Top 12 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Facebook Ad Conversions
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Facebook has brought billions of people across the globe together for interaction and entertainment. This has made it a powerful tool for Ads such that every social media marketer should consider marketing their products and services on the platform.

Facebook is one of the most popular Apps on Earth, Facebook Ads can also be displayed on Instagram simultaneously. It has become a powerful tool for Ads due to its traffic over time.

Over 27% of Social media users have confirmed that they find new products, and brands via paid social ads.

Now let’s navigate through the below steps and know how to run Facebook ads and also 12 tips on Facebook Ad Conversions to enable you to get the best result with your ad campaigns.

What is Facebook Ads Conversion?

Facebook Ad Conversation is the interaction or activities that lead to purchase or signing up on your website or landing page after clicking on your Facebook ads based on how the campaign is programmed.

Facebook has added a lot of changes to its platform, which makes it now a useful tool for ads, this features also fascinate users.

This has made them improve ad display on the platform with some of the newly included features like reels and stories.

Other Interesting things about conversions

If you are planning on running social ads then, Facebook ads should be your first option as it has the best Conversion rate and ads-friendly budget, and organic reach which get you a lot of engagements.

Facebook has the best index metrics for social media marketers to help them track their ad conversions and have an end-to-end conversation with customers via their business pages.

Facebook conversions should be your top priority for your campaigns.

A good conversion rate is one of the best measures of success and the key to delivering strong ROI to interested people.

Conversions encourage driving actions perhaps the goal of a campaign is to increase newsletter subscriptions or for shoppers to wish list products, the endpoint is driving engagements to your ads.

Facebook ranks the number one social media platform for driving conversions, which makes creating effective Facebook Ads conversion very important.

To get an excellent Facebook Ads conversion, you will be required to understand these twelve 12 tips below to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions.

#1. Outline and Define your conversion goal

Prior to your Ads campaign, make sure you have decided the kind of action you want your viewers to perform on engaging your ads e.g. view content, add to wish list, initiate checkout, or purchase.

You can also customise conversion events if you have additional goals in mind for your ad campaigns.

One ads campaign can not give you all the intended conversion goals you have to run them separately to be able to achieve them and it should be done based on your ads audience’s behaviour.

#2. Make Your Landing Page Ready For Conversions

Before you start your ads campaign, your tools for conversion should be available, make sure that your landing page is ready, this is to enable people engaging your ads to get what they are looking for readily available.

Also indicate where you want your conversion to take place, making everything needed is kept in place to deliver a good campaign.

Tips on how to prepare a good landing page for conversion

  • Implement Pixel: After defining your conversion landing page, you are prompted to implement Facebook Pixel code to the landing page to be able to track the ads event.
  • Target Continuity: To have an awesome campaign, make sure you target continuity, fulfilling your Facebook ads campaign promise is paramount and could even keep some customers coming long after your campaign is over.

Don’t create doubts in their mind make your designs and text tell exactly what you offer.

  • Optimizing your Apps. Well, the aim of ads is to get outreach and engagements, a lot of social media users access their accounts via mobile devices so it is key to note that to have a good app download, register your app and integrate with Facebook SDK for optimum conversion result.
Optimizing Facebook Ads Tips
Image credit: Gfycat

#3. Create Attractive Visuals

To attract views to your ads, create eye-catching images for your conversion even, this increases the chances of ad engagement.

More impressions are gotten from eye-catching designs, this is a good driving tool for a good conversion rate use a few images too as well as little but large font sizes in your write-ups according to Facebook recommendation “sparingly in images” example Image Text Check.

  • Size to specification: low-res visuals reflect poorly on your brand, check out Hootsuite’s handy image size guide to make sure your assets meet the right size specifications.
  • Use GIFs or videos: Opt for movement over static imagery to catch users’ attention. Don’t forget to test vertical videos for mobile devices.

#4. Concise and Attractive Text

Short and concise text in ads gets better engagement, once you write bulky text, users may not even care to read through it.

Use personal pronouns in defining your campaigns, this suggests a relationship between brand and audience.  

  • Avoid Jargon use audience-friendly language, that will require further explanation, Jargon may discourage viewers’ engagement.
  • Keep your explanations brief, write a few sentences and cover just the subject matter. Use the Hemingway app to help you with this.

