Top Adsense alternative Ad Networks for Publishers

Adsense alternative Ad Networks
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Adsense alternative ad networks for publishers are many nowadays. Publishers search the web every day looking for Google Adsense alternatives in order to monetize their traffic.

However, a simple search could return millions of results for keywords such as “Best Adsense alternative ad network”. “Alternative Ad networks to Google Adsense”.

This doesn’t only get publishers confused but also leads them to make a horrible decision when deciding on which Adsense alternative ad network to choose.

What makes it even more difficult is that most of those Adsense alternatives claim to be high-paying AdSense alternatives which in most cases they are not what they represent. 

As new Ad Networks come on board every year, most of them struggle to get the publisher’s attention which leads to a false representation of their brands.

To make things easy for publishers and also prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, we craft this post while suggesting the best options they can choose from starting from AdsTargets. 

Adsense alternative ad network
Adsense alternative ad network

In this post, we spent some time comparing the top Adsense alternative Ad Networks for publishers. We simplify things for your decision-making process. so… stay with us on this and trust us you will be happy you found this blog post.

Let’s jump into it…

1. AdsTargets Ad Network for publishers

Many of you might think why AdsTargets comes first on our list. You are right to think that way cause AdsTargets is relatively new and not as large as other Adsense alternatives. our reason is simple.

AdsTargets Ad Network made our number one list because AdsTarget runs virtually the same Ads types run by Google Adsense.

Apart from Ads, AdsTarget made things easy for publishers to register and start showing ads on their websites and blogs. 

AdsTargets has a powerful advertising technology that enables advertisers across the globe to advertise on a hassle-free advertising platform while those Ads are served to publishers all over the world making them money like never before seen in the history of monetizing.

AdsTargets Ad Network alternative to Adsense
AdsTargets Ad Network for Publishers

AdsTargets geographical coverage

AdsTargets accepts publishers all over the world. Adstargets do not have though requirements for accepting publishers like other Ads Networks which makes it easy for publishers to be accepted.

This is another winning feature to be compared with Google Adsense.

AdsTargets requirement for content

As a publisher, your content plays a vital role in being accepted by AdsTargets.

Your website or blog will not be accepted if your content is about or have some potion of violence, drugs, racism and any form of illegal activities and discrimination.

For more information on that, refer to Publisher terms during the application for more details. Websites and blogs with such content will not be approved by AdsTargets.

AdsTargets threshold and Adsense Threshold

Another factor that differentiates Adstargets and Adsense is their threshold, AdsTargets threshold is only $35 which makes it another Adsense alternative ad network for publishers.

On the other hand, the Google Adsense threshold is $100 which takes very long for most publishers to reach that point.

AdsTargets Pricing model and Adsense Pricing model comparison 

AdsTargets and Adsense pricing models are similar. Both Ad Networks pay their publishers based on Cost per click (CPC) and known ad Pay per click (PPC) and CPM which is a cost per 1000 impressions.

We will cover how these pricing models are calculated in detail in our next post.

AdsTargets and Adsense both pay higher for clicks and impressions that come from certain geographical areas or countries such as the USA, The UK, Germany etc.

This is basically because of the click value that comes with those clicks. Also, Adstargets pay better commissions if the clicks come from the advertiser’s target location.  

AdsTargets Ad Units / Ad inventory 

AdsTargets allows publishers to monetize with Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitials also known as Full-screen Ads, and In-App Ads also on both Desktop and mobile devices. As a publisher, you will be able to make money within the first few weeks of monetizing your website or blog with AdsTargets.  

2. Ad Network comes number two on our list of Adsense alternative ad networks which makes a lot of sense and here is why… Adsense alternative ad network is powered by Yahoo and Bing and controls a reasonable amount of the advertising industry. has one of the most advanced advertising technologies, it is one of the leading contextual advertising and monetizing platform in the market today.

the company has grown to employ over 1300 employees according to the latest figures shown on their about page. Their operations spread through America mostly the USA and Canada, Asia, and Europe.

