Inbound Marketing – What you need to know

Inbound Marketing
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In general, we can define Inbound Marketing as a targeted marketing technique, aimed at making your business easy to find for those people that are searching for the goods and services that you are offering.

As you can notice this strategy is quite different from any other marketing tactic, especially from the so-called “Outbound Marketing” that is based on the creation of a unique and unidirectional message for every client.

In particular, the main idea behind the logic of Inbound Marketing is to offer to your potential buyers the best and the right solution to their actual problems, attracting them on your website.

Indeed, the correct use of this technique can increase considerably your sales, growing at the same time your business, thanks to the capacity to reach the right people in the right moments (targeted).

To make the process possible and easy, there are several tools you can use such as attracting tools, as for examples online advertising or through video marketing, delight tools like email marketing or conversational bots, and engagement tools such as smart content or marketing automation tools.

However, in this blog post, we are going to explain how to effectively create an Inbound Marketing strategy step-by-step and all the tactics and content plan you need for an effective inbound marketing campaign.

Plan relevant content

The first thing that you should do before starting your inbound marketing campaign is to plan carefully your content, trying at the same time to make them relevant and interesting for your potential customers.

This phase is the most important one because it will determine the effectiveness of your strategy and especially the success of your business.

In particular, during the drafting of your plan, you should pay attention to the creation of your content, because it can largely affect your presence in search engines and at large impact your sales or conversion volume.

Planning relevant contents can be easily made, you will just have to promote contents about goods and services that you offer, or about some special promotion for your loyal clients. The most important thing is to share contents that can communicate something about your brand.

In this way, you can attract your potentials buyers and drive them straight to your website.

Exploration: reach more people.

After deciding your strategy and creating your relevant contents, you can go ahead and promote them trying to reach the most people as you can.

To make it possible, you can take advantages from Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest.

In particular, these allow you to share your contents for free in online platforms that can contribute to the quick and viral sharing of your post.

The valuable and interesting your content is, the more it will be shared online platforms which will give your business more visibility. Content marketing is a powerful tool and you should take it seriously.

Decision Making: act to improve

Once you have planned your strategy and start promoting your contents online, it is time to improve your website user experience.

Now, you should advance your online platforms to make them able to catch and solve the problems of your potentials customers.

For example, you can consider adding to your website the so-called “interactive tools” to involve your clients in your business, showing them your nearness.

You should remember that the most important thing to realize in this phase is to make your goods and services, and your website, easy to find and to use for your buyers, otherwise all your campaign will fail.

To avoid the failure of your inbound marketing strategy, you can consider the idea of improving and sharing relevant and interesting contents in order to improve your ranking in search engines, so making your website easier to find for your potentials customers.

Purchase: capitalise on marketing

After attracting your potentials buyers on your website, you should find a way to convert them into your clients.

To make it possible you will have to offer them good services at good prices, convincing them that your products are exactly what they are looking for to solve their actual problems.

You should know that having constant clients is so important for a company that will affect the growth of your sales and your revenue; that’s why you should pay attention to the conversion process (from visitors to buyers).

For example, you can build a loyal relationship with your clients offering them special promotions or some discounts for some services that they want to buy.

In other words, you have to convince your clients that your goods and services are the right for them and that they can take some advantages from the purchase of your products.

To build a stronger relationship with your customers, you can also create a list of loyal clients by asking them to subscribe themselves to your newsletter, allowing you to communicate with them and keep them updated of your promotions.

Advocacy: keep thrilled your clients

Do you know what is the key to success in marketing? Well, the key is to keep clients constantly thrilled

In particular, you can make loyal and happy your customers by offering them special promotions, in this way they will feel and appreciate that you are trying to solve their problems proponing them unique offers.

Indeed, can be very useful for your business to catch their opinions about your goods and services and their experience with your company.

Starting from this, you can understand what is wrong and what is right in your inbound marketing strategy to boost or improve it.

Analyze the results of your Inbound Marketing tactic

This is the last phase of your marketing campaign and is focused on the analysis of the results of your plan.

Here, you will have to evaluate if your strategy has been useful and if it has helped to grow your sales and your list of loyal clients.

By the outcome of this analysis, you will have to find the weaker and stronger points to, respectively, improve and boost them for a better inbound marketing campaign.


As you should understand Inbound marketing is a powerful targeted technique that can make growing your business if done right.

To have better results from your marketing campaign follow our instructions and advice and with the time you will see how much your business has been boosted.

Inbound Marketing
Alessia Virgilio

Alessia Virgilio

Master's degree in Marketing Management at the University of Foggia. Currently doing a traineeship in Kaunas. 23 years old.

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