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The business establishment may prove to be an easy task to many hence the availability of resources, for the business to achieve its set goal/objectives is another obstacle of its own.

Many businesses have been in operation for over a decade, yet little or more is heard of their services or products’ growth and development.

This is why this article being timely in identifying and addressing such obstacles. Therefore, there is every need for business owners to always use the right advertisement tools at the right time to the right audience.

In whatever surrounding you operate your business in, the following 52 best ways are essential to promote your business when used appropriately.

The best way your business can strive is by effectively and efficiently using promotional and advertisements tools. However, the two steps we are going to look into are significant and can’t be undermined which are:

#1. Plan your marketing: A well-planned and organized approach to market your business proves how successful you are.

Though marketing strategies could prove time-consuming and resources, but ensure you start your planning by defining your marketing strategy which involves setting up a budget.

#2. Identify your best prospects: This is one of the factors that determine the best promotional strategies to reach out to the intended customers.

You need to be certain as to your target audience. As the world turned into a global village, the major tools that can help promote and protect your business are social handles like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram as well as one on one interaction and networking at local business meetings or community organizations.

Majorly customers search for their needs on Google or Bing, coupon newspapers.

Today digital marketing has taken a centre stage, it is no longer an option but a necessity for whatever kind of business one ventures into. Here are the 52 Best Ways to Promote your Business:

52 Best Ways to Promote your Business

#1. Create a Business Website

An active and workable website is key for marketing any business and making it known to the outside world.

The website serves as a lead generation tool, online brochure, catalog, and information source for your potential customers.

Here you have total control over how best your products and services are promoted as well as their content and for how long. However, you don’t have that control over social media. 

It is easier for you to set up your basic website using templates of one of the builders like Wix, Squarespace.

Whether you choose a ready-to-use template or have someone build a site for you, be sure the design is appealing and approachable. (In other words, that it looks good and is easy to read on mobile devices as well as on desktop and laptop computers.)

#2. Start blogging 

Your constant writing and updating information on business-related issues that will inform your customers about the product contents and projections goes a long way to improve your business chances and reposition the same in the minds of many visitors who would search and found what you sell in search engines.

It doesn’t really matter how constructive your writing is but all you need to do is, your content should primarily concern your product (hints) where customers can find it helpful.  

#3. Implement an SEO strategy

SEO means search engine optimization- this has to do with web page setup where the search engines understand the content of the pages and may in turn link to your webpage when one searches for what you sell or the kind of information you provide.

Many companies do spend so much money on SEO in order to improve their site. There are a number of things required of you if really you want to improve the SEO of your site, this includes:

  • Always Separate title for each page on your website.
  • Use phrases that can be easier for people to search for in the page title.
  • Add your business name, location, and phone number on all pages on your site will be a great deal.

#4. Listing your company on Google and Bing 

Both Google and Bing offer free listing for local businesses. For your company to get listed on Google, go to Google My Business while listing on Bing require you to go to Bing Places for Business. 

Ensure you fill out all the information you can, including phone number, website, business address, and hours of operation where necessary.

When all these steps are concluded, your business stands a chance to appear at the top of search results thereby making your business and your product be assessed easily within your domain.

Business promotion | Digital Marketing

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#5. Set up your business profiles or page on social media sites

Having a social media account on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for your business attracts much attention from customers, ensure to be creative while adding a description, keywords, business phone number, and a link to your website.

One thing you need to know is that your personal and business pages must be separated so that business issues be treated for the sole purpose on the business page.

#6. Join social media groups in your niche and contribute to them regularly

Try as much as possible to affiliate your business with other groups related to your product or services. The interaction/conversation arising from such a group will be key to promote and advertise your business.

#7. Email marketing

One of the cost-effective mediums of communicating with customers and getting them to make purchases or visit your website is the use of email marketing.

All you need to do is to sign up for an email marketing service and ask customers, website visitors, and social media followers to sign up for your email list.

Ensure you make it a point of duty to always send an email newsletter and/or promotional offers to customers and prospects regularly. 

One better way to earn customers’ trust is to build a permission-based email list of people who want your mailings, and also find something interesting to give away.

The giveaway something could be anything free that can attract them such as a free ebook or a free tip-sheet on things related to the business.

