Top tips for effective mobile advertising campaign

mobile advertising
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Updated on 30th Match, 2021.

Mobile advertising has become one of the most desired advertising platforms for internet marketers. Due to the recent developments in online advertising,  markets have seen mobile advertising as a huge potential for getting their target customers. However, not all mobile advertising campaigns are done right due to a lack of knowledge by some marketers.

Mobile advertising is expected to hit seven (7) billion dollars in 2019. hence it has become one of the most desired advertising platforms for internet marketers.

Due to the recent developments in online advertising,  markets have seen mobile advertising as having huge potential for getting their target customers. However, not all mobile advertising campaigns are done right due to a lack of knowledge by some marketers.

With recent shifts in online advertising, it is necessary for marketers to acknowledge how essential mobile advertising has become. Google figure shows that the number of searches online has exceeded desktop.

Another interesting report by “We Are Social” indicates that the number of mobile subscriptions in the UK hovers around 74.92 million making it a whopping 115% of the total population of the UK.

There is also a massive increment in the number of mobile advertising campaigns in recent years, all these confirm the importance of mobile advertising which makes it necessary for marketers to do it right which is why we decided to outline a step-by-step process on how to create effective mobile advertising campaigns.

Make sure you use mobile-friendly ad formats

Using a mobile-friendly Ad format is the key to successful mobile advertising, As a marketer, you must know that images have a great look on the mobile phone, taking into account that your mobile Ads have to fit perfectly on all mobile sizes will be great way to start your campaigns.

Consider designing Ads that will align with all smartphone screens. We can’t stress this enough, this is because your campaign needs to be seen on all mobile screens, not just a few. The more mobile phones can access your campaigns the better for your campaign. take this seriously.

Check out these mobile advertising Ad formats in the video below

Make sure users can opt-out quickly

Make it easy for users that are not interested in your Ads to opt out easily to ensure you respect them. If you have to understand mobile phones are meant for personal stuff either message is sent or receive calls or do other searching on devices.

Brand repute comes first and all of this can be achieved by respecting a potential customer’s decision if they want to dismiss your ads. Putting a cross on a noticeable and easy-to-access location gives freedom to the customer.

Do try to personalize your ads

Up-to-date data from Quant cast explains mobile advertising should be more relevant for consumers. For example, Retail advertisers should consider the personalization or customization factor in their advertising campaigns.

For Facebook’s audience using RLSA in Ad words and Google will be a plus point for the advertiser as this will help to target customers in shopping campaigns. Some great SEM Solutions are also available in the market for help if it becomes overpowering for someone.

Try out mobile video advertising

Expenses on Video advertising hit $20.72 billion in 2016; this trend shows the positive impact of videos in mobile advertising.

According to a survey, 90% of online customers find videos as helpful material to finalize their buying decisions, this means larger screens promote videos more than ever this year. So, if the budget allows then, retailers should consider e-channel for their promotions.

Take a look at these mobile video ads format

Choose the right metrics

Before evaluating mobile advertising performance, one should consider that on mobile devices clicks are more often accidentally happening. So, one should positively discriminate interaction rates or time spent on ads as critical metrics for analyzing the data.

Go Omnichannel

Giving the same attention to the main website will help the customer to find the way for their purchase quickly. Some user does an extensive search for making a purchase order, and some don’t bother and are just ready to buy from mobile.

Targeting customer preference by ensuring your website is easily navigated is the key to success. Consistent familiarity is the key to an Omni-channel strategy for all devices.

How to target mobile ads by location?

Make sure to activate the geolocalisation option if your products are for specific countries, by enabling this tab you will always get the right audience for your ads.

There are many channels that allow you to specify your location target to precisely target your customers such as Adwords, Google Shopping, and Facebook are some examples.

How to control mobile ads frequency?

The timing of ads impacts both positively and negatively. Generally, brand awareness, a specific time frame is suitable in which people are watching your ads but seeing ads, again and again, is not an ethical principle.

Users should see the ads after some interval, so they develop some interest in your ads. Users, not responding to your advertising should see less number of your ads as this strategy may become pricey in the long term.

Make sure your Landing pages relevant

Do make sure that landing pages are mobile-friendly for your potential customers to browse when they clicked on your ads.
Correlating landing pages with actions will give you more customers. E.g., if you advertise flip-flops, then the user must see these items on landing pages as quickly as possible rather than tons of summer clothing items.

Experiment with mobile ads with different formats

Playing with different formats in mobile advertising can affect your campaign. Formats should be co-linked with your strategy and objectives.

Experimenting with videos, natives, banners and interstitial mobile advertising gives you a positive response as there is no saying to stick to one format.

Here is a video explaining what is mobile advertising

How should you choose a mobile advertising platform?

Before choosing a platform for advertising, one should analyze the targeted customers as there are many platforms but to select the right platform is the key to success.

1. Search engine advertising

Ideally, Google AdWords (or Google Adword Express for Small Business) is the best choice for those who are familiar with this port. As this engine provides all customization options for advertisers either its location base or time base, time and days, etc option are also available on this platform. For mobile advertising Google Adwords is manifest.

2. Mobile advertising on social platforms

Another way for effective advertising is to use social media. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram are the primary channels for social networking. Those who are familiar know the positive impact of these channels.

Social networks successfully adopt this strategy for targeting the customer majority; even Facebook also launched full screen and Canvas advertising medium to make it more interactive for both client and the advertiser.

3. Using an ad platform to advertise on mobile

Adsterra, Adstage, and Undertone are some renowned platforms for advertisement that offer more features for your advertisement which are unavailable on other platforms.

They take the groundwork for your advertising and offer enhanced features. For example, Adbrite is the one who reduces cost and through its feature calling “click assurance” enables clicks verification by prompting users for accidental clicks which eventually improves the traffic quality of your ads.


It is most likely some of you have engaged in mobile advertising campaigns before or are either thinking of starting mobile advertising.

Neither way, share your experience in the comment section to help others or even suggest ways we can improve this article if you feel you can. We wish you good luck with your mobile advertising campaigns.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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