Media Marketing Guide For Online Businesses

Media Marketing
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Media Marketing is a wide range of channels aimed at promotion. Brands use various marketing media to communicate their message to potential customers.

The right media help companies increase sales and build long-lasting relationships with their target audience.

Media marketing plays a pivotal role in business and marketing for brands. Many brands offer products and services to customers, however, every customer can’t know about every brand or product out there in the market.

This is why brands do marketing and leverage media to reach customers and boost their market share.

Depending upon the customer demographics, marketing budget, targets of the brand, marketing objectives, etc., brands can choose the type of media they want and they can do a marketing campaign.

This helps to create a buzz about the product while building a strong brand for the company

Using all media channels in marketing is often referred to as integrated marketing communications and supports building a brand using 360 Degree branding.

What is Media Marketing?

Media marketing is a process used in paid advertising efforts. The goal is to identify and purchase advertising space on platforms that are relevant to the target audience at the optimal period, for the least amount of money.

Media marketing is a process relevant to both traditional marketing platforms  (television, print, and radio) and digital platforms(social media, websites,  streaming).

 When done effectively, media marketers achieve maximum exposure among their target market for the least amount of dollars spent.

The key to an efficient marketing campaign is more than just a catchy slogan put in front of your target audience on repeat.

To build campaigns that drive advertising ROI, your team will need to have a strong, resonating message that can make its way to your audience at the right time and for the right price through a particular medium of communication.

Why is Media Marketing Important?

Marketing in the media is crucial for every brand. Each channel is an intermediary between a brand and its customers.

Finding a perfect channel helps brands to present their product successfully, communicate their value, and maintain trustworthy relationships with the target audience.

With the correct channel and well-thought-out marketing message, businesses build brand awareness, create buzz around their product, showcase the benefits of their products, increase their sales volume and return on investment (ROI), and collect customers’ personal information that enables them to create highly relevant and personalized offers.

To achieve these goals, you need to choose the best platform or a mix for your brand. So, let’s discover the types of media for marketing.

Types of Media marketing

The Types of Digital Media Marketing and How to Use Them

Strengthening a brand, Creating content, and generating engagement are some of the key objectives of Digital Marketing.

To achieve all of this, you need to make your brand and product appear everywhere. To do that, knowing the types of Digital marketing is crucial.

With this knowledge, brands are much more likely to communicate better with their target audience. More than that, those brands expand their operations, reaching more potential buyers through different channels. Below are the three digital media types to use in your marketing known as POEM (paid, owned, and earned media)

#1. Paid Media

Paid media as the name says, is a form of media marketing where money is paid to get a brand in front of the eyeballs of the market.

Paid media is that part of advertising and marketing that requires the purchase of advertising space to promote a brand to wider audiences.

Brands pay for content promotion to spread their message to the target audiences, at scale. Paid media is part of a brand’s strategy to increase online store and website traffic, sales, and conversions through clicks, and ultimately boost revenue.

A necessary component of a digital strategy for brand awareness and revenue growth is media. Media functions as the channel and or wings that carry the brand message and promote your business.

Sponsored content through paid media allows brands to promote ideas, products, and services to their potential customers and customers.

Through paid marketing, marketers can also reach buyers that are actively looking for similar services. Paid media marketing includes pay-per-click ads, pop-up ads, social media ads, display ads, video ads, retargeting, and more.

#2. Owned Media

As the name suggests, it is the placement of your brand product on media channels that are owned and operated by your business.

This includes your websites, emails, blogs, and all other assets and owned resources.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing owned media is that you have full creative control over your ads. You can format and design the content however you want, and you can post whatever you think will be most appealing to your customers.

Additionally, you can shoot your messaging specifically to your target market, which can be a huge benefit of owned media over other types of media.

#3. Earned Media

 Also known as free media, it is the space your brand receives due to credibility, recognition, and word of mouth.

It is the organic publicity you earn without having to purchase ad space. This includes social media recognition, press mentions, content contributions by influencers, search rankings achieved through search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

We have all participated in earned media at different times. If you have ever posted about the perfume you just bought or retweeted a brand’s hilarious meme, that was earned media (publicity) for the brand.

Of course, you don’t just randomly make posts about brands. Something has to happen to inspire you to share like a product is of high quality or a blog article is super informative, to push you to post or reshare.

Earned media is a very effective form of content marketing and is also the hardest media type to get but it is worth a lot.

Consumers trust family and friends for recommendations, online review websites, and unpaid social media influencer posts.

All of these are earned media and are powerful in building your brand’s reputation.

In all three types of Digital Media marketing, there are good strategies to execute, bringing the anticipated results in brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Media Marketing
Image credit: Pixabay

What are the Benefits of Media in Marketing?

Embracing media is essential for any brand hoping to succeed in the digital marketing age. The benefits of including it in a particular brand`s marketing strategy include the following.

#1. Boosts Brand Awareness

Digital-age consumers see the online marketplace as more than just a convenience. It’s also a vital part of how they make purchasing decisions and research products.

Branded digital media distributed across social media platforms and elsewhere online helps your target audience become better aware of your brand.

Digital media marketing is turning out to be one of the most popular ways to boost brand awareness.

#2. Sparks Social Interaction

Digital media have made it possible for people, brands, and colleagues to easily connect no matter where in the world they happen to be located.

Brands have a great opportunity to connect and sustain relationships with their customers, as well.

Leveraging media marketing as part of your marketing strategy allows your customers to interact with your brand in a fun, personal way.

It’s also an incredible way to build and sustain a community around your brand.

#3. Aids Productivity

Taking your marketing campaign into the digital media arena even facilitates greater productivity for your team.

Digital insight is easier to access and work with, especially from different locations. Tasks get done more quickly and smoothly, allowing brands to meet their goals faster.

#4. Supports Accuracy

When a brand limits its marketing efforts to traditional media like television spots or print ads, it’s difficult to modify or add to the information if needed.

And there is always the possibility that presented information could be stale by the time it reaches audiences.

Digital media, on the other hand, can regularly be easily and instantly edited, modified, and updated.


Human beings thrive on connection; we crave it, we survive on it and both marketers and consumers depend on this connection to meet their ends.

In the marketing world, media is the bridge that links both the product and the consumer.

Media marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries if leveraged appropriately. Media marketing is used to achieve brand awareness, increased sales, and Spark Social Interaction.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba has over 11 years of digital marketing and specifically focuses on paid advertising on social media and search engines. He loves tech and kin in learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He consults on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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