Remember an email service like Constant Contact makes management of lists and sending professional-looking mailings easier.

#8. Post valuable Posts regularly to your social media profiles.

Information is key to any business growth, it is in light of this that, majority of the information, pictorial expressions posted regularly on your social media account handle must interest your followers.

The post must convey business-related tips on the best method to improve either their life, business, or on special offers they may like or share.

#9. Pay to boost your posts on social media sites

Your emphasis in business should be on the post majorly arising either from individuals or groups that are in business-related activities who are like your customers.

This method is less costly in promoting your business in a way taking your business to customers in places or to people who share in your business ideas.

#10. Use Facebook Ads or ads on other social networks

Running Facebook ads or other ads on the social network create furthermore room for lead generation, this call for action buttons, and other advanced target options. However, boosting a social media post is one of the ad types.

Using Facebook ads or other ads on social networks exposes you to get more options that in turn will help promote your business.

#12. Run a Webinar

As a way of getting a wider coverage with both prospective and existing customers with aim of promoting your business, rather than choosing some common topic, you can pick a topic that is relevant to your business in order to have an engaged and fruitful conversation that will benefit both parties using webinar.

This will greatly improve some aspects of your business hence you have a session where you can solve the participant’s query thereby making your webinar more effective and knowledgeable.

Perhaps, with the power of social media, it is easier to promote the recent seminars on your social media handles and website homepage as well as encourage friends to do the same on their social media accounts.  

By extension, you have become one such popular business with good customer interaction.

Ways to promote your Business with low cost budget

#13. Convert Some of your Blog Post to PDF versions

For easy accessibility of promotional literature by all and sundry, always convert the said literature materials to PDF format before sending to the people who have demand for them via email or any other source of sending. For it is easier, timeless, and volume less to assess.

#14. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the search engines

It is high time, you realized that you need to be cashing out on your investment.

One best way of doing so is to start advertising on search engines. Search engines have offers that can give you $50 or $75 when you have a free advertisement for a start. However, take note of the service plan to use and be mindful of your daily spending or how often before becoming to terms with whether or not to use PPC.

#15. Use Google Local Service Ads

Google local services ads usually found at the top of Google Search results are an open way for businesses to showcase different kinds of products and services and a tool of bringing customers from all works of life searching for products that are services.

This, however, avail your business the opportunity to meet with customers by way of when people search for the services you offer in areas you deal with. 

Prospective customers can click or tap on your ad to either call you or send you a message request which in turn adds benefits.

A Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that might pass a Google screening and qualification process. You pay only for valid leads, but the cost per call or text can be very high.

These ads are best matched for reputable businesses that know how to convert leads and the average customer charge and/or lifetime value.

#16. Ask Customers to Review Your Business

It is of immense progress for any business if customers are given the opportunity to make a review of the business activities. Thus, it is a clear show that you value their opinions.

For many customers need assurance before making a choice of product or service provider they need. The assurance basically comes through reviews on such. Therefore, reviews are very important and can’t be undermined and should be conducted frequently so as to increase customers’ confidence.

While expressing organizational feelings of been committed to delivering exceptional customer experience/services and for that reason, you are conducting an online survey (include the link) that can only take you few minutes to complete.

This will definitely go a long way to shape your business and also create a stronger relationship with them.

#17. New Business setup with a business card or business stationery

One of the cost-effective ways of promoting business is the use of business cards, business stationery, and brochure.

For your new business to strive, you definitely need to put both your business card, business stationery, and brochure together and be handy at all times in case the need arises.

This is an indicator that you are a professional who takes your business seriously. For your business card is essential for marketing your business because it helps people you come across remember you, your brand, and what your company does.

Your website address is important and must be included on your business card, letterhead, and any handouts you have. Also of immense importance to form part of it is your main social media profile link, if possible.

#18. Share your business cards to anyone who can help you

In your search for new clients, every point of contact counts.

Therefore, try as much as possible to introduce your business and ensure you hand over your business card, this is a way of marketing your business to them while in turn, they do the same on your behalf to others whom they come across and are in need of such services or product.

You can also call your friends and relatives to tell them you have started a business. Visit them and leave a small stack of business cards to hand out to their friends. 

