs, therefore, are the kind of search ad that is open to use on Google Ads. Here, advertisers are allowed to reach users via the Google search engine results page (SERP). Provision is made for three headlines, two descriptions, two path fields, and a URL taking the searcher to the desired landing page.

The truth remains that ETAs have come to stay and it has been a force to search ad types for most advertisers since their arrival in 2016. However, its existence and functionality erupted in early 2021 when Google gave Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) the power to be the default search ad type, thereby relegating ETAs.

Despite these changes, with a deadline of 30th June 2022, you will no longer be able to create/edit ETAs in the Google Ads interface and Editor. However, the good news is that they will still serve and can be paused, removed, and reactivated.

It means, there is no prerequisite to remove them from your account, as you will still have access to them, they can still perform well, and can help your account achieve its goals. Their usability will just be limited.

But on the contrary, the search ad types that you will still be able to create and edit after the 30th of June are RSAs and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs).

While the declaration lasts so you will no longer be able to create/edit ETAs after the 30th of June 2022, they will still serve like normal and help you achieve your goals though.

Before the set-aside date expires, you can still have access to edit in the interface and create/edit in the editor, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

But most importantly, ensure you set them up correctly and have them thoroughly tested as, after that date, trust me, their manageability will grossly decline.

Have you switched over? If not, this is the time and you should switch up your search ad types and invest in the future of automation and machine learning.

# 4. Run performance max campaigns

These campaign types come with the automation benefits of smart campaigns, which are also dynamic in nature with responsive ads, and the multi-placement targeting of social ads which are encompassing.

Many advertisers become familiar and interested in the Performance Max campaigns ads as a result of one set of assets like images, videos, logos, headlines, etc. with which Google will mix and match those assets to show ads across all of its channels, including Search (which includes Shopping and Local), Display, Discover, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

How to run performance max campaigns
Image credit: Google

#5. Improve conversion tracking with Google ads enhanced conversions

Google ads offer fascinating and enhanced conversions. However, this feature provides the third-party cookie benefit of cross-device conversion tracking. On the other hand, there are no third-party cookies. How possible can this be?

Yeah, it can be possible because your first-party data about your website visitors such as email addresses and phone number will get sent to Google using a hashed format, while Google will then find Google accounts whose information tally and gather as first-party, this is known as cross-device data on those users, and it will transmit it back to you in hashed, grouped, and also in an unknown format. 

This will give you an idea about your ad clickers’ behavior, and this is considered your logged in Google account behavior before and after your Google ads.

More importantly too, you can set up enhanced conversions manually using Tag Manager or sitewide tagging, or via API.

The best SEO strategies that are the influential picks for 2022

For your work to be ranked higher, much is needed in terms of creating useful, E-A-T, and fresh content that serves your audience right by answering their questions.

#6. MUMify your content

The MUM is an acronym to mean Multitask Unified Model and the idea of mummifying was introduced by Google in May 2021. The aim of this search technology is to reduce the number of queries that have to be performed by a person.

The essence is to avoid performing multiple searches and, with this assertion, it has been deduced that a person can ask Google a question in the same way they’d asked a human being.

With this development, Google will then build a result that will answer all related questions which could comprise different sources and media formats. Don’t forget, MUM knows 75 different languages, so if the best answer to that question is in German, Google can now connect the said information to the searcher.

The MUM strategy we have tumbled on over time shared the same practice with SEO best practices and today we deem it necessary to mention it so that many will understand. In achieving this:

Be prepared to write a long pattern of content that basically targets long-tail question keywords. But remember, do not target difficult questions but rather simple keywords. How can this be achieved?

  • Organize your content. Organization of your content becomes key, like H2s and H3s in that order, so that Google can surface results easily.
  • Divide your content. Do you know that MUM can source answers from text, pictures, and videos? Using this, you can create different media for great topics that will make your work stand tall and also build traffic.
  • Use structured data. Here, schema markup helps Google to clearly understand the information and information types you are providing.
  • Optimize for voice search. In recent times, voice search has become a tool used by virtually every marketer. It is important to include it since no one is going to type that long question above into a search bar. Because they’re going to speak it and, as such, it is necessary to optimize for voice search.

#7. Video schema

In 2021, Google has made it necessary the use of video schema by dropping 2-new video schema markup types, which are clip markup and seek markup. You can create and communicate your own timestamps in your videos to Google Search results using clip markup.

You can easily affirm this when you see Clip markup in action where you might ask Google “how to” query and get a crazy specific video result.

Believe you and me, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for its use of video, while schema is considered MUM-friendly. With this, try as much as possible to inculcate video schema in your 2022 SEO strategy. 

#8. Optimize for passage ranking 

Passage ranking is one of the simplest but most effective ways Google considers not just for a page to gain relevance, but most importantly, a section of content within a page to a given query that also becomes a centre of attraction for visitors. 

