How To Improve Facebook Ads in 2022: Take Facebook Advertising From Struggling to Thriving

How to improve Facebook Ads
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Moving your Facebook ads from surviving to thriving will be one of the best things that will happen to your business, it is one of the most used marketing strategies for many brands in the past few years.

Despite apple upgrading its iOS to version 14.5 earlier this year, some people are asking what will happen to cookies across the web in a few years to come, as this poses a big limit to Facebook, Instagram and others.

One question is how does your business survive this new takeover by digital marketing limitation that is coming and keep the same energy for ROAS and CPA so that you won’t lose my market?

Well, I will teach you how to get the best return on Ads Spent on Facebook Ads in 2022 with the following tips below

•   A review of the biggest shakeups from 2020 and 2021

•   How to thrive with Facebook in 2022

•   The tactics working right now (along with examples of their most successful ads from 2021 – with metrics)

A Review of Facebook Advertising in 2020-2021

Years 2020 to 2021 were very uncertain for business marketers due to the recession in the past years, it’s memories actually like you were the leading character in the latest binge-worthy Netflix series with Apple and COVID-19 as the characters for business.

Factors Affecting Facebook adverts to Thriving:

#1. COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a significant decrease in Facebook advertising costs as of March 2020 a lot of businesses saw a 100% drop in ad costs reducing them to all-time highs in ROAS and revenue.

But for others, this was a thriving time for them, so the Covid-19 pandemic helped or hurt businesses depending on their industries.

 After a while, the costs of advertising began to level up despite the other places still on lockdown.

In any industry, you operate in know that the prices of your ads go up and down based on certain conditions, which may change the consumer’s behavior, always use the year 2020 as your reference to be able to predict the best outcome for your business.

#2. Apple iOS 14.5

A few years after the world’s biggest pandemic was withness, Brew Interactive noticed that things were starting to level up, Apple announced the release of iOS 14 which will see the consumer’s rights to privacy a priority and offer more options to opt-out of tracking.

This is exciting news for people who are concerned with their privacy, but a not too good for digital advertisers because of its limitations.

Not to be anticipated for that long Apple rolled out iOS 14.5 version and that has a big blow to Facebook as this update will significantly affect it in the following ways.

Targeting: So many companies will lose their custom audience due to the limitations of iOS 14 on privacy.

Some businesses will see or might have seen a reduction in their retargeting lists go down by 50% or even more.

Reporting: With the new Apple version 14.5 iOS, businesses don’t have the ability to measure the performance of their ad and now they are posed with the stress of estimating their Facebook ads and aggregating data more, which is not what they could do it with certainty in the past.

Targeting audience is getting stiff as even google chrome has announced it will remove all its third-party cookies making it more difficult to target precise audiences and track ads results.

This update has made it, mandatory for all advertisers to follow the new train, you can follow this train regardless of the industry which you operate your business under.

To deal with this privacy limitation of iOS and google cookies rules, you need to understand and get familiar with them for your Facebook ads to still thrive and you will have a general knowledge of Facebook’s prompts that limits your ads.

Note: If you rely heavily on third-party cookies, be ready for even smaller custom audiences in 2022 and later years to come.

How to Thrive on Facebook in 2022

These new updates are causing a breakdown in the minds of other business owners but, some have shifted their ad spending to other channels, well many still invest in Facebook ads with little or probably no knowledge of how the system is working this 2022.

eMarketer predicts that Facebook ad revenues will go up the highest of all time in 2022.

To still have a green advertising experience on Facebook you need to get familiar with iOS 14.5 and google third-party cookie limitations.

To still have a better ads experience on Facebook, you need to get familiar with how this Apple’s iOS 14.5 update works and what it will cause to your business ads.

• Understand iOS 14 Update: don’t be left out on what is going to limit your Facebook ads, make sure you read Facebook’s update on iOS 14 and understand it vividly.

• Follow Facebook’s Lead:  Before you run Facebook ads, they normally prompt you to verify your domain, add event setup, and update conversion events.

#3. Diversify Your Ads and Experiment

The best way to remain in the limelight and increase your visibility and diversify your ad experiences on different ad features.

This can be achieved by testing different types of ads and knowing certain ones that work best for your business.

A lot has changed about marketing and advertising for both buyers and sellers and is necessary to know what is happening in the new business adverting and know what to and be favorable in the trend.

Below are the different ads types with good features to try on your Facebook,

• Messenger Ads

• Video Ads

• Instant Experience Ads

• Carousel Ads

Adverting goes beyond the ad features given, I recommend that you should test new messaging, and creativity, and target new audiences with your ads for a better experience.

• Reel Ads

Tactics for Facebook Ads 2022

According to brew interactive which recently published Facebook advertising, this data was rolled out in 2021 from Facebook’s best-performing ads then.

They showed that about $1.5 million was spent on certain ads and the advertiser got about 1 billion impressions for the expenses incurred.

Some of the other key details they rolled out are


In this period when users care about their revenue more than transparent news, a lot of internet users want to be assured of genuine and transparent news not just for knowledge but for integrity.

A lot of people are now looking for where to get their hands on legitimate content to back up their claims.

But to be sincere, when people notice you bring legit information and data, it is very difficult for you to be overlooked.

Below is the Hitachi Asia, after they brought to their audience impressive stats around their world-class, ultra-high-speed elevator they received almost 3k engagements, but more a noticeable increase in CTR of about 28%.


Before you start an Ads campaign on any platform just like Facebook make sure you build on creativity to be able to catch your audience’s attention easily.

For a good ROI, you will also have to invest in creating graphics thumbnails for a better end result.

Just like Brew Interactive created custom artwork for this ad from SUSE Asia, and paid off with almost 6k likes and a CTR  of 21%.

Image credit: Giphy

Precise Storytelling

Telling a good story keeps you on top of the game, and ads of people who tend to be narrating precisely what happens to tend to interest people more.

• Resonate: they travel better among audience more than any other ads e.g. sales ads.

• Appealing: despite the location or ethnicity of the audience, they tend to connect with appealing stories of a business.

•  Change your customers thinking: Proper marketing stories will eventually change the mood of your customers about your business and certainly promote your product or service, which at the end of the day brings you glory and the customers becomes the hero of your good work.

Nikon Asia used a photographer’s story and showed his work to an audience as shown in the image below, it received about 17k reactions and a CTR of 18%.

How to move from surviving Facebook ads to thriving in 2022

First, the Covid 19 pandemic limited business especially the ones which operated in the volatile industries, then the Apple’s 14 iOS versions and google cooking is now focusing on internet users’ privacy.

Below is the limitation on Facebook ad’s reach.

Now to advertise with confidence on Facebook despite all these factors in 2022.

  • Know the industry of your business and forecast a better future with amendments to suit your business interest.
  • Use the best possible strategies, and test runs the best ad features for your business on Facebook.
  • Understand what Facebook needs you to do amidst the iOS 14 update, google cookies update to get a better result for your ads


Despite all the limitations to Facebook advertising, I believe with the above tips you can do just to your surviving Facebook ads and turn them into thriving ones this 2022, and also see know exactly why they are been limited and prefer a solution.

Louis Agoh

Louis Agoh

A highly experienced digital marketing expert with over seven years in the field. Loius focus his writing on digital marketing practices that help small businesses boost growth online while minimizing costs on online advertising and search engine optimization.

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