How To Use Pinterest Business To Make Your Audience Powerful

Pinterest business
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If you still think that Instagram and Facebook are the only social media you can use to promote your business, you don’t realize the potential of marketing with Pinterest business.

With over 300 million users and growing, this platform is one of the most used in the world for planning purchases.

Shopify has conducted research that has yielded amazing results: Pinterest is the second-largest source of traffic to the site and 93% of users use it to search for items to put in their shopping cart!

Now, do you realize the potential of Pinterest?

Marketing with Pinterest for your e-commerce means presenting yourself to potentially interested users through a platform that has not yet reached the competition level of Facebook and Instagram.

There are already many companies that have opened a Pinterest account for their business, but I assure you that there are not so many that use it really well.

Are you interested to know more about marketing with Pinterest for your business or brand?

Well, then make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading!

What is Pinterest Business and why do you need it for your business?

Created in 2010, Pinterest bases its success on image sharing and the strong commercial impact it has on users.

To explain how Pinterest works, let me give you an example.

Have you ever had a noticeboard, a diary, or simply a diary where you kept notes, recipes, or newspaper clippings?

Pinterest is your digital binder, much neater and more organized.

pinterest business

It is a platform where you can find ideas, images, and inspirations and save them on your wall.

In terms of marketing, Pinterest has a very strong appeal to users who tend to browse this social media site in search of trends and curious objects.

Be careful, I don’t mean it’s the right social for you.

What I do recommend, however, is to make a careful assessment of social various social media platforms to find out which ones are right for you and your business.

What are the reasons why you should include Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy?

To answer this question and make you understand how this social media can affect your sales performance, I’ve written a list of the main reasons for using Pinterest.

Why use Pinterest?

Maybe you are already using Pinterest as a private individual, but its advantages for brands and companies are different.

Let’s see them now:

#1. It makes your business competitive. Pinterest is particularly used by corporate websites.

This makes you understand how important it is to use it for business growth. Two-thirds of the pins come from business websites;

#2. It increases the visibility of your company. The pins go directly back to the original source, with huge potential traffic. More traffic means more customers;

#3. Make your brand known to people looking for ideas, products, or brands. Most users go to Pinterest for inspiration.

When they do a search you have plenty of chances to appear in the results;

#4. Your content lasts longer than other socials. On Pinterest the pins are evergreen, i.e. they can be found and republished even after a while.

They don’t have a deadline like on Facebook and Instagram;

#5. Help build your brand identity. Like other digital marketing tools, including Pinterest in your strategy is functional to the growth of your corporate image.

Any tool, if used well, becomes part of your online growth strategy;

#6. It allows you to interact with your potential customers. Knowing your audience is very interesting to build a business marketing strategy that works.

Pinterest is very useful to profile your target audience, understand what their tastes are, identify the competitors that follow;

It is important for your SEO strategy. Pinterest is social SEO friendly and, with the right pins, is a great ally to climb the Google SERP.

10 Tips For Growing Your Audience With Pinterest

pinterest business

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Pinterest:

#1. Create a Pinterest account for Business

First, consider opening a business account on Pinterest.

This is not entirely necessary, but it is definitely recommended if you want to sell products via Pinterest.

As well as on Facebook, an official page of your company on Pinterest will make your profile more professional and credible.

#2. Use the online tools

Many developers have already created their own tools for Pinterest. There are tools for anything you might need, for example:

  • Piqora, to have access to multiple marketing tools at once (including analysis and pin publishing planning);
  • TailWind, to engage users and measure results.

If you plan to open your own shop on Pinterest to sell products, create your Pinterest for a business account – you will open a shop in minutes.

#3. Check your statistics on Pinterest regularly

For the best results, you should check your statistics regularly.

Pinterest offers official analysis tools, which allow you to monitor how many people have done “pin it” from your website and how many have seen your pins.

You can then follow current trends on Pinterest by checking the list of the most shared pins.

Take advantage of this information to improve your message boards and suggest more relevant pins for your target audience.

#4. Use image sources for your site

If you want people to start taking pins from your website – an incredibly effective way of getting your business known – then make your website or blog very ‘visual’, full of persuasive and exciting images.

It can be difficult to find images that fit the purpose, are unique and original, and publish them on a regular basis.

Many amateur and professional photographers release their work under the Creative Commons license, which means you can use their images, but you must specify the source in the credits and not use the images for commercial purposes.

Most of these images are more interesting and evocative than normal photos, plus they are free.

Make sure you always write the credits, as required by law.
Here’s where you can find great new photos for free:

  • Flickr, make sure you always check the copyright on every single image;
  • Photo Pin, a fantastic collection of Creative Commons licensed images;

For very low-cost images, check it out here:

  • Shutterstock;
  • Fotolia;
  • iStockPhoto.

