What is targeted digital marketing?

Targeted digital marketing
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The term Targeted digital marketing has been been trending recently. I personally believe is all because of awareness of digital marketing practices that has led to people trying to understand the effect of targeted marketing.

It is actually the way forward when it comes to marketing and most especially digital marketing.

Marketing, in general, is more effective when it is strategically targeted to the right audience. This helps explains the concept of the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion.

Marketing is effective when you understand what product your customers might need, at what cost, location and how to promote your product or service.

So, let’s define this before moving on to elaborate more.

Targeted digital marketing definition

As the word implies “Targeted digital marketing” is a strategic means digital marketers use to specifically target ads or content to a set of audience based on specific demographic, psychographic and/or geographic to gain more relevant traffic.

This is done either by digital or online advertising through Pay per click (PPC) Ads, CPM by banner or text advertising.

It also involves creating content that is specifically meant for a set of a targeted audience either by means of search engines or social media to gain traffic.

Targeted digital marketing is vast and involves many tactics which will be discussed in the article.

Please read till the end to fully understand what is meant and how you can use it in your favour.

Targeted digital marketing campaign

Now we have to understand the types of campaigns that are involved in targeted digital marketing.

Digital marketing is divided into several parts. However, to make things easy for everyone reading this. I will divide digital marketing into two main sections (online advertising and search engine optimisation).

Brief explanation of these methods of targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Online advertising involves using ad networks to create and targets digital ads to a group or groups of an audience to gain traffic.

On the other hand,

Search engine optimisation involves optimising content in other to appear in search engines for specific target keywords.

Online advertising

Online advertising involves anything from search ads, display ads, Pop Ups, Pop under, Interstitials, native ads, contextual ads etc.

These are ads displayed on various platforms and devices (Desktop and mobile) devices with the aim of reaching a targeted audience.

Businesses since 1994 have been using these ads to grow various businesses. Online advertising is considered one of the fastest way to target online audience for many advertising experts.

These ads use various pricing model such as

  • Pay per click (PPC) also known as Cost per Click (CPC);
  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM);
  • Cost per lead (CPL) Cost per view (CPV) and many more.

It is very important for advertisers to understand their campaign goals right in the beginning before creating one. This will make ads more targeted and more effective and ultimately deliver higher ROI their advertising campaign.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is mostly aimed at optimising your website, or webpages to rank high in search engines to enable users of those search engines to find your webpages easier and faster whenever a search is performed.

It involves several tactics such as:

  1. Keywords research and use;
  2. Defining your Title Tags and meta description;
  3. Consistently creating content you might want to rank for;
  4. Sharing your content on various platforms;
  5. Making your site load fast;
  6. make sure your webpages are mobile-friendly;
  7. making sure your website is secured, etc.

Targeted digital ads

Targeted digital ads are online ads meant to target a specific audience. Ads are more effective cost wise and conversion wise if they are targeted to a specific audience.

This is very important for advertisers. To determine first who your target audience is, you will have to do audience research using tools such as Keyword analytical tools, Facebook audience insight tools.

These tools will help you figure out who specifically you should target with your targeted digital ads.

You will be able to identify their demographics, location, behaviour online, level of education, income levels, relationship status, race, industry, party affiliations and many more.

These might be banner ads, text ads, interstitial ads, native ads can be used as targeted digital ads.

Types of audience segmentation in digital marketing

Audience segmentation in digital marketing is when digital marketers separate their audience based their demographics to effectively target them with either ads or content.

It is always important to segment your audience for various reasons. The most important reason is that you will be able to target your segmented audience more effectively.

Here are various ways you can do audience segmentation in digital marketing.

  • Use funnels for leads (Email marketing).
  • separate your audience based on demographics.
  • separate your audience based on Psychographic / Lifestyle.
  • Separate your audience based on income and educational levels.
  • Separate audience based on Location and behaviours.

Separating your target audience based on the above listed will enable you to increase your marketing ROI. You will be able to reach them with various ads and content based on their behaviours and desires.

Behavioural targeted digital marketing

This practice is usually used on Facebook and Instagram marketing both for advertising and content marketing.

Using Facebook audience insight, for example, allows the advertiser to see the behaviour (audience activity) of their target audience such as the pages they like and follow, the event they attended and pages they interact with.

Behavioural targeting digital marketing

In Facebook audience tool, for example, you can see this set of audience activity on Facebook. The devices they use, operating system, ads clicks, pages liked and many more.

In Google search ads, the Keyword planner tool indicates how many people approximately search for a search query (Keyword)

contextual targeting digital marketing

Contextual targeting in digital marketing refers to the process of targeting ads to specific content websites based on advertisers specification.

This is more prominent in Google display ads networks and Facebook smart content.

These platforms analyses websites content to determine their central theme and distribute ads based on keywords, topics, industry and other targeting factors.

This method is a very effective way of targeting your specific audience as they visit those specific websites that your ads are displayed based on the advertiser’s interests.

Importance of targeted digital marketing

There are many important ways one can benefit from digital marketing some of which we discussed in this post. However, I will specifically highlight some of the benefits you stand to get when engaged in targeted digital marketing.

#1. Avoid unnecessary ad spent on an audience that is not interested in your products or services.

#2. Reach more potential customers and increase conversions.

#3. Get more value on your online advertising to reach a specified target audience.

#4. Easily dominate your target market.

#5. Helps grow your business with small ad budgets.

#6. Increased Click through rate (CTRs).

#7. Increased conversions and sales.

#8. Increased revenue and lover average CPC.

#9. Increase organic rankings and organic traffic

#10. Increase email subscriptions.

Targeted digital marketing is simply the key to unlocking the potentials of digital businesses. Either through Search engine marketing or social media marketing (Advertising and content).

It is a more efficient and effective way of growing any local and digital business online.

Wrapping up

The goal of this post was the answer the question “What is targeted digital marketing?” and all related terms that seem confusing for many digital marketers both newbies and experienced.

I hope I have covered most of what you need to know about target digital marketing and target audience.

If there is one thing you should take away from the post. it should be “targeted digital marketing” is all you need when it comes to digital marketing.

This works both ways (Online advertising and content marketing).

It will help you grow faster and better with these few targeting tips and terms discussed here.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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