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Our In-house-built ad technology offer you all the important tools you need to create highly-targeted global advertising campaigns. With premium inventory and prediction algorithms, you can reach your target audience across all formats and devices through one interface. Reach your target audience with advertising campaigns.

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Our Ad Network welcome bloggers, forum owners, website owners, ad network or SSP partner to join our family and instantly boost ad revenue with AdsTargets. Our system ensure your websites it matched with the most relevant ads and maintain your users engagement. Also, we give our publishers the opportunity to filter ad types to enhace their ad display.

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Ad Formats

If you are a Publisher choose among our various ad formats to monetize your traffic. We are proud to be the first Ad network that pays publishers over 85% of advertisers' revenue. If you are Advertiser your ads will reach a large audience across all devices and regions. AdsTargets offer several targeting options, real-time tracking, and ad optimization possibilities.


All the tools you need

Monetize your traffic

Engage your audience with quality and relevant ads to maximizing revenue

Multiple ad formats
Multiple pricing models
Easy code Integration
$35 Minimum Payout
High Fill Rate
Live Stats
Global Coverage
Anti Adblock Technology

Advertize your business

Unify your media buying and create highly-targeted global ad campaigns through one interface

Advanced Targeting
Anti-Fraud Technology
Automated Ad optimization
Conversion Tracking
Fast & Easy Campaign Setup
24/7 Support
Live Stats

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AdsTargets will help you to sell all your website traffic to the highest bidders
and maximize your ad revenue

Make more money with traffic!

Traffic monetization

Traffic monetization platform

AdsTargets provide great Traffic monetization platform for publishers willing to sell their traffic with display ads.

Ad Types

Traffic goal by PPC, CPM, and CPA ads

We ensure your traffic monetization goal is achieved by serving engaging and clean PPC, CPM, and CPA Ads that align with your content so that your audience are not interrupted in anyway.

Advertising Network

Minimal effort and multiple ad formats

As a publishers you will monetize your web traffic with minimal effort and multiple ad formats.

Cheap Advertising

Easy and more profitable!

Our ppc networks for publishers | cpm ad networks for publishers, makes your traffic monetization easy and more profitable!

Take a look at features for Advertiser segments

AdsTargets will help you to reach your target audience with advertising campaigns
Start high converting campaigns!

Wider audience

Wider audience

Reach a wider audience with CPA, CPV, CPM and CPC Ad campaigns that convert with our advanced advertising solution. We simplify the process of online advertising for all online business and marketers

Target Ads

Various targeting options

Get all the advertising tools you need to scale your ad campaigns for optimum results. Use various targeting options to reach the right audience with all your desired ad formats. Be sure of fraud-free Ad campaigns, Live stats and 24/7 support.

CPM Campaign

Boost faster, easier and cheaper

Take advantage of our cheap and effective advertising platform to boost your business growth faster, easier and cheaper with pay per click ads starting from $0.001, CPM campaigns starting from $1, CPA campaigns from $0.1, CPV campaigns from $0.001!

Ad Campaigns

Focus on what works best

A/B Testing: Run multiple ad campaigns such as Native Ads, Text Ads, Pop Ads, Interstitial ads, Video Ads, Affiliate Ads and Banner ads to compare results and focus on what works best to maximize ROAS!


Boost Conversions and Increase Earnings

If you are just signed in and you are a total beginner, don't worry, AdsTargets provide FREE educational resources for everyone! Take advantage of our resources and learn the latest industry trends, expand your knowledge, and get the best tips and tricks shared by our experts for more profitable ad campaigns and traffic monetization.

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