Facebook Ad Library: How To Boost Facebook Ads Using Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library
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Creating a Facebook ad can be a tough task. But with the Facebook Ad Library, any marketer can discover thoughts from past hit campaigns by using some of the first-class insights to craft their campaigns.

For marketers, the Facebook Ads Library is a gold mine of information from where they dig out valuable data about ads that are running across the platform.

Facebook Ad Library is a tool that lets you see all the advertisements your competitors are running in one place. This is important because the world of digital marketing is a place of ruthless cutthroat competition.

As much as it is great to keep your customers close, it is wise to keep your competitors closer, when you understand your competitor’s marketing game strategy; it helps you make better marketing strategies in your outing.

With the Facebook ad library, you can learn from your competitor and use such knowledge to stay ahead of them.

Facebook ad library acts as a storehouse for insights and information for online marketers.  It stores all ads on Facebook platforms, regardless of whether they are active or not, and are stored for seven years.

This article will walk you through ways to creatively use the Ad Library to your business advantage.

Ways to Use Facebook ad library

#1. Use It as An Eye In The Sky On Your Competitors

Ad library lets you see all the classified ads your competitor is running in one place. This is important because the arena of virtual advertising and marketing is a ruthless ground for a cutthroat competition where every marketer is struggling to outdo the other.

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As business leaders and owners, it is important to understand the competitors. What do they do that’s different? How do you come in and stay ahead of them?

keeping an eye on your competitor`s strategy allows knowledge of their best methods and pitfalls that you should avoid in your outing.

So, if you aren’t maintaining an eye fixed on what your competitor is doing as much as you should, you could be pushed off to fall out of the race tracks.

#2. As a Tool for Business Improvement

Facebook Ad library enables a transparent fair marketplace in the virtual world for ad marketers to see and improve.

The Facebook Ads Library is a data lovers’ paradise. You can find information on any Facebook ad currently running including who made it, what it looks like, and when it ran.

By studying Facebook Ads that are performing well, you can learn how to make your ads more effective.

#3. Use it  to Effectively Target a Defined Audience

You can make your ads target certain demographic with the Facebook ad library tool. You can reach a specific set of potential customers who are likely to be within a particular age range, gender, marital or family status, occupation, income level, education level

For instance, if you want to make an ad only for those people who are between 18 and 24 years old, then the library will auto-fill all the fields.

#4. Use it as a free tool

The library is free to use when you are your marketer. However, if you hire a marketing agency, then the agency will charge you for using the library.

The bottom line is that if your business uses Facebook ads, then you should be using the Facebook Ad Library. It’s free, easy to use, and there’s a bunch of wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored, so there’s no reason you should not be using it.

#5. Use the Library To Collect A List Of Competitors

When starting a new project or entering a new niche the first thing to do is to find out which brands you are going to compete with.

Facebook ad library offers you a long list of other marketers in your niche which enables you to find out whom you are competing with and then work on the list researching the competitors’ tactics.

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With this platform, you get to find out the most successful competitors in your niche path and spy on them to learn the ingredients they put into their content to make it successful.

The length of your list is entirely up to you, but we recommend keeping it to no more than 10 brands so you don’t overwhelm your senses by reviewing the brands.

#6. Spy on competitors’ ads

Uncover and model the most successful ads and strategies of your competitors. See what kind of ad copies are being used whether long form or short form and what type of CTA is being used.

Knowledge of this will help you get your ads overflowing with juices since you crafted the ads using top-notch strategies from the industry leaders.

The Facebook Ad Library makes competitive analysis easy as you can see all the ads your competitors are running. You can also see when and where they’re running them, and how they approached their messaging.

Using the Facebook ad library, see what your direct competitors are doing and how they’re doing it. Discover your competitor’s most profitable publisher, ad copy, and landing pages. Replicate their strategies to run more profitable display campaigns.

Facebook ad library allows you to see competitors’ ads, ad networks, publishers, and landing pages. Learn the strategy of the most successful advertisers in any market.

See what kind of creatives are working, the trends that are being leveraged to get more people to engage with the ads

These insights gotten here are helpful; sort them using the filters in Ad Library to find information that’s relevant to your market.

Save this ad intelligence for later use.

Facebook Ads Library Guide
Image credit: Madgicx

#7. Use the report feature

The Facebook Ad Library report feature allows you to change your general search to filter for ads that focus on politics, elections, or important social issues.

This data can be broken down by advertiser, spending amount, or even geographical location.

This shows Facebook’s effort to boost marketing transparency and allows users to hold the platform accountable.

For marketers, the report feature can be a treasure store of information for understanding how Facebook ads are being used. Plus, what’s working, what isn’t, and where you might need to hinge your strategy.

#8. Great source of inspiration

You can see ads from various industries and look at what is working and what is not (how? By filtering out ads running for more than 15 days or 30 days, it means they’re getting traction from it)

Not all advertisements are appropriate for every audience, so understanding what works in a particular industry is golden knowledge.

You can check out ads run by your competitors and see what they’re doing to acquire leads or sales. You can take inspiration from them and make something better with your ad campaigns.

#9. Discover Clients

One way to use Facebook Ad Library is to look for what isn’t there. Say there’s a small business that you are a huge fan of and you search them up on the Ad Library, but see that they aren’t utilizing Facebook ads.

This is an opportunity for you to reach out and let them know what you can do for their business. You might even use the Ad Library to show them what their competitors are putting out to further convince them. Discover your clients!


The bottom line is that if your business uses Facebook ads, then you certainly should be using the Facebook Ad Library.

It’s unfastened, easy to use, and there’s so much wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored, so there is every need to have this tool in your marketing toolbox.

This article has suggested the 9 best ways to creatively use the Facebook ad library to come up with ads that will stand tall among a pool of competitors.

Using all of the above you’d get a very decent idea of what is working in your industry and you can use these to create a winning campaign right from the start and avoid costly mistakes.

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