Digital Marketing Complete Guide: Everything you need to know

Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing has come to stay regardless of our personal opinions or views about the new innovative way of marketing.

Research shows that people take more buying decisions after seen products online now more than ever and the trends have been steadily growing.

This means one thing, the way we do business has changed with the emergence of internet, digital media and social media platforms.

Is either you shape up or shape out. This is why more than ever, digital marketing is important to your business.

The Right Resource for Beginner-that offer-digital Marketers new skills and to develop on the already existed

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing offers a lot of ideas and approaches targeting both business people, marketing professionals, students and people willing to perfect their existing skills in meeting up with the current trend in digital marketing.

The whole idea here is to equip you on how to redefine digital marketing plan without hitches while in operation.

What is Digital Marketing?

The whole idea about Digital marketing is the tactical way of promoting, selling products and services online via social media marketing, search marketing and email marketing.

Today, research indicates that most businesses prefer digital marketing in serving their prospective customers with regards to the rules below here.

One of the rules of marketing is making the right offers at the right time and in the right place considering the coming into existence digital marketing with available social media, blogs.

This is where a prospective customer gets to know about your products and services and also ask related questions about the products and services.

The new users feel so excited in knowing all about online marketing and its tactics that promote products and services.

Interestingly, different patterns work together in setting up a business that could create awareness, forming a business bond and offers to attract an audience.

We will explore further for in-depth understanding.

How Do Digital Marketing Works?

In various ways, digital and traditional marketing both tend to develop mutually beneficial relationships aimed at prospects, leads and customers.

Due to the shift in approach to marketing with an emphasis on meeting customers’ needs in a speedy manner, digital marketing has come to replace most of the traditional marketing strategies.

For instance…

Imagine your last important purchases made, you purchase a home, hired someone to fix your roof etc.

The benefit of digital marketing above the traditional method is finding yourself in your comfort zone and be able to source the right products and services and getting them with options at your disposal based on the various sources in cyberspace.

Despite the benefits, digital marketing offers, surfing the internet bring about full solutions to issues related to a lot of options to ease your buying decision, getting to know who provides them, the source consulted, features and the pricing.

It is important to note that most purchasing decisions originate online

As a result of that, the existence of online marketing cannot be overemphasized regardless of what is offered here.

The emphasis here is to establish a marketing strategy that best suits customers with priority to their location while making use of digital forums to connect them differently.

…Content shared for customers at all times should be in clear terms, follow-up is of importance and feedback collated with a way forward of solving same.

Sharing of content via social media with an aim to engage customers as friends and followers…

The content shared can be optimized through search engine optimization (SEO) which guides the search for information written here…

People may see offers from many businesses through advertisements which in turn drive paid traffic to your website. 

Email marketing is also a tool used in doing follow up with customers in ensuring their demands are met.

When these tools mentioned are used, the business of operating a digital marketing machine is achieved efficiently without stress. Therefore, learning and integrating one digital marketing tactic at a time will be achieved. 

It is in light of the above that this guide is been put together to help shape one’s own digital marketing plan to avoid inefficiency while doing it alone. 

Digital marketing guide

Benefits of Digital Marketing

A strong digital presence serve as a guide in various perspectives:

  • Creating awareness of the product and engagement of customers  before and after-sale
  • Help to identify and place priority on customers who buy more and often
  • It opens the way for word-of-mouth and social sharing with the associated benefits
  • It reduces customer stress but with right offers and timely done.

Find the Strategies with Real Results

 Be informed that, day in and out, Gurus, podcasts and bloggers do declare a tool or tactic of digital marketing as hot or dead which explains its ever-changing nature.   

The whole idea here is ‘marketing’ while less emphasis is on ‘digital’. This is because digital marketing has come to stay with great roles played.

The core mandate we have at Digital Marketer is to erase erroneous thoughts about the tactics that work and their usage in growing your business.

We must appreciate the works of ‘gurus’ who keep promoting the ‘shiny object’ or ‘quick fix that will have an adverse effect on email marketing and digital advertising, or search engine optimization.

We are going to take you through using eight (8) core disciplines of digital marketing to help grow your business today and beyond. Each chapter of the discipline will be treated succinctly using Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing as seen here. 

Briefs on the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

There is no magic about Digital marketing; it’s all about the offer of right products and services at the right place and time which the market desires and successfully marketing same through the digital channel using the strategies here.

The emphasis of The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing is on foundational disciplines like content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing as core values that business craves for and not basically on the latest flashy tactics in marketing.

What You Need to Know

Every chapter here will be covered with four (4) key aspects of the strategy as discussed:

The Methods: it has to do with strategies and process needed in creating and executing a plan of any choice of business. This part is key in any setup as covered in detail in this Guide.

The Metrics: refers to numbers to measure success and in identifying areas that need amendments.

The Lingo: here is the concept used by professionals and non-professionals in communicating wisely in the field.

The Roles is a set of job description assigned to members of the organization that assist in planning and running digital marketing tactically.

Here we have put this Guide together in a rational series for a better understanding of all the responsibility is on the learner in deciding the tactical ways of learning for whatever purpose.

Your time is all that is needed in reading and studying every chapter for better understanding.

