CPA Marketing – All you need to know

CPA Marketing
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CPA marketing generally refers to the process by which publishers or digital marketers earn money promoting other businesses’ products and services.

It’s similar to affiliate marketing but with other strategies and formats.

The CPA = Cost per action or cost per acquisition.

CPA – is an advertising model that enables publishers to receive revenue for their affiliate marketing influence, meaning publishers are paid whenever their audience takes a specific action on what they are promoting.

Such actions include completing a registration form, making a purchase, signing up for a trial or simply referring another user.

CPA marketing is one of the best and the fast ways to make quick money online as a publisher especially when you have a massive amount of followers or subscribers.

Whether you are a digital marketer or an online publisher, you stand a chance to gain from CPA marketing. There is a lot of money to make in this industry that you can’t afford to miss.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you stand to gain here.

Advantages of CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is very lucrative and easy to adopt for publishers, however, there are other benefits I will discuss in this blog.

#1. Exposure – CPA is considered an excellent marketing method due to its ability to reach out to a vast audience, thus you get great brand exposure as the audience is interested in products and services, thereby increasing your total revenue.

#2. Revenue-generating revenue is a great motivation for publishers, CPA marketing can enable publishers to generate great revenue granted they are motivated and familiar with CPA marketing.

#3. Brand awareness – CPA marketing is an effective method by which publishers can increase their brand awareness, by associating your brand with credible business partners you have a higher tendency to become recognised as a household advertising publisher.

However, this greatly depends on who you associate with. Therefore be careful not to partner with businesses that can damage your brand.

#4. Time-bound – CPA marketing has a tendency to create effective results in a short duration of time. This is mostly important for publishers who do not have a lot of free time but wish to generate more revenue.

How to start CPA Marketing

Joining CPA marketing takes a few easy steps which will be explained in this blog;

Search for an Offer

In order to be successful at CPM marketing, you have to search for an offer that suits your website, this is because you do not want to disrupt the audience’s experience by running an ad that does not match the content of the webpage.

Utilize websites that promote CPA’s from networks searching for publishers, an example is 

Make your search based on keywords, category, network and prices.

When you come across an offer that suits your expectations and matches your webpage, next you have to check out the listings. Listings give out relevant information such as what publishers need to do and what demography of traffic is permitted.

Cost per action - CPA Marketing

If the listing suits your needs as a publisher, you need to view the full landing page preview, this will display the page your audience sees when they click the link on your website.

Previewing the full landing page is of paramount importance because it enables you to decide better if the display page suits your brand before associating in business with them.

Join a Network

If the CPA offer suits you as a publisher, next you need to join a network, firstly as a publisher, you will be asked for some contact info, this procedure is used to carry out verification processes, contact info asked of you varies depending on the network.

This may seem inconvenient for publishers, however, it is important to remember that CPA marketing is all about transparency and serious business transactions.

Some tips to improving your ability to join a suitable network are by simply “riding the storm,” it is advised to;

  • Call them before they call you – this is relevant as it will portray you as a serious publisher, and not a shady person trying to keep a low profile.
  • Honesty – as mentioned earlier, CPA marketing is serious business, thus, 100% transparency will go a long way to aid increase your chance of joining a network
  • Contacts – ensure that all contact information you tender is accurate and functional, as some networks will inspect your website to find out if the contacts on it correspond to what you presented.

Website Design

Ensure that your website is designed around CPA. After successfully joining a CPA network, it’s time to integrate your website to suit the display of the CPA, making your site look professional, appealing and convincing it is important for success. 

Making your site look appealing is professional, however, there are no specific rules or outlines, thus it’s up to you to get creative, you may even adopt banner ads and contextual links, as long as it appeals to your audience and provides expected results.

Adopting useful CPA marketing tools are also advised, as a publisher, it is of paramount importance that your website has high traffic, therefore it is up to you to make sure your content reaches out to as many people as possible.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

After joining a CPA network, you have to ensure that your website content is viewed by a large audience, and if you have a large audience you should aim to increase the number because the more the audience that comes across the CPA, the higher the revenue generated.

It is advised to strategies that can boost your CPA marketing. Such as;

Social Media – social media platforms are an excellent way to increase online interactions and traffic, your social media accounts are also an excellent method of promoting your website, thereby increasing your traffic. 

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, have the capacity to reach out to a great audience who are not aware of your website, influencing these audiences to visit your website is lucrative because they will boost your CPA marketing.

PPC Ads – CPA marketing can utilize PPC traffic, Google AdWords and Facebook ads can boost interactions with your CPA, furthermore, the efficiency of PPC ads ensures that your CPA  starts working as quickly as possible.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization may be the best technique for increasing traffic, granted, settling with an SEO may take time, but the results are incredible, especially if you rank higher with a specific keyword.  

This ranking will boost your traffic exponentially, because audiences will find your page whenever they make a search, thereby increasing your traffic and improving your CPA marketing.

Some CPA marketing stats

CPA marketing is a lucrative form of creating revenue on your website, however, if you still have some doubt, here are some statistics that may change your mind;

  • There has been a 44% increase in affiliate marketing
  • Revenue generated from affiliate programs can range between 15-30%
  • At least 81% of online marketers currently engage in CPA affiliate marketing
  • It is expected that by the end of 2020, expenses on affiliate marketing is expected to be above $7 billion.


Hopefully, you have received information regarding CPM marketing and its benefits, and understanding how it works. I hope you are convinced to register and earn money online as a CPM marketer. 

You are welcome to share your experience with us about CPA marketing and affiliate marketing in the comment section.

Steve Kalu

Steve Kalu

Steve is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He spent most of his time helping small businesses with search engine optimization and social media marketing to survive the competitive world of digital marketing. Steve holds a bachelor's degree in digital marketing from Kaunas university of technology (KTU).

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