#5. Add A Direct Call-To-Action

Conversion aims to bring traffic and a powerful call-to-action is essential.

I always recommend you to use verbs like “How”, “Start”, “Discover”, “Find”, and “Claim” to entice users to visit a product page or learn about your product.

In a situation where you wish to get engagements for purchases or subscriptions, use phrases like “Buy now” or “Sign up “and avoid plenty of Jargon.

The goal is to keep things simple and clear.

#6. Broaden Or Enlarge your audience

To create a consistent engaging ad to target an expanding audience on Facebook, I will suggest and find users who behave similarly and have listed out their “interest targeting section.”

This gives a bigger optimum and potential result for your ads conversion.

You can also create Custom Audiences for those who have existing data like an email subscriber list, simply upload it to your Facebook for pre-existing users.

Get more Lookalike Audiences, which are new profiles that have specified profiles relating to your ads.

#7. Conversions Optimization

One of the effective ways of optimizing your conversion is by tuning the option, you can manually check for the “conversions” box on Facebook from the settings under the “Optimization for Delivery” section in the Budget and Schedule form.

Turning the conversion feature On has proven to have yielded results in the past time.

These ads results were tested by Save the Children and he used both conversion-optimized ads and traffic-optimized ads to know which of them would yield the optimum result.

After the trial period, the organization revealed that optimized ads for conversion generated traffic four times more than the one that was not optimized.

This is to ascertain that optimized conversion ads do better than non-optimized ads.

#8. Mind Your Ad format

Selecting the right ad format can be a key to a successful ad campaign, the right format can get more conversions.

Now take a look at these ad formats listed below and their display features.

  • Carousel and collection ads work best for businesses or products which have more than one item to display.
  • Facebook Offers this form of ads that serve best for the broadcast of business special deals and discounts. This feature can be used as a purchase incentive. Facebook normally reminds those who have engaged these ads to redeem their products.
  • Facebook Canvas: This form of ads is recommended mostly for high-impact visuals and based on their display on full screen.
How to See Your Cost per Conversion in Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad Conversion

#9. Track Conversion On Devices

If you have run ads, not minding where it is supposed to display, track your ads engagement, based on clicks, interaction via mobile or desktop.

Normally Facebook has recommended users install Facebook Software Development Kit on their mobile app which allows them to access your conversion data and optimize your target audience.

#10. Optimize For link Click

You have to be patient with facebook too because some ads don’t perform optimally during the first few days of placing them. This is because Facebook may not have enough data to suggest this ad and it delivers to profiles, this prompts that Facebook will need approximately 50 conversions per ad within the first seven days to effectively deliver this data.

To check for your conversion engagement,  check the Ads Manager for more of the data, so if you ascertain that your ad has gotten less than 50 conversions, Facebook has made it clear that users should optimize for link clicks instead of conversions clicks.

This way, you may be able to get more clicks that may convert to conversions.

#11. Use your conversion analytics as insights

To have better knowledge and change to the most suitable conversion formats, monitor your conversion engagements statics as your insight.

Understanding how your ads perform is crucial and strategic to your campaign goal. Facebook provides you with your entire campaign data to enable you to have a clear picture of what works and whatnot.

You can use this data to optimise your campaigns to increase your conversion rate.

#12. Run ReMarkting Campaigns

It may look like you have done everything to optimize your ads for more conversions but you can’t stop there, to continue getting more conversions to keep your business growing, you will have to run more ads.

The good thing here is that you won’t start afresh. This is because your initial ads have collected a lot of data, you will have to run retargeting or remarketing campaigns to target specific audiences that were previously interacted with your ads but could not make the final decision to convert.

Retarget them and get them to return to your website and do what is expected of them.


After reading this post, on how to improve your Facebook Ad conversions we hope you have gotten a better story and experience for the next campaigns.

As the last tip states, retargeting is powerful too that will enable you to increase your conversions. Use it effectively and boost your ad conversion.

Also, implementing some of these tips will greatly get your ad cost down and profit margins up. Ads are effective only when your return on ads spent (ROAS) is reasonable.

You are also welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section. Share your experience with the community.

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Louis Agoh

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