If you manage to read in between lines of these chapters, you will become familiar with the marketing digital guide and the methods will help improve your process for maximum growth.

Shall We Go?

Part 1: Your Digital Marketing Strategy Template

The Customer Value Journey is the strategic base of everything done at Digital Marketer. This template is the master of all hence other digital marketing disciplines and tactics are built on it.

The Customer Value Journey helps to computerize all customers’ acquisition practices to make sales, promote products and services wisely and not be blunt.  

The key is a “conversation funnel” a multi-modality drive that apparently and cleverly leads a prospect to a desired action…

When the prospect to a desired action is achieved, it is a way to build trust and customer loyalty.

Study all 8stages that will benefit you in creating a winning strategy for your business.

Part 2: Growing a Content Marketing Strategy

When you are able to do it right, your content marketing will not only draw prospects but also passes via marketing funnel in driving more sales and growing business.

This is where marketing content is silent out of the blog

How is the assertion above true? This implies content marketing functionalities are beyond blogging.

Now you can admit with me that, content marketing is a full-funnel tactic hence it delivers valuable content at every stage of the Customer Value Journey.

Remember, you must create content that satisfies customer needs that must move your prospects using Customer Value Journey taking cognizance of creating Awareness, Evaluation and Conversion.

Also, you have to learn all these including how to plan your content marketing strategy and how to create “perfect” content here.

Part 3: Expertise in your Digital Advertising Plan

The weapon to successful digital marketing is traffic. Having a solid foundation for higher sales and growth of business depends on mastering a traffic acquisition.

This therefore means that, you must have a well planned strategy so as to have the most effective paid traffic. This explains not about throwing up an ad and hoping for results for such will not yield result.

We rely on 7 types of ads that generate…

  • Sales (to the tune of 3,858% ROI positive)
  • Leads (we’ve generated as many as 72,033 leads from one campaign)
  • Retargeting audiences (almost as good as an email list, you’ll want to know how to build retargeting lists).

You are to study the secrets to help expertise digital advertising plans that actually works

Part 4: How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Being active at the right place, with the right people at the right time is the best social media strategy been developed. Here, you can interface with customers, build their capacity and relationship with offers that suites their needs.

Records available indicates about 79% of US internet users are on Facebook while more than half keep up with the news through social media which speak volume of the power of social media.

The essence of social media marketing is beyond hanging out but about more sales where our emphasis relied on using 4stages of the social success cycle.

Begin to learn how to use the Social Success Cycle which will help you to attract your fans and followers, engage them and even sell to them through social media.

COmplete guide to digital marketing

Part 5: Following Email Marketing Best Practices

Are there Email Marketing Best Practices?

The fact remains that email remains one of the social media tools that help grow your business if well explored.

Records from DMA and Demand Metric had it that, email had a median ROI of 122%. This shows that its usage and popularity are 4times higher than any other marketing channel. The bases for generating ROI is mastering the foundations such as

  • It’s about getting your emails delivered to your prospect’s inbox
  • Opening your email
  • Initiating engagement, so your prospect takes the action you are asking for
  • Computerizing the entire process.

Study and get to know the significant role of email in a growing business and how to swiftly apply the same to move prospects and customers through the Customer Value Journey.

Part 6: Designing your search marketing strategy

Search marketing has drastically taken a new turn of recent for good. Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in boosting website traffic and visitors’ trust and also helps in promoting digital marketers.

Yearly, update on different algorithm is given by Google. As such, search marketers who are involved in the system most times get hit tough and end up losing rankings that are achieved. 

Generally, search marketers use white hat SEO that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engine’s terms of service. These tactics stay within the bounds defined by Google.

Your willingness to compete in the search channels to receive at no cost organic traffic to your website, the chapter here upon up your opportunity if you learn the right way in doing so.

Part 7. Applying Website Analytics to Your Digital Marketing

Website analytics in relation to digital marketing is considered one of the essential tool that assist in identifying the indices of when things are right and wrong and with what next to do.

Getting started shouldn’t be a problem but asking the right questions…

  • Why difficult to change some of the visitors?
  • Are our contents meeting the targeted audience?
  • Which mode of operation can facilitate more leads and sales?

Once the right answers are gotten, simply follow these 3 guiding principles.

  • Give data a job
  • Use testing to turn your questions into strategies
  • For the things that are hard to measure, give them context

Learn our low-stress process to use analytics to optimize your website – an easy-to-understand approach anyone can use.

Part 8. Influencing Conversion Rate Optimization to Drive Growth

Conversion rate optimization is simply the technique employed to turn existing traffic into leads and customers by anyone who is interested in. Many sees it to be difficult though but it is not so as claimed.

For marketers to improve in digital marketing, the entire cycle of marketing must be implemented.

This means systematic approach must be developed and proven for conversion of mediocre offers into both winners and existing for a breakout cash cow.

To learn the CRO cycle, all you need to do is make a tweak that can turn 1% returns into 10%, 25%, or higher returns. Read here to learn our simple, repeatable framework that helps you consistently improve results on your website.


The fundamentals shared in this ultimate guide to digital marketing form the basis for you to master digital marketing. Therefore take advantage of it.

What is required of you now is to refine and redefined your skills and put them into practice optimally.

Here is the next step…

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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