10 Best Free Advertising Methods To Grow Your Business Fast

Best Free Advertising Methods
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As marketers, it’s our job to attract people to our brand. There is every need to scream to the hearing of your potential customers that “Here I am”.

Unless you notify your prospective buyer that you have a product, a possible scenario would be that your product will get stuck with you and expire in your hands.

Oops! That is not a great scenario to imagine.

To bring your product in front of your buying audience, you need to advertise using these best free advertising methods share here.

In this article, we discuss different methods of advertising your products free of charge.

List of 10 Best Free Advertising Methods to Advertise Your Business for Free

#1. Use Google My Business to optimize for local search

Create your Business Profile on Google for absolutely free. You can manage your business from Google Search and Maps to start reaching more customers.

Creating this free profile is a great way to increase your visibility across Google services. Information from your Google Business Profile may appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

Google Business Profile can be used for both on and offline business.

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Google my business as Best Free Advertising Methods
Google my business

Benefits of Using a Google my Business Profile

#1. To Understand and expand your presence

#2. To get Premium options, all for free

#3. It is Practical and easy to manage

#4. Signing up for a Business Profile is simple

#2. Invest In Direct Mail Campaigns

Email campaigns are the most direct and effective way to connect with your leads, nurture them, and turn them into customers, consistently winning out over all other advertising channels.

People who buy products advertised through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Email marketing has an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400.

That’s huge. Little wonder every advertiser has pitched with the advertising strategy.

Free Email Advertising Tools You Can Use

#1. HubSpot for scalability: One of the biggest reasons HubSpot works incredibly well with rapidly scaling companies is its pricing model.

The HubSpot software solutions are optimized to enable scalability for ambitious companies.

With HubSpot’s pricing model, you can get started with a free CRM. Additionally, they offer free marketing, sales, service, and operations tools.

#2. Sender: This simple and easy-to-use email marketing tool includes a sizeable sending allowance and some handy extras like automation and pushes notifications.

It is one of the best free email marketing tools in the market with features to ensure deliverability.

#3. Zoho: With decent email and subscriber allowances, Zoho’s Forever Free plan is worth checking out. It does allow you to use its CRM features and offers a wide range of modern email templates.

Its Free plan supports up to 5 users in an organization. However, when a 6th person joins in/ is added, you need to purchase 6 paid licenses i.e., your entire organization has to move to a paid plan, to continue using their service.

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#4. Omnisend: Omnisend provides email campaigns, signup forms, and reports in the free version. It enables sending promotional email campaigns to customers or specific segments. It also provides a campaign booster to improve open and click rates.

It is the best email marketing tool for fashion brands. A lot of brands have used this tool a lot for automation and campaigns, on a daily basis.

#5. MailerLite: MailerLite offers a decent amount of features on its free plan. This includes auto-responders, sophisticated web forms, reporting, and email support.

You can use the free MailerLite plan until you have up to 1,000 subscribers. It allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month.

Mailerlite is a clear winner among the free email tools due to its affordability and simple pricing structure.

Email marketing as Best Free Advertising Methods
Email marketing

#3. Use Yext to Optimize Your Business

Yext is a Google Business Profile Partner, and with Yext, brands can manage the facts about their business on Google Business Profile — the tool through which businesses can supply data to Google Search, Google Maps, Waze, and Google Home.

It is a data management tool that is designed to keep track of your business’ location-related information on multiple directories.

Having incorrect information out there is probably the number one turn-off for a consumer. With Yext, we’ve gone from the vast majority of our listings having a variety of errors, to having virtually none.

Yext provides a uniquely reliable platform to address issues of missing phone numbers and incorrect addresses. To ensure great local SEO, the details of your listings on every website and online directory need to be correct.

This platform provides the perfect solution to improve brand engagement and reach local customers in real-time as they visit store locations.

#4. Use Social Media to Advertise your Business for Free

Social media helps businesses in providing services to their customers by enabling one-on-one interaction, communicating directly, and resolving queries.

Use social media to promote your business for free

How to Promote your Brand on Social Media

#1. Fill Out Your Profile properly:  Whether you’re setting up a brand new Facebook Page for your brand, or you just want to make the most of your existing one, you have to fill your profile properly.