#19. Share your business cards with your customers 

Giving out your business card to your existing or prospective customers goes a long way to market your business services.

Even when their friends and neighbors ask them for such services, they will recommend you, hence they have an easy way to pass on your business name and contact information.

#20. Talk to all the vendors from whom you buy products or services

Learn to establish a cordial relationship with your business partners and don’t forget to give them your business card and request of them if they can use your products or service, or better still if they know anyone who can.

In case they have a place where business cards are displayed, enquire to know whether yours should form part of it.

#21. Attend meetings to network with professionals

Attending meetings, workshops and seminars boost your chances of taking your business to the next level.

Other related groups/bodies you should familiarize yourself with include the Chamber of Commerce, other local business groups, local chapters of national groups such as NAWBO, or civic associations.

While in attendance for any of the gathering, ensure to have business cards on you where there can easily access. Feel free to ask questions such as what the people you speak with do, and always give them a listening ear as well.

The confidence you have while interacting with them alone will make them remember you someday need arises.

#22. Be actively involved in at least 2 to 3 professional groups 

Being part of the different group open more opportunity to meet possible prospects. However, opportunists are quickly spotted for what they are and get little business.

The fear of becoming actively involved in many of the organization/groups due to time factor, remember identifying with them and making real contributions to all of them in a way of offering useful ideas and helping with projects when possible make you more active in local groups which in turn can bring you the valuable word of mouth marketing.

#23. Paying for membership in the groups you are involved in attracting your target customers 

Paying dues as required by the group you form part of makes you active and also a stakeholder in the group with recognition by other members. Therefore, as you become a driving force of the group so to say your business.

#24. List Your Business and Website in Directories

Most business groups maintain membership register/brochure that is published online. To be part of it avail you the opportunity to be known by members you have met, or members who are looking for related services like yours and could find your contact information.

This also provides a link to your website that can be useful for search engine optimization. Some groups may list you automatically while others will require you to submit your own information.

In either case, be sure your contact information is correct and the link to your website works.

#25. Exhibit at local trade shows. Be encouraged

To take part in local trade shows, when they are held, is one of the ways that expose you and your products/ services to the general public and to other local vendors who may need your products, or know someone to recommend you to.

#26. Sponsor a local trade show or event 

If the price is affordable. When an opportunity avails itself for you to sponsor any local trade show or event, grab it.

Doing so get your business name and logo seen wherever the event organizers promote the show. That could be in pre-show mailings, the organization’s website, and in handouts and displays set up during the show.

#27. Offers some Giveaways, Promo.

Making an imprint of your business logo and product services on items like drinkware, pens, hand sanitizers, calendar magnets, keychain flashlights, etc, could go a long way to advertise your business, also note that they are all items people tend to hang onto and use.

#28. Offer community assistance

It is the duty of every business organization to offer the community it is situated in corporate social responsibility.

Therefore, think about the needs in your community and assist them in the best way you can. You can also help them to organize social events or festivals by extension it will promote and protect your business.  

#29. Go extra mile with your publicity

Always send out press releases to local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV stations, and magazines whose immense audiences are likely to be interested in buying what you sell.

While posting the press releases, be sure to include links to your website. This for sure increases your chances of having the material and photo published with your press release. Most times, editors of printed publications are often in need of “art” (drawings or photos) so as to fill space.

#30. Make your self or Business accessible to reporters

Reporters are constantly looking for sources to quote in their stories. One way they find those sources is to use services that distribute their request for sources to publicists, experts, marketers, and others who want to be sourced.

To find out when reporters are looking for information you can provide, sign up for these lists and scan them regularly. One such service is HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) and is free. Another service, called PRLeads is fee-based.

#31. Write articles that shows you are expert in your field

Be willing and ready to write out articles concerning your business and send the same to non-competing newspapers, magazines, and websites in your area of specialty that accepts submissions from experts.

Ensure your name, business name, phone number, and a reference to your product or service be included at the end of the article.

#32. Publicize your publicity

Whenever you do get publicity, get permission from the publisher to reprint the article containing the publicity.

Make photocopies and mail the copies out with sales letters or any other literature you use to market your product or service. The publicity clips lend credibility to the claims you make for your products or services.

