20 Great Ideas to Create an Engaging Social Media wall in 2022

Engaging Social Media
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The businesses that make it in the social media realm think and act like a BRAND. A brand is an image and personality that your business wears in the eyes of the market.

Everything you say and do online is a reflection of your brand and so the quality of your content will (in secret) say more about you than what you are actually saying.

Just like that clean-cut guy who turns up for the interview with an A1 record and then the employer takes a glance at his Facebook.

Here, his Facebook page will either drown him or give him wings to soar through the interview panel.

That is just a pinch of the power of your social media wall. As a business owner, you have to create and maintain an engaging social media wall in 2022 to be considered serious in your industry.

What is an engaging Social media wall and what ideas do you need to build it? If these questions are on your mind then you are reading the right article as I am about to uncover everything you need to know about Ideas to Create an engaging Social Media wall in 2022.

Engaging with your customers and prospects is the way to build a loyal customer base. For a marketer, there’s nothing difficult as struggling with a creative block, this article is created to break you from that prison.

Ideas to Create an Engaging Social Media wall

Leverage this huge list of Ideas to Create an Engaging Social Media wall in 2022. No matter where your audience is most active, you are sure to find something you haven’t shown them before.

Here we go.

#1. Share a Personal Story

your audiences are distracted, you need to call their attention with captivating personal stories.

No hooks grab a customer’s attention more than your personal stories filtering through their earbuds.

Their cat may be sick. They might have fought with their spouse. And their kids are not doing so well at school.

Plus emails, Facebook updates, an unending stream of calls from loan companies, and 24-hour news all compete for their attention.

In a pool of content, we have to work hard to stand out and arrest their straying attention.

Bringing them relevant content isn’t enough. That may work for big companies Like Apple with big budgets—they can buy their audience’s attention.

But as solo flyers, we have to be different.

By being ourselves, tell them our stories so they can connect with us as humans who go through their everyday experiences.

That’s how we create rapport and become friends with our customers.

And that’s why customers come back for more because we have bonded with them.

#2. Talk with your customers, don’t talk AT them

This is social media, and People are looking for stories and posts that they resonate with. If you are not wording your posts socially, you are closing the door for engagement.

When we discuss public speaking, the first thought that comes to mind is “them” and “us.” The public is the receiver and the speaker is the giver.

Under this arrangement, the audience members are onlookers and the speaker is the information presenter. This needs to change.

For our message to touch the minds and even the hearts of our target audience, we must allow real communication to happen between them and us.

By communication, I mean the act of listening to, knowing, sharing, and learning from each other.

The truth is the audience doesn’t only need to get us; we need to get them too. Only when we do this, can our content be fruitful and achieve the results we want to achieve with it.

Our message, brand, and experiences can hit the audience more successfully when we communicate with them not by talking to them. If we fail to do the former, our content has a greater risk of falling flat on our social media wall.

For instance:

Don’t take this path: I read a quote this morning, liked it, and wanted to share it with you.

Take this: Have you ever read a quote and thought to yourself, “Wow, I needed to hear that?” Well, I found one this morning that was so perfect, I had to pass it on to you.

It’s a difference in the way you talk with people. I promise you will see a difference in how people respond when you word things just a little differently.

#3. Go Behind the Scene

Go Behind the Scene
Music credit: Pixabay

Do you want to create an engaging wall in 2022 that humanizes your brand?

It can be tasking to open the curtains of your business and let people peep behind it to see what’s cooking there and how you cook your brand.

But I encourage you to consider it.

Why? Because an unedited look into what is happening inside your business enables people to see the human side of your brand, which builds trust and connection with them.

Show them, let them see

#1. Your company culture and values

#2. Your office and stores

#3. your team and work environment

#4. your excitement around events in your business

#4. Tell users to Sign Up On Your Email List

An email has continuously proven its worth as a marketing strategy. However, to get full use of the approach, you need to get users to sign up for your email list in the first place.

Let’s face it, getting users—a lot of users—to subscribe to a mailing list isn’t easy. With an enormous amount of emails already flooding our inboxes, urging users to sign up for even more emails is a growing challenge.