Don’t just slap a random picture in the profile box, a couple of posts, and then sit back and expect the leads and customers to roll on in. I am not sure that would bring you any.

Anything from a company logo for a big brand, to a headshot of yourself, is great for the profile picture. Your post content should be deliberate and targeted at the audience, it should resonate with their wants.

In the About tab, you have space to add links, including other social networks’ profiles. Add these properly too.

#2. Add Your Branded Hashtags: The best way to market a brand is by a hashtag! Businesses can increase their brand popularity and grow their brand identity by constantly adding new posts with their brand name hash-tagged.

Posting with a hashtag helps build your brand and increases branding recognition among customers.

What’s more, a hashtag will help you reach more users among your target audience as the number of post followers rises.

#3. Use Unique or Branded Social Icons on Your Website: These icons play a critical role in social media branding, as they help direct your target audience towards your brand’s social media pages.

In other words, you direct the attention to your brand’s social media and bring in new followers.

#4. Tag Products to Your Posts: You can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and marketing on your site by using product tags.

This is because product tags enable customers to find what they are looking for, even if they don’t know exactly how to word what they are looking for, seeing the pictures tagged to your post helps them in that regard

#5. Other Search Engines

Other search engines give businesses visibility in local searches. For example, you can list your business in Apple Map, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, and Ask.com,

People are now becoming more and more dependent on search engines to get the answer to their everyday queries. And marketers should leverage the platform to increase sales and conversions.

#6. SEO

SEO is about acquiring, monitoring, and analyzing organic traffic patterns. There is no fee for organic search results. With an improved website, search engines like Google are more likely to show your business in users’ search results.

This means that your company doesn’t have to find funds in your budget to provide your team with a monthly ad spend, for example. All you need with organic search is time.

You need to optimize your website pages to be found prominently in searches.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

#7. Pinterest

Pinterest offers a mix of free and paid advertising tools. If you want to use Pinterest to promote your business, it’s important to sign up for a business account.

Business Pinterest accounts, which are free, give you access to sales-minded features such as analytics.

It’s most beneficial for businesses with visual products or those who can create content that appeals to Pinterest’s core demographics.

Grow your business with Pinterest ads, and reach 400 million people who use Pinterest every month to discover and buy your products.

#8. Starter Story

This platform gives entrepreneurs the opportunity get to tell their startup stories at no cost at all. These stories are inspiring in their way.

With Starter Story, successful entrepreneurs are interviewed and asked to share the stories behind their businesses. Their success stories, their falls, everything that happened in the course of their journey on the way to the top

This interview gives insight into how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today.

The stories are inspiring and also provide specific advice and insight into starting a business. This opportunity gives users valuable insights, tools, and, content to help them start their businesses.

While you are telling your starter story, you are at the same time informing your potential customer about your brand that they never knew existed before your story. It is a great way to put out your product in the face of those who need it.

#9. Amazon Handmade

The Amazon Handmade store is available for artisans to sell their handcrafted products to millions of Amazon customers all over the world.

Amazon uses an application process to add new artisans to the Handmade category to ensure customers can buy with confidence.

After joining Amazon Handmade, creating your shop and listing products is free. In addition, you won’t be charged transaction or processing fees.

#10. Fiverr

Fiverr Business is a tailor-made freelance platform for larger teams and businesses that provide a convenient and befitting experience.

This is alongside enhanced collaboration and management tools to enable businesses to work with freelancers more efficiently.

If your goal is to have one-time gigs, Fiverr is an excellent place for you. If you’re looking for quality and you want to offer your services at a reasonable but fair price, Fiverr can still be a place for you

It’s free to join Fiverr. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services. You keep 80% of each transaction.


Save money on advertising now that you know a bit more about the best methods to advertise your business, is it time for you to capitalize on these online opportunities for businesses to shoot your business for the skies? 

Without breaking a sweat, sell anything, to anyone, anytime with the most powerful set of features specially designed for your e-store at no cost.

If you are interested in improving your ranking with a Search Engine Optimization Campaign and your overall adverting efforts, adopt one or more of these strategies in your advertising journey.

Stop letting your advertising budget determine how many people your business can reach. Start putting together your advertising plan today all for free.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba has over 11 years of digital marketing and specifically focuses on paid advertising on social media and search engines. He loves tech and kin in learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He consults on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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