7 Tips for Effective Ecommerce Advertising

Ecommerce advertising
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Ecommerce advertising is as competitive as the business itself. There are thousands of eCommerce stores in every country which makes it almost impossible to engage in eCommerce marketing without effective paid advertising.

I should also mention that more and more eCommerce businesses are being launched every day, making the market more competitive than ever.

The good news is that there are billions of customers all over the world patronizing these businesses but only a few of those hundreds of thousands of those eCommerce stores are doing well.

The difference between the ones that are doing well and the ones that are not is simply the differences in their online advertising strategies specifically paid to advertise.

In this post, you will get to understand why having a strategy matters and why implementing our tips will help boost your product sales.

So let’s get started.

What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the process of using digital marketing tactics to drive web traffic to your online store in order to convert that traffic to paying customers and keep them returning to your e-store for more purchases.

These digital marketing strategies involve the use of search engine optimization practices, social media marketing, and promotional tools such as funnels CRM software to keep your customers making purchases over and over.

A holistic eCommerce marketing strategy is made up of marketing tactics both on and off your website.

So let’s look at the top tips to improve your eCommerce marketing strategies.

Tips for effective eCommerce advertising

We explained the most important and most effective eCommerce advertising tips as follows.

#1. Use a good cart

Here are the best options when it comes to e-commerce shopping platforms

These are good in terms of designs, SEO, user experience, and paid advertising.

The reason for using these platforms is that they are built to help you scale your business, great user experience for your customers, and also have a support team that is dedicated to helping you fix any issue when needed.

Everything you think of techniques to boost your eCommerce business is already built and ready for you to use in these shopping carts mentioned here.

There is a lot you can achieve with these platforms so check them out and ensure to choose the one you feel suits you best.

E-Commerce Advertising

#2. Optimize your product pages for SEO, Design, and Paid advertising

Optimizing your product pages as regards SEO and design is the major success factor for your eCommerce business.

First, you will need to do thorough keyword research to use for your titles and description. This is because you need to list your product based on what people know and not just what you know.

It helps people easily find you when they are searching for your products on Google for example your products will appear as rich cards to those before they even visit your website, and your products will be shown to them.

As regards the design of your product pages, please pay attention to the images and displays on your pages. Images are very powerful for attracting customers and aiding their buying decisions.

Have at least four images on each of your product pages as well. If you are opportune to make product videos, go for it. This will help increase your conversion rate a lot.

You can as well display reviews on your product pages. This has proven to be very successful. Customers want to see what others have to say about your products and business through those reviews.

Having reviews will greatly increase your conversions and ultimately revenue as well.

#3. Running Google Shopping Ads

There is something very important you should know about Google shopping ads which is optimizing your product feed via Google Merchant Center. This is what you will need to run your product ads on Google Shopping Ads.

It’s vital to have all your products listed and optimized in terms of the title and description of your products and of course keywords.

This will enable your product and business to be more visible when people are searching for your ads on Google. It helps put your products in front of your potential customers more than your competitors.

Google Shopping Ads

That being said, running Google shopping ads is very important. The reason is that hundreds of thousands of people visit Google products in search of the products they need.

So definitely you need to be in that space where your customers can easily find you.

Another tip is optimizing your product ads based on your results. Take a look at your data every day through your eCommerce tracking center, increase the price a bit for products that are doing very well, and de-list the ones that are not performing well.

This will have a massive impact on your overall return on investment (ROI).

Here you have more than 12 eCommerce marketing strategies to help you boost your reach and sales.

4. Build a funnel

The biggest mistake you will make as an advertiser is to launch an ad campaign and relax and expect the traffic to convert.

Sorry to disappoint you! But it won’t work!!

The reason is simple. Statistics show that over 95% to 98% of the people that visit your website or landing pages after clicking your ads leave without taking action.

This happens for many reasons which is why a strategy to make sure you get them to come back or make sure they take the required actions after landing on your pages is well implemented.

Paid Advertising funnel

This can be done effectively with the use of a funnel.

Funnels are optimized for the lifetime value of a customer. This means that the moment they get on your page, you have a system to engage them to take the right action.

This might be directing them to fill out a short form so you can collect their data and send them offers later or a form to register and start a trial of your product or service.

It does not end there with a funnel, with a funnel, you can be able to track their behavior and keep reminding them to complete the actions they initiated.

If your fennels are set correctly, you will be able to do the following

  • Checkout bumps
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Trigger-based email marketing
  • Push notifications

These actions will help increase your conversion rates significantly because you make sure almost every person that interacts with your ads is engaged to completely convert and become your customer.

#5. Run Dynamic Retargeting ads

Running a dynamic retargeting campaign off your Google shopping ads will bring your customers back to complete the actions they initiated or buy more from your eCommerce store.

Literally, Retargeting and remarketing are just terms that both stand for showing more display ads to potential customers that previously visited your website or interacted with your ads.

Let’s say you set up your Google shopping ads and some people saw it and visited your website but didn’t take any action.

You can bring them back by showing them more display ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. These are massive social media platforms people are on 24/7. Take advantage of it.

I have written about it before and extensively emphasized the importance of this practice. This is because it’s very important when it comes to digital advertising.

The fact is that the majority of people that will visit your website or landing pages for the first time won’t take any action. Figures show over 97% leave without taking any action.


The reason is mostly the cost of your products or services, lack of information, trust issues, and more. It’s your repeated attempt that will get these people to return to your website and convert into your customers.

This is why data collection is very important during PPC ad campaigns. In my opinion, it’s a MUST DO if you really want your paid advertising to be effective and profitable.

#6. Run Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are known to be one of the most engaging ads. This ad type was designed for eCommerce to take advantage of showing multiple products on the platform.

Showcase products in detail

However, these ads became very popular among all businesses using it to showcase their various products (goods and services). Across all verticals, brands use carousel ads to display many images telling stories of their products and services.

Tell a story

Compared to image and video ads, an experiment shows that carousel ads have a higher click-through rate (CTRs%) for website clicks as well as lower cost per click (CPC). It will be great to try it, especially when you are selling digital and physical products online.

#7. Invest in Email marketing

Email marketing is massively important and may do wonders for your eCommerce advertising campaign as well as your overall digital marketing process.

You can’t afford to leave email marketing aside when it comes to digital marketing. It’s crucial you get your customers’ and potential customers’ email addresses so you can remarket to them through email.

Another way you can use email marketing is to send them new offers and newsletters periodically to get them to come back to your website or landing pages.

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of marketing to your customers and potential customers. The reason is that almost all of them read their emails which makes it a great opportunity to engage them with emails.

However, you have to be careful with the way you use it so it won’t push them from unsubscribing from your email list.

In essence, do not oversend them emails. Make sure all your emails are important and relate to their needs.


I would have made this list longer but wanted to concentrate on the most important one so you won’t get confused with a long list.

If you have more to add to this list, let us know in the comment section to help the community.

These seven eCommerce advertising tips if well implemented will ensure massive ROI on your business. It’s a matter of doing a bit of research to get things right before you start spending a lot of money on your advertising that might end up being lost.  

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