What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

Digital video advertising
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Execute summary

Digital video advertising also known as online video advertising has been on the rise in the past 7 years. More and more advertisers are venturing into digital marketing particularly video marketing.

Several studies proved video marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods. However, many digital marketers are still not aware of the opportunities online video advertising present.

Video marketing has always been an important part of marketing. However, it was used mostly in television ads even before the coming of the internet.

Now in the era of internet especially in the last seven years, videos have always been an important part of brand storytelling.

Several brands have used videos to tell their stories while creating brand awareness to capture the attention of their audience and to further convince them to become loyal customers.

Digital video advertising has the potentials to capture the audience’s attention in a creative and intelligent way. This is because videos can easily be understood by viewers within the first few seconds of just looking at them.

Based on the importance of online video advertising, we have analysed, evaluated and list the effective ways for digital video marketing.

Let’s start with the definition

Online video advertising is a form of video marketing which contains video ads sponsored by brands to acquire paid traffic. Which lead to gain more visibility in order to increase sales and profitability.

It has become a trend among all digital brands to use video marketing techniques which include, video advertising to tell their brand stories to a larger and wider audience.

Considering the popularity of this form of video marketing, let’s explore how effective it is to companies.

How effective is video advertising?

Studies show that online video advertising is very effective as compared to any other forms of video advertising. They effective when compared to television video ads and other types of digital advertising.

To support the above paragraph, In a recent study, marketingland claims that about 72% of advertising agencies believe video advertising is more effective than television Ads.

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This is because many video ad campaigns show that over 71% of the viewers take some sort of action after viewing the video.

They either visit the advertiser’s site, subscribe to their newsletter, make some enquiry, sign up for their services, purchase their products or services etc.

Digital video advertising results in more leads for businesses and increased conversions which makes it a very effective type of digital marketing.

Another important feature of video advertising is, it involves audio and visual elements that use various effects which are appealing to the viewer. This makes it easy for companies to tell the story of their products and services in a creative way.

Digital video advertising trends

Here is what marketers need to know about video advertising progress. Trends makes it very easy for digital marketers to understand what’s going on and help them make more informed decisions about digital marketing campaigns.

Video advertising generally has been growing in all spheres especially in the last four years. It is believed that the U.S. market alone will spend over $36 billion on online video advertising this year.

What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

Interestingly, these $36 billion will be committed in advance for video advertising. Also, The U.S advertisers will spend $29.24 billion on programmatic video advertising this year alone, this will account for 49.2% of the entire U.S programmatic display spend.

The trend on the video viewers online has also increased to over 63 million people viewing videos online with their various devices. This is a massive increment compared to the 18 million in 2013 based on the figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Another survey involving 650 media and technology companies in New York also confirms that about 60% of their advertising budgets are reserved for digital video advertising.

Also, As mobile subscribers consumptions of video ads grow more and more, brands are also shifting more of their budgets on mobile advertising.

In summary, online video advertising will continue to rise and become more relevant among other advertising methods.

It is estimated that other ad formats such as television, banner ads, text ads, interstitial Ads and push notification ads etc will rally behind video advertising.

Digital marketers need to take video advertising seriously in order to be more successful with their digital marketing campaigns.

Who Dominates Digital Video Advertising?

The entire digital advertising is dominated by Google and Facebook. There is no doubt these two ad giants take the largest market share of the Ad revenue and also control much of what consumers are given access to see.

In the U.K alone, both Google and Facebook take an estimated 63.3% market share of digital advertising. At the same time, they both keep a market share of 59.3% in the U.S.

Google and Facebook Ad Share

These same figures are estimated to be on the rise in the U.K hovering around 64.7 in 2021 and 54.7 in the U.S in the same 2021 according to eMarketer.

See the chart below.

Digital advertising share of Google and Facebook in UK and US

Other dominant players in paid digital video advertising are Amazon, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. Which are also predicted to compete and take a share of the present Google and Facebook dominated market.

There estimated share is as follows: Snapchat (0.7%) and Twitter ads (1.4%) will catch small shares below 2% of the UK digital advertising market this year.

However, SnapChats growth is expected to be bigger reaching £100.1 million in advertising revenues which will account for 0.9% of the UK mobile advertising market.

What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

Meanwhile, Instagram is set to increase almost 52% in 2019 to reach £984.0 million accounting for 6.7% of the UK digital market and 9.5% of the mobile market.

The share of smaller other ad networks is not included here due to their small size of the market. of course, there is an alternative ad network that allows advertisers to place all ad types just like Google did which is AdsTargets.

However, these smaller ad networks are growing and have started sharing some percentage of the ad revenue in major participating countries.

