How to Set and Allocate Social Media Marketing Budget in 2022?

Social Media Marketing Budget
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Understanding how to properly set and allocate a social media marketing budget this year is a skill worth acquiring to turn your business around for good.

According to this publication in 2011 which was overwhelming, everybody has been exposed to an equivalence of 174 newspapers of data a day.

This has given social media marketing an edge over analog roadside signboards, and digital advertising has made business marketing easier and more useful in the present time.

With improvements in IT and an increase in the number of mobile phone users across the globe, the number of newspaper readers has drastically reduced and engagement with digital advertising has increased significantly.

To get the best out of social media marketing first, you have to research, plan, budget, and understand the pros and cons of involving the best practice in order to get a good return on investment (ROI) for your investment.

Assess the past performance

To set and allocate a good social media marketing budget plan for the business one need to necessarily, assess past successes and failures to be able to conclude what is best.

To have good results and be able to give your business idea fruitful results, you will have to build a resourceful strategy this year 2022 based on trends and behaviors of the social media community if your strategy didn’t meet your anticipations in the previous occasion.

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To start this you need to put some useful question in mind as follow

  • Was the targeting not precise enough?
  • What was useful in the previous content to the audience?
  •  How much were my previous investments?
  • Did I target the right demography?

When you find out the right reasons, adjust your strategy and set your budget accordingly to boost your business.

How much is everyone else spending?

Going by the most recent CMO Survey shows that businesses are currently spending 12% of their total marketing budgets on social media ads.

This is a 3.5% growth from the index dating back to 2009 when the survey was done for the first time, it is expected to increase to continue and reach 20.5% of companies’ marketing budgets in the next 5 years.

The manner in which you spend your ads budgets solely depends on two factors, which are the targeted audience and the ads strategy used in your content marketing, on your content which comes in form of  (images, videos, text, GIFs, etc).

If you are a small or average influencer with few followers, you should consider spending more on marketing which means marketing is important for your success in digital marketing.

Start-ups are more difficult than established social media markets but don’t give up on it because Rome was not built in a day, so if you know you are doing it right then with a proper strategy then, keep it up that way till you get results.

I don’t normally advise on big loans to aid you to fund your campaigns, but if that is the best way you can start then cut your coat according to your size, always go for a suitable loan that won’t subdue your finances in case your investment doesn’t yield result ASAP.

Social media marketing budget allocation |
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Know where Where to allocate your budget?

Setting and allocating a social media marketing budget that can serve your companies you have to;

● Create brand awareness campaigns
● Acquire new customers for your business
● Introducing new products and new services to the market
● Retain customers’ trust

When you place your focus on the above areas of your business, I bet you are not far from reaching the dream heights of your smiling with these best-given strategies, and of course, you will have an impact performance of your brand, acquiring new customers, and retain the existing once loyalty.

Don’t forget that new products and services in the market heighten your business too.

Social media marketing can grow your brand if you add campaigns like discount coupons, contests, referrals, and best futures to place your ads campaigns on various social media platforms, identify new product opportunities, and improve the current offer.

Best way to Budget for a Social Media Program

Which platforms to use?

According to research and surveys, the best social media platforms to employ for your social media marketing for optimal performance and ROI are Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion users and the platform is one of the most used platforms in the world, it allows a diverse and enormous audience engagement and enables sharing and promoting of different types of content, like videos, images, and journals.

LinkedIn, may not be as versatile as Facebook but it has a network of professionals, which has made it ideal for B2B marketing.

Instagram and Snapchat are most profitable for businesses that target younger demography and benefit from a visual aspect of a digital market.

The budget for each of these platforms depends on the product you are selling and the targeted audience.

Social media marketing budget allocation

Social media spending categories

Below are the most important areas that a business should focus on when budgeting for a social media campaign

1. Content creation: here you will have to look deep into the time frame needed to write, create, and design content, plus fixed costs, such as video production or stock photos that mastermind your customers.

When you are dealing with In-house employees for content creation for your business, it usually has to do with hourly pay, on the other hand, freelance workers are paid at end of the project.

2. Paid social media advertisingSocial paid ads are native or boosted ads that work with a paid content calendar.

It can be set to be spent on ‘per day’ limits and it helps you get a clearer picture of the expenditure.

3. Social media management: here is the budget for employees who focus on answering and reacting to customer feedback concerning your business, “customer care”.

4. Tools/Software: Social media monitoring, automation, and software services are not free, they include a breakdown of your business monitoring, planning, scheduling, research, and automated functions to help you monitor your business growth and where to improve it.

5. Promotion/Contests: this includes your business rewards programs, discounts, and unique that is via social media platforms and advertisements/ channels.


There is no best practice for successful business growth this is because no one is certain of the outcome and different businesses have different goals. However, you will have to follow the plan to get the best possible outcome as outlined in this article.

The benefits are enormous and you will be happy for splitting your social media marketing budget as we advertised and outlined in this article.

One thing you must not for is, that being consistent is actually the key to successful social media marketing campaigns.

Try and do everything possible to keep your audience engages as much as you can.

Now, you should share this with your colleagues and business partners to help their business growth as well.

Louis Agoh

Louis Agoh

A highly experienced digital marketing expert with over seven years in the field. Loius focus his writing on digital marketing practices that help small businesses boost growth online while minimizing costs on online advertising and search engine optimization.

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