But you need to encourage them to do it because email marketing made possible through email lists is a powerful marketing strategy.

As annoying as those marketing emails might be to you if email marketing is done appropriately, you have some great impressive conversion rates to rake in from there.

#5. Remind Users To Buy Your Products

” It’s not your customer’s duty to remember to do business with you. You must remind them.”

Sounds simple, but so many businesses forget the importance of marketing to their existing and potential customers.

Reminding your customers and prospects about your products and business is crucial for your business’s long-term survival.

Whether you have an outstanding Spa business or a successful luxury brand, ensuring your customer is kept in the loop is crucial.

Even if you can not sell to them right there and then.

Consumers need to be frequently reminded that you do exist so that/when/if they are in the position to buy from you, they will be prepared and ready to make that purchase.

 #6. Go Live (with Live Videos)

Videos draw in some of the highest engagement across all social media platforms. It’s an interactive and enticing method to push content out and arrest the attention of your target audience, which improves SEO.

However, live video is a game-changer in the digital marketing space.

Live video has its perks for several reasons; your target audience can access valuable information as it is happening, and you can create a stronger rapport with your followers and reach a broader audience.

#7. Post a Sneak Peek of something coming soon

Post a Sneak Peek of something coming soon
Image credit: Pixabay

After working so hard to get everything about your new product in perfect shape, it’s time to launch it. However, you have been wondering how you can get the target audience excited about it.

Would you be able to make sales or even attract followers using the product?

Will your product launch bring the various social media networks to a standstill or will people just comment “wow” and move on with their lives?

Set the stage for your product, and make it tall and loud with a Sneak Peek of what is an about to enter the market.

For example, “Something new, big, and intriguing! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so stay in touch so you won’t miss out. Stay close to “BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!”

This strategy puts customers at the edges of their seats as they anticipate the “coming soon” product.

With a good “coming soon” page, you improve anticipation and people would look forward to the day you launch your product. 

Allowing your prospective customer to take a sneak peek at what you will offer and see how eager and excited they would become. Having a “coming soon” page is beyond doubt an effective web strategy that can truly benefit your product.

#8. Share a Blog Post You Wrote

Writing and publishing blog posts or articles on your website is crucial to generate qualified traffic and leads.

Publishing informational content on a site blog, Content is everywhere today. It’s insanely competitive.

Did you know that more than 70 million blog posts are published monthly?

If you are going to gain any genuine traction, you need to look beyond publishing content on your site.

Sharing your content on industry or social media platforms can also help it get seen by more people.

#9. Post a Testimonial From a Client

Sharing customer testimonials on your social media wall is a great way to build credibility and trust with your followers while improving the likelihood that potential customers will choose you over your competitors.

 Sharing customer reviews on social media walls provide a form of “social proof” that you own a credible, authoritative and successful business.

Sharing customer testimonials on social can help you establish trust and earn more traffic, leads, and customers.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: you are looking for a professional, trustworthy real estate agent to sell the house you have owned for 10 years.

Are you going to trust a real estate agent that has zero posted reviews, or are you going to trust a different real estate company that has 25 positive reviews on their wall? It’s a no-brainer, we both got the answer correctly.

#10. Re-Share Some Older Content

Publishing a piece of content and then doing so little with it afterward means you are missing out on most of the traffic and conversions it could generate.

It’s like the content version of purchasing a piece of clothing and wearing it once and then it ends up in the trash bin.

Given that we are getting not so much mileage out of the content we publish, is it any wonder so many marketers struggle with getting a positive return on investment from their content marketing even if they can measure it?

If we can draw in more mileage out of all the big-budget content we create, ROI has to go up.

In other words, re-sharing your content will improve your entire content marketing program’s ROI.

#11. Share Experiences of Some Personal Wins or Results

Sharing individual, smaller wins both personal and professional can lead to happier employees, more effective managers, and eventually a more successful sales organization.

We all know that sharing and celebrating success is a great thing. It boosts morale, reinforces company culture, and helps to retain highly motivated and satisfied employees.

For vendors operating in a fast-paced environment dictated by sales cycles and accentuated by the excitement of deals won, sharing success is key.