Mobile and digital video ads

It might interest you to know that over 66.53% of the world population has access to mobile phone.

Statistics show that the number of mobile subscribers is even more than the entire population which amounts to over a billion mobile subscribers than the actual world population.

World mobile connections vs world population

Mobile devices have shaped the way we all look at online advertising specifically mobile video advertising.

Since 2015 when mobile search request surpassed desktop, mobile became a very important part of digital advertising.

It seems the number of mobile users has always been on the rise in the past six years. More and more people get access to smartphones across the globe which presents great marketing advantage.

What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

One of the biggest advantages of these increase in mobile users is that they seem to spend a lot of time on social media. These present marketers with a chance to target their audience.

With the use of various social media platforms and advertising tools, Ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads presents various targeting ways.

It has become easier for digital marketers to target their prospective customers for better success rates using digital video advertising tactics.

To achieve a high success rate for your online video campaigns, see the following tips for better video advertising.

Online Video advertising Best practices

Haven’t gone through the trends and data of the online advertising, lets me take you through the best practices that will lead to successful video ads campaign online.

Mobile Display Fit

Make sure your videos are optimised for mobile so they can fit all mobile sizes.

It is important to check and make sure your digital video advertising campaign displays very well.

This will make users of various smartphones, tablets and other smart devices can access and view your video easily.

Mind the length of your video

The length of your video is very important to your viewers. This is because long videos will simply discourage them to view the video until the end.

understand this should make you create a short video with all the necessary information you need to tell your audience.

Therefore, keep your videos meant for digital video advertising short, precise and simple to convey the message.

Have a clear call to action

Do not forget that your audience wont take the right action after watching your video. This means you have to create a clear call to action plan when creating your video.

You might choose to tell them to signup, register, visit your site for more information. Whichever CTA you choose to use, make sure it is mentioned in the video either in the form of text or audio.

Optimise for social media platforms

Since social media websites have different requirements for the size and length of the required digital video advertising.

It is highly advisable to make sure your video Ad fit each social platform size and length and other necessary requirements for greater performance.

All social media platforms have their specification for various ad and video advertising requirement.

Here are some specific video advertising requirements for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn and Pinterest

PlatformLandscapePortraitVideo LengthSize
Facebook1080 x 10801080 x 1080Max 30 seconds or less 2.3GB
Instagram1080 x 19201080 x 1920Max 15 seconds or less4GB
Twitter1280 x 720640 x 640Max 140 seconds or less512MB
YouTube1920 x 10801920 x 1080Max 30 seconds or less10GB
SnapChat1080 x 19201080 x 1920Max 15 seconds or less1GB
LinkedIn1280 x 7201280 x 720Max 15 seconds or less1GB
Pinterest600 x 600640 x 640Max 30 seconds or less2GB

There are more specific details such as accepted video format such as max size and duration. Others include various types of video sizes on different platforms, aspect ratio and many more which will be covered in the next post.

In the meantime, you can visit SproutSocial for all the required video attributes on all digital video advertising platforms.

Maximise the first three seconds

The first three seconds of you have the ability to convince the viewer to watch your video until the end.

This means the first three seconds of your video should contain the most attractive part of your message.

Convince your audience that your video worth their time and will be valuable to them.

This can be done by using very curious words or actions that will interest them to watch until the end.

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

By doing so, you will then present them with the main message of your products and services or even your entire brand story. It should be concise as much as possible.

Brand Constituency

Logos, brand colours and slogans are a very important part of the branding and should always be used in your videos. This improves your visibility and gives your audience a sense of recognition.

By presenting your brand identity, you help your target audience remember your business and also recognise your brand anytime they see your brand features anywhere.

Most large brands such as Apple, Amazone, McDonald’s are all known by their logos and colours. So it is vital you remember to include your logos at least in your mobile video ads to keep your brand alive.


Digital marketing has evolved so much in the last seven years and digital marketers also need to evolve in their thinking. There is so much to gain in digital video advertising nowadays.

The issue is, how digital marketers are able to utilise their resources and talent to gain from their video campaigns. Video marketing will continue to be on the rise as more and more as the number of mobile subscribers continues to grow.

subsequently, social media platforms are also part of the equation as more mobile subscribers spend more time looking at their feeds. marketers need to take advantage of these presented opportunities and make the best they can out of digital video advertising and social media and mobile users.

conclusively, if you have been in the online advertising business for long, please let us know what you think about this post. suggest ways we can improve it by either adding to the post of letting us know what we can remove or add to the post.

If you are new to digital video advertising,…

we encourage you to use this post and several others on our blog to learn all you need to know about digital advertising.

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