How to get cheap PPC traffic to increase your sales

Cheap paid traffic
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Cheap PPC traffic has the potential to turn your business into the next big thing. In fact, most of the big businesses today started small.

These businesses took advantage of cheap pay-per-click traffic which actually took their businesses to where it is today.

I am are talking about businesses like Amazon, eBay and Microsoft, Apple, and so on.

Online advertising on platforms like Google was insanely cheap but very effective.

Many businesses failed to utilize the opportunity of spending part of their marketing budget on it while a few businesses like Amazon saw the opportunity and took advantage of it.

As time goes on, many businesses realised how profitable online advertising is to both online and offline businesses.

Due to the dramatic increase in online businesses, Online advertising became more expensive, valuable and competitive as well.

However, there are a few ways to get cheap online PPC ads to grow your online business and increase your revenue and sales.

In this post, you are going to learn various ways you can get cheap PPC traffic you need to grow your online businesses

Cheap paid traffic

So let’s jump into it and look at the various ways you can get cheap PPC traffic…

Identify your target audience

The first step to minimizing your cost of advertising is to identify your target audience.

This may sound funny to many but it’s actually the first step in getting cheap PPC ads to grow your business and here is how.

When you identify your target audience, there is a high chance your ads won’t be shown to a general audience spread in various locations, rather, you will concentrate on your target audience that will convert and buy your products or services.

Facebook Audience insight

As seen in the above image, just using Facebook audience insight may give you a good idea of a precise audience to target based on their, demographics (Location, age, and interest).

You may go the extra mile to scale your audience based on their educational level, relationship status, and job title to be more targeted.

The more targeted your ads are, the more you will save on your advertising cost and avoid spending your ad money on an unwanted audience.

Apart from targeting a specific audience, there are several ways you can still stream down your audience such as using their income status and what they are seriously looking for online.

Ad Optimization

Once you get your PPC campaign up and running, the next important thing to do consistently is to continue to optimize your ads.

When ads are optimized consistently, it improved the bidding chances of those ads as it reaches only the targeted audience while improving the engagement rates and CTR.

The process involves removing what is not working and concentrating on what is working best for your ad campaign.

Google Ads also known as Google Adwords have great tools for this process. On a daily basis, Google Ads will present a set of recommendations for your Ad campaign optimization.

Google Ads

These usually involve removing underperforming keywords, adding negative keywords, removing underperforming locations, Adding your budget where necessary, and so on.

On Facebook, Split testing helps a lot in pointing your PPC Campaign in the right direction.

This help saves you a lot of money before adding bigger budgets and extending your campaign reach.

However, once your campaign is running, you will still have to monitor your ads to tweak them by adjusting the demographics, campaign budget, interest, industry, relationship status, income status, and so on.

All these are based on several factors such as CTR rates, impressions rate, and the number of clicks.

While other factors to consider are the location where your ad performs the best, engagement rate and cost per click.

Well-optimized PPC Ad campaigns perform very well and have a high impact on your conversion rates, sales, revenue, and overall high return on investment (ROI) on your PPC campaign.

Optimize your landing page

One important thing you need to know is that the engagement rate of your ad campaign could positively affect your advertising cost.

To get your audience to engage with your ads, you have to optimize your landing page so they will be able to stay on your page for a few minutes.

This can be achieved by putting the right information on your landing pages, links and forms should be easy to access and the information on your ads should be consistent with your landing page.

Create beautiful and attractive landing pages with all the information your potential customers need to know and take action that should be well laid out.

Cheap PPC Traffic Sources

When it comes to cheap traffic sources, there are several PPC Ad networks that could be very effective in helping you grow your business online.

Here are some of the best PPC Networks

Google Ads

It is the most used advertising platform by digital marketers. It is estimated that Google Ads also known as Google Adwords is used by over 85% of online businesses.

Google’s advertising platform is wide as they own YouTube, Admob for mobile advertising, and 70% of the overall search engine market which gives an advertiser the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

You can virtually run all kinds of PPC ad campaigns within the Google Ads network.

These PPC campaigns could range from banner ads, text ads, interstitials, and mobile ads across several platforms and devices.

Google Ads has a lot of targeting options and allows advertisers to choose from them during their Ad campaign. These targeting options include


AdsTargets Ad network allows advertisers to easily create PPC Ad campaigns while the system automatically optimizes these ads to reach only the right audience saving advertisers a lot of money.

Creating Ads using the AdsTargets system is like a hassle-free system that allows you to create your banner ads, Text ads, Interstitials, and mobiles across several platforms and devices.

Buy PPC Traffic at AdsTargets

Targeting options are few such as keywords and location. This is because the system uses machine learning algorithms to collect data from the advertiser campaign, optimize and then show ads only to the targeted audience.

For your next PPC advertising campaign, you will consider giving AdsTargets a try.

All ad types are accepted and managed by the system to give advertisers cheap PPC traffic to grow their businesses.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is another PPC ad network that welcomes advertisers from all industries, niches, and all sizes to use their ad network to reach millions of their daily active users.

Facebook has over two billion active members and more than half of them are active every minute on the platforms which include Instagram.

The number of people that spend time on Facebook and Instagram every day presents a great opportunity for millions of online businesses to advertise and grow their business.

There are a lot of businesses that use Facebook and Instagram to grow their businesses because of the high engagement rates and the number of hours people actually spend on these platforms.

Yahoo/Bing PPC Ad Network

Yahoo and Bing became one giant PPC ad network that has attracted hundreds of thousands of advertisers across the globe.

The great thing about this combination of these two giant ad networks is that it provides advertisers with opportunities to choose from many channels to show their PPC Ads.

Advertisers can choose to display their Ads in yahoo mail, both Yahoo and Bing search engines and so many other publishing channels own by their ad network.

At the time these two came together, Microsoft said it estimates the unified buying could lead to an increase in clicks of 10 to 15 percent in the U.S.


A bidding system in all ad networks is designed to favor ads that are dictated to be relevant. This is calculated based on the CTR rates and engagement levels of each particular ad.

This is why it is very important to create a relevant ad and target the right audience.

There are several other places you can promote your business to increase your revenue and profit at cheap rates.

Forums could be another great way to promote your business. However, you will need to figure out if your audience is spending time on such a forum.

If you are interested in advertising your business on any Forum. First, you will need to take some time and study the platform to understand what type of ads work best for those forums.

It is always better to test running ads for a few days to understand if it works well for your business. You will need to evaluate the result by looking at the CTR, the number of clicks, and the number of impressions.

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