This then means, all the regular Google ranking factors should be applied at all times. Looking at the recent developments, your pages now have a better chance with more opportunities to show up on the leading edge of search technology, which is the front page of Google.

What is the best way to go? The sure way to optimize for passage ranking is by using your H2s and H3s to organize your post into flawless sections. This is to say, each of your H2s should cover a specific subtopic (which should happen naturally if your H2s are different long-tail variations on the target keyword).

Marketing strategies to boost business growth

#9. Technical SEO

It is very true that the content side of SEO is the ultimate. However, looking at the page experience update and mobile-first indexing, the tools needed to succeed are enormous today, but be advised that the application of technical SEO can serve you better for optimal results. 

In case you are not aware, there is a new set of ranking factors known as Core Web Vitals that came into existence last year with the page experience update. Below is the summary of the Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals meaning:

  • LCP (Largest contentful painting). This explains how long it can take the largest content asset on a page to load.
  • FID (First input delay). How long does it take for your site to register a user’s first tap or click on your page?
  • CLS (Cumulative layout shift). How stable the page is (i.e. are there any unexpected movements on the page like elements shifting around when you pinch/zoom/scroll, disruptive popups, etc.).

For clarification, you can check your Core Web Vitals using Google Search Console and this comes with some recommendations that, when applied with the aid of a developer, can improve your Core Web Vitals. 

Find here some of the technical SEO optimizations for 2022 that, when you apply on your own, could give you results:

  • Compress images with the use of a free compressor tool (Tinypng.com is optional here)
  • Reshape images to avoid being wider than the maximum column width of your site.
  • Implement comment moderation for your blog to prevent spammy links.

The best social media marketing strategies pick for 2022

We have for you the best social media marketing strategies for 2022 for optimal performance and results.

#10. Social local SEO

Social media are used by many and, in as much as they are termed to be the audience, they’re not in the real sense of it since they’re always posting their own piece of information from time to time, and to a large extent, and this could compel your content to get lost easily without achieving its desired result.

Despite this act, don’t forget it is one of the ways that make you stand out on social media to those who matter greatly to your business, be it LindedIn, Snapchat, Facebook etc,

We, therefore, recommend you have a thorough reading of the local social media marketing while we share here some starter tips:

  • Treat your profiles like listings (Facebook) since it’s one of the top online business directories.
  • Add your business to Facebook Places so you and others can tag your location in posts.
  • Use location-based hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Share local news articles on Facebook.
  • Share industry insights from influencers in your geographic community on LinkedIn.

#11. Shoppable live streams

Going by the 2022 digital marketing trends, it’s been discovered that live streaming doesn’t just bring about content growth but also helps generate 27% more minutes of watching time per viewing than on-demand video.

On the other hand, Instagram has given a new leaf to online shopping using shoppable posts, stories, and reels, thereby proving this marketing strategy a great one and easier than first thought.

Do you wish to create an Instagram Live Shopping session? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Set up a Facebook or Instagram shop and enable Instagram checkout.
  2. Prepare products to be in your catalog three days before you go live.
  3. Tap on “Your Story,” select “Live,” and then find the shopping bag icon.
  4. Add products from your catalog.
  5. When you’re good to go live and then use that same icon to pin items to your video.
  6. Always save your live video so that users can still shop from the saved version.

I am sure you are aware that this feature is being developed and also available on both Facebook and YouTube Live. 

The best email marketing strategies pick for 2022

In recent times, email marketing has been living its best life until Apple dropped the Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), which serves as a strategy of email marketing strategies. However, email marketing is one of the ultimate forums for marketing products and services that attract the audience easily and greatly too.

#12. Close the door on open rates

MPP is an acronym that stands for Mail Privacy Protection. Upon the initiation of the Apple and iOS features, iOS users can block your ability to gather accurate open data and this can be done if, when, where, or how many times they opened your marketing emails.

While for Apple, its feature will open a user’s email, regardless of a proxy server, so as to track any pixels in the email download there, and not the user’s device, though. If a user decides to open the email, they will open the cached version.

It therefore means, email tracking software can’t distinguish between proxied and non-proxied openers. That is to say, it has inflated open rates and missing or incorrect open data like location, time of opening, number of times opened, and a host of others. We share iOS 15-friendly email marketing strategies here.

Try as much as possible to have A/B test elements in the body of your emails, but not subject lines, and also be guided that any nix email flows content campaigns that are based on open-related data and rebuild them based on other triggers.

Don’t forget, proxies that are open due to Mail Privacy Protection will remind you that your user opened your email even if they didn’t.

#13. Email preference centers

Now we know that open data isn’t everything, but it can still tell us a lot about where our audience is located, what types of content and topics they like, when they’re most likely to read your email, how frequently they want to receive emails from you, and more.

As scanty as open data at your disposal is, it goes a long way to speak well about your audience regarding their location, the kind of topics and contents they are in love with, and when it is okay for them to read your emails and how often they want to welcome emails from your end and host of other information required.

