Chose among our various ad formats to monetize your traffic. We are proud to be the first Ad network that pays publishers over 85% of advertisers' revenue.

Our goal is to ensure maximum traffic monetization culture that favors our publishers. You can monetize your traffic with Banners, Text, Interstitials, Pop-Ups, and direct ads with web and mobile compatible ads based on CPC and CPM models.

Adstargets ad formats


Choose among our best performing and cost-effective ad formats to reach your targeted audience. Create all ad types such as banner ads, Text ads, Interstitials, Pop-Ups, and Direct ad campaigns for quality and affordable traffic that converts and delivers high ROI on advertising.

Your ads will reach a large audience across all devices and regions. AdsTargets offer several targeting options, real-time tracking, and ad optimization possibilities.

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We have all your desired adformats to easily start your traffic buying campaign or start monetizing your website traffic to make more money

Banner Ads

Advertise and Monetize with Banner Ads

AdsTargets offers multiple types of traditional display banner ads. We provide all banner sizes, including rectangle, skyscraper, leaderboard, and custom banners for specific regions. These ads are designed to deliver high engagement for both publishers and Advertisers, providing the best advertising experience.

Interstitial Ads

Advertise and Monetize with Interstitials

Our Interstitial ads offer massive revenue opportunity for publishers while delivering high conversion rates for advertisers.
These appear on webpages and mobile devices at while the user is on the page, or while the page is loading or when the user is about to leave the page.

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Text Ads

Advertise and Monetize with Text Ads

Text ads are a great ad format to deliver a detailed brand message to your potential clients as an advertiser.
AdsTargets Text ads deliver quality engagement and quality traffic for advertisers as it texts the message in a more elaborate format.

Video Ads

Advertise and Monetize with Native Ads

Reach your customers using VAST and HTML5 Video Ads based on cost per view (CPV) pricing model.
Our video advertising is optimized and responsive to fit all desktop and mobile devices.

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Mobile Ads

Advertise and Monetize with mobile Ads

Mobile ads have the potentials to take your business to the next level as an advertiser. Most of your potential clients spend most of their time on mobile devices each day.

eCommerce Ads

Advertise and Monetize with eCommerce Ads

Our platform offers a great opportunity for eCommerce store owners, affiliate markers and classified site owners to advertise their products and services with very attractive and unique ads to attract customers.
These eCommerce ads are displayed with the product image, product price(s), Product name, discount and a call to action (CTA) button to entice audiences to take necessary actions.

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Native Ads

Advertise and Monetize with Native Ads

Our native ads are displayed in two ways, either as Image + text or only as text ads.
It’s one of the fastest-growing ad formats and loved by publishers across all niches and industries as they appear to be less intrusive.
Our Native Ads are customizable to either be responsive or fixed on publishers’ websites.

Retarget Ads

Retarget your audience

Retarget people you have visited your website and interacted with your ads previously using retarget campaign system. Use our retarget ads to increase your conversions and ROI.

Our system automatically collect data based on your target audience behavior, so you can retarget them with multiple ads and increase their chances of revisiting your website.

We have seen significant positive results with our ad retargeting feature and encourage you to use it to increase your ad performance.

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Pop ads

Pop Ads

Advertise and Monetize with pop Ads

Our pop ads system allows 'popup’, 'pop under' as well and 'new tab' ads. These ads are triggered by events by the visitors on a website and are based on CPM pricing model.

Text and Image Ads

Advertise and Monetize with text and image Ads

Beautiful display of text and image ads together which allows advertisers to show images and a description of their products and services.
Our Text-graphic ads can be served using all pricing models such as Cost per action (CPA), Cost per 1000 mille (CPM), and Cost per click (CPC).

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