Review of Google Adwords alternatives Ad Networks

Google Adwords alternatives Ad Network
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Google Adwords alternatives ad networks are simply Ad networks with similar features as Google Ads.

Basically, these Ad networks offer advertisers the online platform or the advertising technology to create and share Ads of various kinds on either their publisher’s networks, search engines or other partner platforms to reach a vast number of internet users or potential customers.  

It is important for Advertisers to understand how to exploit the benefits of using Google Ads alternatives Ad networks to achieve their online advertising goals.

These other ad networks to a larger extent are cheaper, more niche-targeted, less competitive, more flexible and geographically targeted and more effective when compared to Google Ads. 

In this post, we focus on Google Adwords alternatives ad networks that all online advertisers should be using to achieve their advertising targets with less cost. But first, let’s briefly look at Google Adwords also known as Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Adwords also known as Google Ads has been around for 17 years now.
Google Adwords is an online advertising platform designed and managed by Google which offers various advertising solutions to advertisers in various forms.
The name has just been changed from Google Adwords to Google Adwords which took effect as of July 24, 2018.

It will be fair to say that, Google Adwords has the largest share of internet advertising providing all sought advertising to internet marketers on the most popular platforms such as Youtube and DoubleClick all belonging to Google Ads.

The platform is the main source of Google revenue over the years, In 2017, Google Adwords brought about 95.4 billion dollars in revenue for Google making it the largest advertising platform on earth.

Google Adwords also known as Google Ads offers advertisers various pricing models which include, Cost per click (CPC), Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) Cost per acquisition (CPA) which can also mean Cost action (CPA), and Cost per conversion (CPC).

Most of Google Adwords pricing model is based on biding where the highest bidder wins on certain keywords as specified by the advertiser’s campaign cost settings

Google Adwords targeting is vast as it covers local Ads, and national and international Ads depending on the advertiser’s preference.
They recently upgraded their ad format by expanding the Ad features. These advertising formats are displayed on both the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network.

It allows two headlines with 30 characters each, which replaces the standard of a single headline with 30 characters. The display URL is replaced with two 15-character paths, not including the root domain.

These are the most important features and changes of the new Google Adwords you need to take into account.
Now let’s move on to the Google Adwords alternatives

AdsTargets Ads

AdsTargets Ads

AdsTargets may sound new to you but you definitely need to know what it has to offer before thinking of the Ad giants. AdsTargets Ad Network offers advertisers across the world the opportunity to take their products and services to the right customers. AdsTargets provide one of the most flexible advertising platforms for advertisers to reach only the right people.

AdsTargets Ads are served to thousands of websites and blogs just like Google Adsense.
The networks offer keyword targeting while at the same time their system automatically scales and optimizes advertisers Ads to appear only to the right customers.

AdsTarget also cares about fraud clicks and has implemented one of the best advertising fraud systems to protect advertisers from losing their Advertising budget.

As an online advertiser. You should jump right now to AdsTargets advertiser’s registration and start showing Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, In-App Ads to reach your customers with cheap and effective Ads. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads as Google Adwords alternatives

Facebook Ads is no doubt in our review of Google Adwords alternatives Ad Networks the second-largest advertising platform online. Facebook the social media giant has grown in size and numbers as it covers almost every part of the world and is used by over two billion people.

As Facebook grows, It has developed one of the most effective advertising techniques that are admired by many advertisers online. Facebook Ads evolved to become its main source of revenue bringing in 40.653 billion dollars in 2017.

Facebook Ads has one of the best trackings and remarketing strategies which allows advertisers to reach their specific target audience by interest, age, gender, location, relationship status, work etc.

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads do not use text Ads format but rather use videos, photos that are added to Facebook posts or created in various forms of Facebook advertising like lead generation, conversion Ads etc. 

Facebook Ads are displed on several Facebook-owned networks such as Instagram, Facebook feeds which show on all mobile devices and desktop devices.

The flexibility and tools that come with Facebook Ads enable advertisers to achieve their goals by setting the duration, preferred daily, monthly budgets, the nature of Ads and also to modify their audience based on their preference.  

Bing / Yahoo Ads

Yahoo Bing Ads

Bing and Yahoo Ads from Microsoft have also occupied a share of the advertising industry over the years.
Their growth has been steady and upward which is shown in their increment of advertising revenue year by year.

Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads joined forces together to compete more effectively with Google Ads

These two Ad Networks work hand in hand which each other showing Ads on both platforms and their partner networks such as Ad advertiser with Bing and easily create and show Ads on Yahoo Ad Networks and vice-versa for Yahoo Ads.

Bing Ads is a really good alternative for Google Adwords as it shows Ads for both search engines of Bing and Yahoo.

These two Advertising giants are a force for good even though they are not a cheaper alternative to Google Ads but can offer almost all advertising solutions offered by Google Ads.

Yahoo Gemini

Welcome to Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is another powerful advertising giant that combines search and native advertising to boost advertisers’ advertising experience. Yahoo Gemini offers online advertisers the opportunity to drive traffic to their website, raise brand awareness, promote their Apps, and increase online sales.

Yahoo Gemini Ad formats
Yahoo Gemini Ad formats

The Ad network is powered and managed by Yahoo which controls a large share of the search engine and email markets. Yahoo Gemini’s advertising platform is massive in numbers with over 2 billion Ad impressions per day, 1 billion active users and 165 billion intent signals per day.
This is worth trying for an advertiser.

Yahoo Gemini also offers advertisers various targeting and advertising options. Yahoo Gemini Ad formats are search ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, App installs Ads, Tumblr-sponsored posts, Native carousel ads and Mail Ads. 

Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Ads

There is no denying that with over 312 million active users and almost 100 million prime users in the USA, Amazon is the biggest e-retailer worldwide.
Amazon’s net sales in 2017 alone was 177.86 billion dollars making it one of the most valued companies in the world.

This is another massive Google Adwords alternatives. However, this works with e-commerce merchants.
Probably Amazon product Ads have the biggest share of this market. If you are selling products online, you may want to try Amazone sponsored products Ads to increase your sales.  

Amazon Product Ads give advertisers the opportunity to set their campaigns using specific keywords to attract a target audience.
Those ads are displayed on top of the search results, or within search results and on product detail pages. They also show those Ads on both mobile devices (mobile phones and tablet browsers).

To benefit the most from Amazon sponsored Ads, it will be in your best interest to create those Ads within the Amazon seller platform and then set specific keywords that are most relevant to your products.
This practice will drive specific traffic to your products while increasing your sales. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is one of the most underutilized and underestimated advertising platforms by online advertisers.

LinkedIn has the potentials to take advertisers’ business to the next level with over 560 million active professionals, you can reach your target audience by their job title, industry, function, company, and seniority etc.

LinkedIn Ads offers advertisers opportunities to scare down their targeting and reach specific networks of professionals which helps save advertising costs and increased conversion rates.

In addition, LinkedIn Ads offers advertisers the necessary tools to retarget or re-engage website visitors, Contact targeting by emails and account targets with account-based marketing. 

LinkedIn is a powerful advertising tool advertisers should definitely take into account. With over 560 million active professionals, 73 million senior-level influencers, 45 million decision-makers and 8.2 C-level executives, your campaigns will surely reach the right people if your targeting is done right. 

Why should online advertisers use Google Adwords alternatives?

Using Google Adwords alternative Ad Networks will surely have a positive outcome for your online advertising experience.

Let’s just say putting your eggs in one basket is not a wise idea, but apart from that, there is a lot to gain while exploiting other advertising platforms. Here are just a few benefits you will get from using Google Ads also known as Google Adwords alternatives

  • Cheaper campaigns from Google Adwords alternatives
  • More Targeting power in other Advertising Networks 
  • More control of Ads data while using Google Adwords alternatives
  • Reach Specific and target audiences using different targeting options provided by other ads Networks 
  • Have a backup in case something goals wrong with Google Ads or your Google Adwords account.
  • Reach more and a wider audience

Use those Google Adwords alternatives for a better overall performance of your online advertising


All the above-discussed Ad networks have specific tools that work best in their advertising fields. Each of the potential to reach a specific audience in different niches.

It all comes down to the advertiser to research and know their potential customers are spending more time and target them using one of the above Ad Networks. 

As usual, We would like to hear your opinions, experiences about Google Adwords alternatives. Let us know in the comment section your suggestions on what to improve, remove or Add in the post.   
Good luck with online advertising 🙂 

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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