Preferably, it is not a bad idea if you could ask your audience themselves. That is to say, when they sign up for your emails, create a preference center so you can get it directly from the audience. You may choose to use them as a part of your unsubscribe flow.

#14. Plain text emails

Even as you can send out branded, HTML emails, the use of plain text emails helps you also to send out a plain text version along with it. And why is it so?

  • It is so because plain text-dependent devices are ever on the rise, just like smartwatches, voice assistants, and screen readers.
  • Because spam filters really want to see that plain text.

Additionally, many email automation platforms will for sure give you the option to generate a plain text version of your email, but be warned that you’ll still have to optimize it. Find here some tips and an example of an image:

  • Always use caps or symbols to separate sections.
  • The text should be resized to fit the screen of any device to avoid linebreaks.
  • Do add linebreaks to separate sections with whitespace.
  • Hyphens should be used to create bullets.
  • Maintain minimum links as possible.

The best content marketing strategies for 2022

You are required to make lots of content and not just be content, but one that is attractive and possibly easy to digest. Content should be free of padding, and avoid ambiguous words.

The aim of this is to satisfy your readers with top-notch and interesting information that will be suitable for different purposes and requirements (accessible). Here are some of the ways, when well implemented, can help you achieve greater results. 

#15. Meaningful multimedia meta (not the metaverse)

Breaking up text in your blog posts with images is paramount, but doing it the right way is the best thing to do.

Therefore, ensure the images that are included in your blog post should be attractive so that readers can read the meaning and get value from it.

Images should be meaningful: Avoid having empty stock images and graphics in your blog posts. Meaning, your images should be able to give your reader the value they are looking for in your post, even if that is what they are looking for. 

Use a multimedia approach: Adding videos (short clips) is a welcome development and also an added advantage for that matter. Remember, not only do people have different choices to make on different channels, but MUM is going to allow Google to surface information across multiple media formats. 

With this, you can add value now while also building SEO equity for the future.

Meta: The use of meta tags and schema markup clearly spells out for Google what you’re saying and in what form. This will improve your SEO and make your content MUM-friendly.

#16. Accessible & inclusive content

Accessible and inclusive content also has to do with the other ways of using metadata. The essence of accessibility has to do with title tags, H1s, H2s, and image alt text. These are used by screen readers so that those with visual difficulties can only hear what’s on the page, but can also understand it as well.

Here are some of the accessibility tips for you:

  • Visual impairment: Use meta tags as discussed while maintaining proper color contrast and font size for those with visual impairments.
  • For cognitive or reading impairments: Use images so as to pass a message across.

Other must-use awesome marketing strategies in 2022

#17. Reach out to forum posters

If you want to target people who are likely to share the product or service your startup has to offer, the best way to do is to look for users who post on related forums.

A clear case of how Zapier started and posted feature requests on forums like StackExchange that helped build up their brand. This marketing strategy is worth emulating in 2022. The Zapier team emailed influencers like Andrew Warner.

These nature of requests usually went unanswered, and Zapier knew forum posters were desperate for answers.

They emailed the posters, letting them know that Zapier had created the feature they requested. This resulted in major influencers promoting them heavily.

In this year 2022, if you’re looking forward to creating an audience of wild fans, you can do so and this will ease the pains of many who expressed it publicly online.

How can this be done? You must identify a forum related to your product, create a solid solution, and promote it to the people most interested in the solution you’ve created. Trust me, it’s a great way to provide value and get a promotion from that value.

#18. Reach out to a specific community

Building a fast user base requires having a clear understanding of what your ideal customer looks like.

With this, you will be able to create a piece of content basically targeting the community. The more specifically you can target this group, the more effective your campaign will be.

This strategy was used by Dropbox and it recorded from 5,000 to 75,000 people on its waiting list overnight.

The founder created an explanation video of Dropbox’s key features, replete with references to memes and inside jokes that only the Digg community would understand.

#19. Become your product’s biggest user

Starting a company that involves user input, you’ll discover that the site struggles to gain traction with few users.

This “chicken-and-egg” problem is difficult to escape. A small user base means little content, which discourages more users from joining.

To break out of this cycle with his startup Quora, founder Adam D’Angelo became one of the biggest users of the platform.

He answered a ton of questions in the early days, leading to more in-depth responses and setting the stage and expectation of quality content for the new site.

If you’re struggling with the same problem, the answer is the same. You should become the biggest user of your startup’s product.


Digital marketing is one of the best forms of marketing, due to its relevance both corporate and private businesses, today have embraced it in order to market their brand.

In order to achieve the desired goal of digital marketing, both online and offline stores need some form of eCommerce marketing strategy to stay afloat in the business, most importantly the online store since the Internet becomes a place full of competitors.

We have compiled here some of the tested, trusted, and amazing marketing strategies in 2022 that have proven a history of success for many businesses and, it is hoped that when properly applied, the same will yield great output.

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