#5. Take advantage of Pinterest’s accessories

You’ll find everything you need to improve your online experience on the Pinterest Accessories page.

Start by downloading the Pin It button for your browser.

This tool will allow you to “pin” any image or video you like on the web.

Another essential accessory is the Pin It button for your website, which allows your readers to easily fin what they want from your website.

We also recommend using the pinboard widget, so your users can view your pinboards and pinboards directly from your website.

#6. Know your audience

As in all other social networks, if you want to increase your engagement, you need to invest time to get to know and understand your audience.

Get an idea of what your audience loves by looking at the pins and noticeboards that users follow the most.

With the information you get, it will be easier to create better message boards that your audience will want to follow and share with friends and followers.

#7. Win with the Pins!

Competitions are great promotional tools and Pinterest offers a perfect platform.

If you are just starting out on Pinterest and want to get likes and followers quickly, organizing a contest could be the ideal solution.

There are many applications that you can use to organize and promote a contest: try Woobox and Vote.

First, make sure you read Pinterest’s terms of service so you don’t see your competition blocked by the site administration.

#8. Involve

If you want users to be interested in your activity on Pinterest, you should take some time to involve them.

Like” regularly, comment, and re-pin: this will improve your chances of getting more “likes” and comments from other users, as well as more followers.

Make sure you stay true to your brand and re-pin on images that you think to represent your company, or that somehow connect to it.

#9. Create infographics

Infographics are a great way to increase user engagement and gain new followers on Pinterest.

Of all the pins and re-pins, some content – better if educational and original – can give an extra edge.

And since Pinterest is mainly based on visual language and image sharing, infographics are the perfect solution.

You will find many online tools to easily create great infographics such as and

#10. Control your opponents

Controlling the competition is always a good idea to be clear about what needs to be done to succeed.

For example, look at Nordstrom’s Pinterest profile, currently the most successful brand in terms of followers (over 4.4 million).

Then, of course, study what direct competition is doing in terms of engagement and acquisition of followers.

Pinterest’s Marketing Strategies

We said that Pinterest lends itself to promotional use by companies, because of the amount of traffic it can generate and because users use it as a source of inspiration for their next purchases.

As for any social network, for Pinterest, the communication strategy is important and determines the success or invisibility of a brand.

So before you start finning, it is essential to have an editorial plan that considers who the ideal client is and what their interests are.

So the initial tables must be set according to what the ideal client would like to see and the questions they might ask, but they must also reflect the company’s values, products, and services.

1) Create original pins

Each pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site.

If the source is the company site, then you understand that each re-pinned image can generate a large amount of traffic in a short time.

The images, however, must be original, fascinating and of good quality: the value of Pinterest consists of photographs, and 80% of those it contains are re-pinnished.

Ad-hoc images are more attention-grabbing.
All images must be of good quality, the minimum dimensions are 600 px width x 1000 px length.

It’s important to make sure that the pins are easy to share, so keep in mind that adding a watermark conveys an idea of exclusivity and personal ownership; images so marked are often not shared for this reason.

2) Using eye-catching titles for boards

To create original plates, choose an unusual and unexpected name, which stands out in the midst of the tide of plates with generic names.

It is better not to use the company name as the title, but always an original name that stands out and arouses curiosity.

A useful trick to attract users to your page is to create a separate table where you can pin funny images, which will put users in a good mood and invite them to navigate through your pins.

Obviously, it’s not enough to find some images to reach many fans: as in all social networks, you need to socialize, follow other users, and share and appreciate.

3) Integration with other social platforms

Add Pinterest’s share buttons to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

This way users of other social media platforms can follow you on Pinterest.

We recommend that you always enter a call to action: those who do so get 80% more shares.

4) Interacting with the community

On Pinterest, it is important not only to do self-promotion, and to share not only the products but also the lifestyle, one’s own interests, to humanize the brand in short.

Following Pinterest users with similar interests, commenting, and sharing their pins will make them feel involved and direct them to your page.


Using a Pinterest business account to market your business could prove very powerful and return you, customers, more than you could ever imagine.

The most important thing is to do it right and make sure you are consistent in your post and engagement on the platform. This matters a lot so you don’t end up looking like spam.

Even as a blogger, Pinterest should be your number of social media cause almost all reasonable and high-profile bloggers to use it to generate massive quality traffic.

You can do the same as a blogger to grow your traffic and expand your reach.

I hope this post helps and provide you with all the guidance you need to boost your reach using your Pinterest business account.

Let’s know your take in the comment section!

Ciro Tomaselli

Ciro Tomaselli

Hi everybody, I'm Ciro Tomaselli. I'm graduated in Business Administration and I'm graduating in Marketing Management. I currently live in Lithuania, precisely in Kaunas and I'm doing an internship at the company AdsTargets.

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