How to Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense earnings
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As we get into 2020, more advertisers are trying to reach their potential clients through web advertising also known as digital advertising or online advertising while on the other hand, publishers are striving how to boost their Google Adsense earnings.

Also on the other side, more publishers are willing to monetize their traffic. The connecting link seems to be found in Adsense.

With Adsense, the publisher shares specific spaces in their websites, so the advertisers can use it through Adsense to publish their ads.

The remarkable thing with Adsense is that, the content and the visitors of a site are linked in such a way, that the ads will be targeted and specialized for every single one of them.

As millions of websites worldwide use AdSense and Google pays more and more billions to publishers every year, in this post I will walk you through some of the effective ways you can boost your Adsense earnings as a publisher.

1. Stand Out with High Quality and Unique Content

I want to be clear and loud so, first things first. Go for High-Quality content and keep the flow coming for your audience.

A common mistake from most publishers is that they consider their creativity or creative writing is enough to gain traffic without paying attention to the technical aspect of the article and the value it delivered.

They prefer to focus on finding out new fancy ways to deliver low-quality content and sometimes they provide it with no consistency.

If you are using AdSense you want to go for the quality. Once you get approved by Google AdSense, after a period you will be reviewed for quality assurance.

To avoid low quality in your content, I highlight the importance of the following things you need to focus on.

“You have to deliver content with value”.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneurship, Angel investing

To make unique content, you have to deliver value to your audience as Gary Vaynerchuk always says.

To achieve that, as a publisher, you have to reconsider the content, and instead of trying to create content that has no value for you, find out something that you are passionate about.

In that way, you will get a more targeted audience and passion for your work.

To complete this and achieve high quality you have to keep the flow coming for your audience. Consistency will be the major key to keeping your audience.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your content in ways search engines could find and index your content for search visibility is crucial. Organic traffic is the most important traffic you can get.

Traffic from organic sources is considered the most valuable and therefore you get more pay if you have a massive amount of organic traffic. Optimising your content for search should be your priority when creating your content.

You can do this by using the right keywords in your article, adding meta descriptions that include your article focus keyword, structuring and adding both outbound and internal linking to your content, adding H1, H2 (subheadings), graphics etc.

These few tips will dramatically improve your organic rankings over time which will boost your Google AdSense earnings

3. Pick the Right Ad Placement + AdSense Auto Ad

Placement is another important factor that you need to take into account if you want to boost your AdSense earnings.

If you aim at boosting your earnings, don’t hesitate to place your ads in strategic places on your website such as the top of your page (728×90) is the best fit here.

Since most people that visit your website see the top of your page, you will likely increase your Google AdSense earnings by placing this banner on the top of your page.

Another powerful way, that will assure maximization of your Google AdSense earnings, is to place ads between your content.

This kind of placement needs great care because your content has to stand out from the Ads and your audience should be able to distinguish between your ads and content.

If the above seems, too time-consuming and you prefer to concentrate more on your content, than this procedure, Google AdSense has a tool to automate the placement of your Ads.

The tool AdSense Auto Ad is simply in use. On your page, you have to put the code once and from that point on to use new features and ad formats, simply turn a switch on and off.

How AdSense Auto Ad Will Help Me Increase my Earning?

This is a powerful tool that will find any available empty spaces on your website that can be used for an advertisement and place an Ad automatically and therefore increasing your Google AdSense revenues.

4. Stay Up to Date With AdSense

AdSense always updates its tools and capabilities. By keeping track of all them will help you adapt and be part of new Google AdSense products faster than others. Let’s see an example.

In your Google Analytics account, you can pick in the Analytics sector and go through and find out referrers that generate your AdSense revenue. Follow the path Behaviour -> AdSense -> AdSense Referrers.

This will help you understand if the traffic you have gained from social media boosts your revenues in AdSense.

With this practice, you will know if you have to improve the content in the post you make in social media.

It is important you understand all the terms of use, keep updated and use the most effective ways to monetise your traffic with AdSense will help you increase your earnings with AdSense.

5. Use Seasonal events to increase your Google Adsense earnings

All the previous steps are basic and pretty much easy to follow so you can boost your income through AdSense.

One insight that could boost your earnings, is to keep track of seasonal periods. In the next lines, I will analyze and explain why seasonal periods can be special info about the way you work with AdSense and how they will interact with your content.

In high season periods as Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving e.t.c, the consumers are buying more things and the Paid Search Actions are trending high.

But how can I take advantage of high season periods and increase my AdSense earnings?

First try to understand your content and how it can fit, into the consumer’s behaviour, through these seasonal periods and pick the best one for you (if not all).

After that, you want to adjust your content with keywords that are connected with your it and follow potential search keywords that are trending high through Seasonable Periods.

By doing this, your AdSense will get more accurate and you will get more clicks, as a result, you will get paid more.
So let’s summarize all the above about Seasonal Periods in two simple steps.

  • Find out where your content fits in, through Seasonal Periods
  • Adjust your content with keywords that are trending in Seasonal Periods


In this article, I have highlighted effective tips that will enable you to increase your Google AdSense earnings. These tips are many but for now, I decided to discuss the most important tips that can help you boost your AdSense earnings.

Goole AdSense generally is one of the most popular traffic monetization platforms for publishers. It also pays more than most ad networks out there and always guarantees an ad 100% fill rate.

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Tell us to know what you think in the comment section so we can improve the post.


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