#33. Add an “As Seen On” or Press section to your website

It is important to list out names of publications mentioned in any article and ensure to add the link to the articles that mention you.

#34. Call out potential customers 

It will not be out of place if you try to find out from your friends, acquaintances, non-profit organizations, schools, and colleges whether they are in need of your services.

If you don’t know who to contact at various businesses, call and ask who is in charge of buying what you sell. Don’t be discouraged by people who aren’t interested.

#35. Start Networking

You must learn to put the people around you in the know of what you do and how you are ever-ready and willing to handle their workloads, be wise in doing that so that you can’t be seen as a customer snatcher.

#36. Offer to speak at events

This explains how it pays to be a facilitator/speaker in an event like industry conferences, volunteer organizations, libraries, and local business groups.

You will benefit from the name recognition, contacts, and publicity you gain from being a speaker at these events.

#37. Demonstrate and show case your products or services.

Whatever group you find yourself in or in the midst of individuals, always showcase what you have, they might be interested.

Ensure to teach others how to use some tools that are associated with your work.

#38. Make Videos about your product or services

Putting videos of your product or services on YouTube and other video-sharing and slide-sharing sites helps promote your business. 

#39. Find out about federal, state, and local government programs

Government at the different levels established organizations with the aim to support both individuals and corporate bodies to grow their business or enhance their business skills.

Therefore, partnering with such organizations could benefit your business.

#40. If you are a woman-owned or minority-owned business

Many organizations being government-established or private are gender-based.

Therefore, if you are a woman operating a business always post facts on your website. You should also consider getting certified by private, state, or federal organizations.

Remember, many purchasing agents have quotas or guide for the number of goods and services they need to buy from minority- and women-owned businesses. 

#41. Use sales letters to get to some customers

Always be ready to describe your business in terms of how it can be helpful to customers. Learn to drop a business card in every letter you send out. Follow up periodically with postcard mailings.

#42. If you use a car or truck in your business have your business name and contact information professionally painted on the side of the vehicle. Printing your business name and logo of your business on the truck and cars you use for either commercial purposes or private in a way that advertise your business. 

#43. Use a magnetic sign on your vehicle

If you don’t want to have your name painted on your car or truck, order a magnetic sign with your name, logo phone number, and slogan.

You can get them in various sizes and can remove them whenever you want. Magnetic signs can be ordered through many online printing and sign shops and are very reasonably priced.

#44. Get on the telephone and make “cold calls.” 

Making calls across people with whom you would like to do business proves good.

Briefly describe what you do and book an appointment if possible so as to meet and talk to them about ways you can help them meet a need or solve a problem.

#45. Get samples of your product

Always make available your work as many as possible and showcase that anytime opportunity avail itself.

#46. Offer a free, no-obligation consultation

People willing to use your services be given an opportunity to express their feelings about the product. During such consultations, offer some practical suggestions or ideas, and before you leave sort for an order to implement the ideas. 

#47. Ask for referrals. When customers are satisfied with your services, they often gladly refer you to their friends. Help them remember to do so by asking for referrals and leaving them extra business cards or fliers that they can give to their friends and family who need your services.

If someone gives you a lead, follow up on it right away.

#48. Use other people to sell your product or service 

Not all times do you need to carry out sales for yourself, instead opt for affiliates, resellers, or people who will generate leads for you in return for a commission on sales.

Remember your pricing structure allows for the fees or commissions you will have to pay on any sales that are made.

#49. Get together with businesses that serve the same market

Ensure you sell different products and services but also make arrangements to cross-promote others’ goods and services bypassing leads back and forth, sharing mailings, and making referrals.

#50. Have sales letters, brochures, flyers, and other pertinent information printed and ready to go 

Make your sales, brochures, flyers ready and distribute them out even to prospective customers who seem to be reluctant to buy from you.

Ensure you follow up promptly with a note and a letter that says, “Here is the information you asked me to send.”

#51. Run a contest. Always find something and attach it to your business that could serve as a bonus to customers. After-sale services should be encouraged.


These are some of the best ways you can promote your business for free today. Even thought some might sound old and irrelevant, They still work and help you reach a wider audience.

Some of these methods have become very cheap due to the availability of internet advertising.

These methods of promoting or advertising your business will be work for both online and offline businesses.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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