Top Tips for Cheap Online Advertising for Start-ups

Cheap Online Advertising
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Cheap online advertising is crucial for start-ups to compete and survive online.

Given the highly competitive nature of online businesses nowadays, It is very important for startups to use their financial resources in a manner it will have a high ROI.

If you think about it, many startups are not able to survive online. The reasons behind these are simple, lack of finance and business strategy which both have a correlation to the cost of online advertising

In this post, we focus on laying out best practices startups will be able to combine limited financial resources with online marketing strategies to compete with the big brands and survive online, especially with cheap and effective online advertising.
If you are ready for great tips for Cheap Online Advertising, let’s jumpĀ into it.

Find your customer’s platforms

One of the most important things to ensure cheap online advertising is to first figure out which of the platforms your potential customers are spending most of their time on the internet.

knowing which platforms they use the most will help you target them in the most efficient way which will significantly reduce your cost of advertising

This is because, when you target the right people online, you save all the cost of showing your ads to people that don’t need them and show those ads more to people that need them.

Even you this might sound new to you, it is one of the best practices to save your cost of online advertising

Advertise on platforms with your customers    

Here is the second step on your way to cheap online advertising. Once you are able to know where your potential customers are spending most of their time, You will have to check all the advertising options such platforms offers.

For instance, let’s say you found out your potential customers spend more time on Linkedin.

It might be that most of them are professionals in various fields and choose LinkedIn as their social media platform.

Now, You have to analyze all the advertising options or solutions offered by Linkedin that work best for your type of audience.

It might be a direct inbox message that gets their attention or in the group post.

How do you know what works best for your target audience? By doing some simple online research, you will be able to see what other expert recommends.

Determine the size of your target audience

Here you have to figure out the number of people you want to reach.

This will have a significant impact on your advertising budget so, from the get-go, you have to figure out how many people you want to reach based on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your advertising campaign which is your advertising cost.  

The benefit of doing this helps you scale down your target to a very specific number you need and leave out the larger audience that is not needed for your advertising campaign.

It ensures each of your dollar spent has ROI on it and lead to cheap online advertising. It is also a good practice to frame and keep the size of your audience in check.

Target them based on their demographics

Demographic targeting is another important tool used by smart internet marketers and startups that need cheap online advertising.

The good news is that almost all Ad Networks provide advertisers with the option to target audiences based on their demographics.

Cheap Online advertising by demographics

This means understanding the age bracket of your target audience, their race, gender, education status, relationship status, etc.

The benefits are numerous. apart from making sure your ads reach only the right people, it also saves you a lot of money, and with time, gets you precise data on the demographics that convert the most. This helps in your subsequent advertising.

With demographic targeting, you eliminate the possibility of serving ads to demographics that don’t need your ads and concentrate on the only ones that need your ads which again has a significant effect on your advertising cost.  

Target them based on geographical location

The nature and location of your business play a vital role here. If your business is local, you will need to target your Ads in a specific town or city, or even county or IP.

It is important to know where your customers are leaving or located so you won’t generally target Ads that will eat up some of your advertising budgets or exceed your advertising cost.

Choosing the right advertising strategy depends largely on the service or product being offered. For example, if you are looking to tap into a specific target audience, something as simple as influencer marketing or email blasts could be enough.

On the other hand, if you have a physical store and want to run special promotions or attract attention in a certain area, investing in inflatables with custom messages and signage, sandwich boards, and customized air dancers may be more appropriate. Contrary to popular belief, marketing can be achieved successfully without overspending; it is simply about finding the right approach for your business.

Doing this will limit your ads from showing in locations outside your business area or customer base location. By preventing your Ads to show in unwanted locations, you will control your advertising budget and make sure it’s spent as supposed.

If your business is national or international, you will need some extra audience analysis for example by using Facebook audience insight, you will know which locations your customers are located and target them based on their specific locations.

Time zone targeting will lead to cheap online advertising

Time timing is very important as well, this is because when you target Ads without taking into consideration when your customers are active, you end up showing ads at times when your potential customers are sleeping costing you more money.

If you are not so sure of the time location where you want to target Ads, it is better to check or ask Google the time zones in the locations you want to target before you start showing Ads in those locations.

Targeting your customers from morning till 10 PM and exclusive of Saturday and Sunday, in my opinion, will be the most appropriate rather than showing ads 24hours, seven days a week.

In most cases, your customers may be sleeping after 10 PM and during the weekend spending time with their families which means less engagement with your Ads.

Mobile advertising 

Consider making mobile advertising a priority. This is because it has a lot of potential to boost your exposure and increase sales and conversions.

Since 2015, mobile advertising has been on a very high growth contributing to massive advertising income for advertising giants like Googe and Facebook.

Also, it might interest you to know that, apart from making mobile a ranking factor, searches on mobile devices have also surpassed searches done on desktops. this is why you should consider mobile advertising as a priority.

Recommended Ad Networks for cheap online advertising

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We hope these few tips will guide and help startups to minimize their cost of advertising. It is crucial for successful online advertising which most startups depend on for survival.

Cheap online advertising can really be profitable if managed very well, unfortunately, most startups are not able to do this which must be caused cause their early bankruptcy. 

 We recommend these tips to help startups succeed in a very highly competitive market.

Our knowledge may be limited and we ask you to contribute to these tips in the comment section so we can update this article to help online advertisers have more successful online advertising campaigns.  

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

Founder at AdsTargets | Online advertising expert | Search engine optimisation expert | Social media marketing expert.Eugene is a Passionate writer on topics relating to online advertising, branding and generally interested in creating digital marketing content. He is curious about the future of digital advertising.Follow Eugene on LinkedIn @ eugeneagoh

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