However, their traffic distribution by Ad Spend/Revenues in 2018 mostly comes from the USA with 90%, 5% in the UK and Canada while the rest of the world takes the last 5%. Of these, mobile takes 62% and desktop 32% by devices. net is known for contextual ads, Native Ads which they run on desktop and mobile devices, they also run banner Ads, and Interstitials also known as full-screen Ads.

Its inventory is very similar to Google Adsense and AdMob which makes it an Adsense alternative Ad network for publishers. Payment threshold is also $100 similar to Google Adsense. These similarities make a top Adsense alternative ad network for publishers around the world.
In general, has almost everything you can get from Google Adsense.
Most publishers are okay with their payment terms and they usually pay through Paypal and Wire-transfers while Google AdSense does not use Paypal at all in paying publishers.

3. PropellerAds Media

PropellerAds made our list of Adsense alternative ad networks for publishers. Let’s break it down for you…
The Ad network started in 2011 and has grown so fast and so big over the last few years.

Even though they might not have a similar business model to Google Adsense, they have served as a great alternative for publishers and in some cases pay higher CPMs for publishers. In figures, PropellerAds have over 5000 publishers, 4600 Ads Campaigns, about 700,000 Ads impressions daily, and about 8600 leads monthly.

The Ad Network offers multi-channel advertising solutions such as Display ads, video ads, mobile ads, and in-app across desktop and mobile devices. Their advertising technology also offers great customization possibilities for both advertisers and publishers.

PropellerAds Payment methods

Propellerads review

PropellerAds pay their publishers through Paypay UDS, Skrill USD, Wire USD, Wire Euro, Webmoney z, Payoneer prepared MasterCard and Payoneer Bank transfer are all payment options you can use as a publisher at PropellerAds.
Here are the most Ad inventory and niches served by propellers

We recommend you check them out here: PropellerAds

4. RevContent

RevContent Review Adsense alternative ad network for publishers

RevContent also made our list of top Adsense alternative ad networks. The reason is simple and we are going to explain why… RevContent is one of the Ad networks all bloggers and content creators should be using side by side with their ad networks.RevContent Review

My reason for saying this is simply because of their Ad format that comes inform with recommended content that looks like a recommended post from your website.
There is no reasonable reason why a blogger should not give them a try. Make money with RevContent start here  

Another interesting thing about RevContent is, that their Ad units are designed to blend with your content in a way your visitors will hardly know its Ad content which also makes a lot of sense as it does not interfere with your audience’s purpose in visiting your website or Blog. 

RevContent Ad network is simply the largest content recommendation in the market. Their CPMs are considered very high when compared to other Native Ad Networks.  

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

5. PopAds

Here is another cool Adsense alternative ad network for publishers known as PopAds. This Ad Network is for those publishers that want quick payouts and also love PopUps Ads, Pop under Ads, and other similar ad units. 

PopAds pay their publishers on a daily basis as far as they are able to make up to $5 in their accounts. This is the reason why we said it’s cool for those publishers that want quick cash and get paid every day.

Another cool feature of PopAds is that their approvals are easy and setting up your Ads for the first time takes only a few clicks and you are up and running.

6. AdNow

When it comes to monetizing your content with native ads, you might want to give AdNow a try. This Ad network is completely dedicated to allowing publishers to publish native Ads using a widget on their blogs or websites.

It is a cool way of monetizing your traffic especially if you are a niche-specific blogger or a webmaster that has a lot of traffic to monetize.
Here is AdNow in figures

AdNow is a CPC and CPM native ad network from the U.K but works very well in several countries as shown in the above figures. This makes your chances of being accepted very high as a publisher.

It is also believed that native ads deliver more CTR rates than traditional banner and text advertising which may make you wanna give it a try.


As usual, we bring you a great list of Adsense alternative Ad Networks so you won’t have to go around wondering.

This list is based on facts and proven records and is written with the intent of helping you make easy and effective decisions when choosing Adsense alternative ad networks to monetize your content.

Let us know your take on our list in the comment section below.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

Founder at AdsTargets | Online advertising expert | Search engine optimisation expert | Social media marketing expert.Eugene is a Passionate writer on topics relating to online advertising, branding and generally interested in creating digital marketing content. He is curious about the future of digital advertising.Follow Eugene on LinkedIn @ eugeneagoh

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