Cheap online advertising for small business

Cheap online advertising
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Every business wants to spend less and in turn get more which is why most small businesses prefer cheap online advertising platforms compared to popular, competitive ad networks such as Google Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Tik Tok Ads.

It is estimated that most small businesses spend at least 10,000$ per month on advertising or buying website traffic on various digital advertising channels.

Some are though careless to explore other cheaper options in the market as they are funded by the big guys. For some though, a higher return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the goal which is why you should care about this post.

Here, I am going to share with you how to buy cheap online advertising or buy cheap web traffic to boost your business growth, faster and better online.

Read till the end.

First off, there are a few important things you need to understand before putting your money down for ads which are:

#1. It’s not about how popular the ad network is but how effective your ads perform. This means getting the most exposure and conversions at the cheapest cost.

#2. It’s not about what everyone is used to but what works for you at the lowest cost possible.

Today when businesses think of advertising online, the first choices are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and recently Tik Tok Advertising.

What people fail to understand is, these platforms are overpriced and highly competitive among advertisers. This makes it very difficult for small businesses with little advertising budgets to compete fairly.

Apart from the limited budgets, you will need the expertise to use these platforms effectively or have to hire an expert to help you with the ads.

So what are these cheap options to buy cheap ads and grow your business more effectively?

Here are some of them. Let’s first take a look at AdsTargets Ad Network.

#1. AdsTargets Cheap Online Advertising Ad network

We set out a few clear goals which are

1. Make ads cheap and effective.

2. Provide a flexible, simple-to-use, and profitable advertising platform.

3. Provide a free fraud advertising solution.

4. Offer multiple ad formats and pricing models to suit all advertisers’ online advertising needs.

So first, we aim to make sure you have many ad formats that go with many ad pricing models to make your ads reach only your target audience.

Let’s break things down here… So the minimum budget to start your ad campaigns is only $35. With this, you will be able to create three ads and approximately get over 4,500 real human clicks with a CPC ad campaign.

That’s a lot of cheap and quality traffic to get from any Ad campaign. One thing you can be sure of is the quality of our traffic. We have managed to build one of the best fraud prevention platforms to prevent fake clicks and invalid traffic to maximize the value of your ad budget.

Apart from these, We offer a full option in terms of Ad formats and pricing models.

Let’s take a look at our online advertising options.

AdsTargets Front page

Ad formats and Pricing Models

We offer many ad formats to meet your online advertising needs. These cover all display ads type to fit any services or products you are advertising online. Here are our ad formats

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Native Ads
  • eCommerce Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Interstitial Ads

You can see all our Ad Formats and full descriptions Here: Ad Formats.

Apart from many multiple ad formats, our ad network offers many pricing models such as:

  • CPC – Cost per click
  • CPM – Cost per impression
  • CPV – Cost per view (For video ads)
  • CPA – Cost per action
  • CPD – Cost per day
  • Affiliate – Affiliate program for businesses.

These all provide advertisers with all the necessary tools to buy cheap ads.

Here are some tips to create cheap online advertising campaigns using AdsTargets.

Tip #1. Create multiple ads

We have seen advertisers with multiple ads get more visibility, clicks, and conversions. Here is how it works. Try Creating At least, one banner ad, one Text Ad, and One Text and image ad (Native Ads).

This ensures your ads are placed on more publisher sites and shown more frequently. This is very important. You can do this even with your minimum budget of $35. With your minimum budget, you can slip your ad budget into three while creating three ad types.

Tip #2. Split your pricing

You can also split your pricing into at least two pricing models such as CPC and CPM too. Even though you may have your preferred pricing models, you also need to consider what preferred pricing models publishers preferred.

We have seen that a vast majority of our publishers prefer CPC and CPM ads. Therefore, creating ads with those two suggested pricing models will enhance your ad performance.

Finally, you are welcome to start your first ad campaign with AdsTargets by clicking on the banner below.

Buy Cheap Web Traffic
Start your First campaign today with AdsTargets

Let’s take a look at other ways you can get quality targeted traffic.

#2. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts on popular websites or blogs help give your brand the desired attention and boost your brand’s visibility online. However, you need to choose websites or blogs carefully. Choose websites or blogs that are related to your business or have your target audience.

Sponsored posts could be a very effective means of generating quality leads and conversions if you carefully choose your preferred website or blog for sponsored posts.

The reason for this is simple, huge websites with blogs related to your niche have massive email lists of targeted audiences plus massive readers on their websites every day.

When you have a post published about your brand on such popular websites, you instantly get massive traffic, and conventions and also be able to build your audience in form of leads that you can gradually convert to customers over time.

#3. Social Media Influensers

There are hundreds of thousands of great social media influencers out there ready to help you reach your target audience. Some of them are quite cheap and very effective.

In fact, any influencer with 100,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube within your niche will do great justice to your brand.

The goal is to identify the right ones who are consistently creating content with very high engagement rates on any of the social media platforms to help promote your brand, products, or services.

Buy Cheap Web Traffic
Start your First campaign today with AdsTargets

Once you are able to identify your ideal influencer, you need to do a little bit of assessment on them to make sure they are actually the right influencer to help promote your brand, products, or services.

First, you need to evaluate their followers as some may have fake followers that are not active, secondary, you need to care about their posts’ engagements. How are their followers engaging or consuming their content?

Understanding their audience will put you in a better position to make the best choice and as well price them better based on their true worth.

Influencers who have reasonable email lists and a blog will have a long-term positive impact on your brand. Take all the above into consideration and get the best out of your influencer marketing. You can find hundreds of influencer marketing platforms to reach your best influencer marketer.

#4. Advertise on Forums

There are many popular forums such as Quora, Reddit with loads of targeted audiences. For instance, Questions on Quora are super targeted to a specific audience. For example, questions related to bloggers are more likely to be seen and consumed by bloggers.

Quora Q and A forum targeted advertising

On Reddit for example, there are subreddits for specific groups of people such as “online advertising”, “Bloggers”, “eCommerce” “Digital marketing”, “Display ads” etc., and many more which all have high engagement rates.

Targeting in those forums could be one of your best display advertising decisions that may bring you a reasonable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Some of these advertising platforms shared may NOT be as cheap as our Ad Network though they are good options to give it a try.

Also, we have managed to offer one of the most effective platforms to buy website traffic with almost zero fraud click rate. This means advertising with us gets you only quality real human traffic.

It’s time to try something new apart from the most popular ad networks such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram advertising, and LinkedIn Ads platforms that are overrated and overpriced.

Plus you may really need to know a lot to be able to get good results with those social media giants because you will be competing with millions of advertisers targeting the same audience.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

Founder at AdsTargets | Online advertising expert | Search engine optimisation expert | Social media marketing expert.Eugene is a Passionate writer on topics relating to online advertising, branding and generally interested in creating digital marketing content. He is curious about the future of digital advertising.Follow Eugene on LinkedIn @ eugeneagoh

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