How To Calculate Adsense Revenue

Calculate Adsense revenue
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Do you know that you can calculate your Adsense revenue before jumping into it? Yes, It’s possible to calculate and know the estimated revenue you will potentially make in a day, per month, or per year.

It’s all easy and you can do that right here on this page. You will also understand how this works and the benefits of knowing your potential Adsense earnings before putting AdSense code on your website or blog.

Google Adsense Revenue Calculator

Daily page impressions

CTR in %
Cost Per Click

How Adsense Revenue is Calculated

Adsense revenue is calculated based on several metrics. These metrics are put together to determine your potential earnings in a given period.

So here is how your revenue is calculated

Adsense revenue is calculated based on your number of impressions, number of clicks, your click-through rates CTRs) and cost per click (CPC) which are basically the most important metrics used to calculate your earnings.

in a broader sense,…

These metrics and others such as your total impressions (total page views or impressions’ CTR %), total clicks (Page CTR calculated in %), Page RPM, and Impression RPM are all considered by Google Adsense to play a role in your earnings.

Adsense alternative ad network for publishers

AdsTargets should be your number one AdSense alternative as a publisher. Basically, you will be able to monetize your traffic with the AdsTargets publisher’s account.

AdsTargets is currently one of the most innovative traffic monetization channels for bloggers and webmasters.

It’s similar to Google Adsense in several ways and here is what you should know about AdsTargets Ad Network for publishers

As a publisher, you will earn 85% of the advertising revenue. We are the highest-paying ad network for publishers as our goal is to maximize publishers’ revenue.

The withdrawal threshold is only $40 which is far less than Google Adsense. We pay our publishers daily through several payment getaways.

Ways to improve your Adsense revenue

There are several ways you can improve your AdSense revenue as a publisher. These apply to AdsTargets as well as an alternative to Adsense.

Here are some of the tips you can use to improve your earnings.

Choose a high-paying niche

You know your blog or website niche matters when it comes to income. Some niches are more valuable for advertisers and as a result, ads from those niches are more expensive which means you will be making more money displaying ads from those advertisers.

Use responsive ads (Text and images)

Using a mixture of images and text makes your ads get more attention when displayed on your web pages. These ads increase your CTRs which potentially increases your revenue.

Focus on size and location

The ad sizes you display matter and impact your revenue. You should be mindful of it. Here are some of the Adsense sizes which work best:

  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle
  • 300*250 :
  • 728*90
  • 160*600

Improve your SEO

Traffic source matters which is why you should focus more on improving your organic traffic.

Organic traffic is considered to be the most valuable source of traffic as it converts more than any other traffic source.

You can look at my other blog post on how you can improve your traffic using SEO techniques here: Blogger SEO Tips boost your traffic

Placement (between posts)

Placing Ads between your post increases your click-through rates (CTR) up to 100% and in some cases even more.

When you write good blog posts, people are genuinely interested in going through them, and through that process, they interact with your ads. Take advantage and display ads between your posts.

Experiment always

You can test by placing different ads either links, text, or banner ads to see which ads generate more CTRs, impressions, views, etc. Then you compare and contrast the impact it has on your revenue.

You should regularly test your ads to see what works best for you in a given period.

It is always important to test what performs best on your web pages and traffic. Depending on your traffic GEOs, size of traffic, CTRs Pageviews (impressions) etc.


It is important to always know your potential earnings or ROI for any business you are engaging in.

You worked hard to build your traffic and deserve to know how much you are been paid while comparing that with the worth of your traffic.

Your traffic is valuable for advertisers and that’s the only reason why they are willing to pay for it.

It will be fair for you to understand how your income is calculated so you can make better decisions on who to monetize your traffic to.

We also invite you to share your traffic monetization experience in the comment section so others will learn from you too.

You are always welcome to start monetizing your traffic with AdsTargets.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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