#12. Showcase Your Branded Content On Social Wall

All brands want to distribute information regarding their products to the maximum number of people in the minimum given time.

Displaying branded content through social media walls will help your brands to achieve that objective.

Connect your Twitter profile feeds, Facebook page, and Instagram to a live social media wall and keep updated your audience with your latest and official news, notification, and promotions.

#13. Post Motivational Monday

There is no way around a Monday only through it. After a long yet short, relaxing weekend, waking up on a Monday morning to a blaring alarm can be a task, especially if you are not a morning person.

But Mondays don’t have to be all that bad, use them to motivate your followers on your social media wall.

Encourage them to see it as a fresh start and the perfect day of the week to seek out new opportunities.

From funny Monday quotes to ones that are filled with positive takes on the first day of the week, these quotes will get your followers pumped for the week ahead instead of dreading it.

And this will keep them returning to your page every Monday to get the push to go through Mondays.

#14. Post a Throwback Thursday

You have probably seen #TBT or Throwback Thursday before.

Maybe it was an awkward yearbook photo from a high school friend.

Maybe it was an Instagram post from your mom about that vacation you took 6 months ago.

Maybe it was even just a tweet about an awesome house party that happened last year.

TBT is an incredibly popular hashtag used by basically everyone, your aunt, influencers, celebrities, boss, and first ladies.

You should try this effective method to pull engagement to your social media wall.

#15. Post a Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday
Image credit: Pixabay

If you spend any amount of time on social media you have probably heard of a very popular social sharing trend Flashback Friday.

Social media users, bloggers, and even brands will post some type of content from the past, and then they will tag it  #FlashbackFriday or #FBF.

The word “flashback,” actually has two meanings: a part of a story or movie that describes or reveals something that happened in the past, or a sharp memory of a past event that comes suddenly into a person’s mind.

This technique is a great way to keep your audience engaged and glued to your social wall.

#16. Remind People Who You Are, How You Got Started

Take your followers on a journey back to where you started, the hurdles you encountered, and how you broke through the fence to where you are today.

When you take people on this worthy journey, they tend to connect with you better and stay fixed and engaged to your Social media wall.

#17. Ask a question

Looking to enhance your social media engagement? then utilize this great tip.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have changed our lives, but it has also changed the way that we get our small businesses out there and how we engage with people.

Years ago, it was much easier to gain visibility on social media. You created a profile, posted some piece of content to it, and your followers could see it when they logged in.

Now that social media has grown, it seems like you have to follow ever-changing expert advice, keep up with constantly changing social media algorithms, and always take useful advice, in this case, asking thought-provoking questions on your social media wall is a great way to engage your audience.

#18. Create engaging and effective social media content

You should already know that it’s important to have a social media presence with fresh, engaging content.

And you know that effective social content can drive traffic to your social media wall.

You can create captivating social media content without sacrificing your sanity, or spending your whole marketing budget, all you need is the mindset to create quality.

#19. Be a Storyteller

People flourish on stories, especially ones that move them.

It’s easy to tell a person how great your brand or product is. However, there it is easier for them to connect with you when you show them the product in action.

Create a relatable character who echoes with your audience, introduce their conflict, and show the audience how the character found a solution.

Storytelling can be included on all social media walls. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram permit for more lengthy storytelling, while Twitter has a sterner character limit.

#20. Use Hashtags Properly

Too many hashtags or hashtags that aren’t relevant can lessen the likelihood of engagement and mess with social media content strategy.

When using a phrase as a hashtag, you spell it out clearly without spaces, such as #usinghashtags.

It can incorporate numbers but not symbols or punctuation.

The hashtag can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of your social media post and it allows what you have written to be indexed by the social media network.

With this strategy, people who are not even your followers can still find your content.


Make your social media wall the go-to place for your followers by creating content that people value. Content that resonates with your audience.

I hope this idea to create an engaging social media wall as carefully outlined in this article magnets your audience to your social media wall all day, all week.

These ideas can help you change the way you create, and publish content on your social media wall.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba has over 11 years of digital marketing and specifically focuses on paid advertising on social media and search engines. He loves tech and kin in learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He consults on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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