5 tools You Need to Create Content for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing campaign
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An effective content marketing campaign revolves around high-quality content. Through the right content marketing strategy, businesses build a strong trust in their audience while also establishing themselves as an expert in their niche.

Undoubtedly, around 93% of web marketers emphasize creating valuable content to engage a broader audience, establishing a solid digital presence, and driving more sales.

To run a winning content marketing strategy, some talented brains and the right tech stack never fail to produce fantastic results in the digital marketing industry. However, there are certain online content marketing tools available that make the job a lot easier, less time-consuming, and much better. And we are always on the hunt for making our tasks easier, right?

Read this article to the end to explore five tools to create content for your content marketing campaign.

Before that, let’s just understand what a content marketing campaign actually is.

What is a Content Marketing Campaign?

The content marketing campaign is a strategy to create valuable content for online visitors to turn them into customers. You can create valuable content in the form of blog posts, articles, guest posts, newsletters, emails, and more.

A perfect content marketing strategy reflects the business expertise and makes sure to provide all the customers with the right and relevant information on their searched queries.

High-quality and informational content establishes a long-lasting and nurturing relationship between businesses and their customers.

When you make your customers think that you actually value them and try to put their needs on priority, they tend to choose you among the rivals which ultimately expands your audience.

Check out the following stats that show the importance of a solid content marketing campaign.

  • 82 percent of digital marketers invest in content marketing strategy.
  • 42 percent of marketers say content marketing works wonders for them.
  • 60 percent of digital marketers believe that content marketing campaigns generate leads.

5 Best Content Marketing Tools That Help in Creating Excellent Content

Among countless content marketing tools, we have handpicked these five tools that will help you create content for your marketing plan.

So, let’s dive in straight.

1.    Google Docs

Great content is the fuel for your content marketing campaign and for creating and editing content, you always need a notepad. Google Docs is a great tool for content writers to compose content and collaborate with other writers or editors.

Google Docs is a must-have tool for all writers out there who use some kind of word processor such as Microsoft word. Well, it is an advanced version of an offline MS word processor that saves your document file for a lifetime on the cloud or Google Drive.

What we love about this tool is that it is absolutely free to use just by signing in with your Google account.

Google Docs

Speaking of facts, there is no content writer or content marketer that doesn’t use Google Docs for writing and drafting their articles and blog posts.

The amazing utility lets its users collaborate with others via direct sharing the document link with them. It also allows you to control access for the people you share the document with and see their comments and suggestions.

If you haven’t started using it yet, try this out and enjoy its ubiquitous and easy-to-use interface.  There are no reasons to not use this amazing tool.

Best Features of Google Docs

  • Built-in grammar checker proofreads your text
  • Translates text in any language
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Allows access to the broader online dictionary
  • Features OCR technology
  • Shows word and character count
  • Extract data from Google directly

2.    Ahrefs

Use Ahrefs as a complete keyword research tool for your content marketing strategy. Ahrefs is an SEO platform that handles the most in-depth SEO projects to take your business to an elevated level on SERPs.

We encourage you to use its keyword research tool to track the performance of your keywords on search engines, keeping an eye on competitors’ keywords and, of course, the website traffic.

Not just that, there are so many surprising and outstanding features of Ahrefs such as a site analyser and content explorer that skims the top-performing websites and content results.

It will also allow you to keep an eye on your progress against the competition using scheduled email reports.

Best Features of Ahrefs

  • Tracks search traffic of competitors
  • Inspect web pages that drive more traffic to competitor’s websites
  • Helps you know what people are searching for
  • Estimates the ranking difficulty for particular keywords
  • Tracks the backlinks
  • Monitors ranking progress over time against particular keywords
  • Explore gaps in your content marketing strategy

3.    Grammarly

Being a content marketer, it’s your responsibility to provide clear, comprehensive, and error-free content for your marketing campaign. Grammarly is a great proofreading tool to detect grammatical and spelling errors in documents before publication.

Grammarly is a famous tool that works across multiple platforms due to its free and easy-to-use browser extensions. This editing and proofreading tool has changed the game for many content marketers.

No matter how much you focus on content details, there are always some chances that some grammar errors litter your whole article. This is where an excellent grammar checker like Grammarly comes in handy.

Whether you use its free extension or a web-based tool, it will scan your writing and make sure it has no mistakes left out.

Best Features of Grammarly

  • Real-time grammar checker
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to understand suggestions
  • Pretty simple to use
  • Get free access anywhere anytime

4.    Paraphraser

Most content marketers prefer professional writers to write the content for their business websites. They take it as a successful way to reach the hearts of the customers because the better content you create; the more audience it attracts.

But there are times when you just cannot afford to hire expensive content writers.

You can use Paraphaser.io to create the content for your website as you can rephrase the existed text using state-of-the-art technology without changing the actual meaning of the original text.

The paraphrasing tool also offers a great service in order to avoid similarity issues in your existing content. Try out its different rephrasing modes and see how you can rewrite one idea in different ways with the same perspective. 

The platform offers free rephrasing with simple clicks and readable results that ensure your success in content marketing campaigns too. However, there are some limitations that you have to deal with when using the free version.

Best Features of Paraphraser

  • AI-powered paraphraser
  • Multiple rephrasing modes
  • Excellent readability in results
  • Does not alter the original meaning
  • Free to start

5.    Check-Plagiarism

You don’t stand a chance to be successful as a content marketer if your website content is duplicated or has similarities with other websites.

Creating content in your specific niche that has a high percentage of uniqueness as well as originality is one of the challenging parts of a content writer’s job.

Check plagiarism is one of the best free tools to detect plagiarism in your documents.

After thoroughly analysing the text, it lets you see the percentage of unique and plagiarized text side by side. It’s not only great for plagiarism detection, but you will find other writing assistants tools such as text summarizer, grammar checker, and citation generator.

Best Features of Check Plagiarism

  • Detects plagiarism in text
  • Easy to understand plagiarism report
  • Copy paste or upload the text files
  • Downloadable plagiarism reports
  • Fast results
  • Its citation generator helps remove the plagiarism
  • WordPress plugin available

Wrap Up

To make your content strategy work for you in real-time, content marketing tools play a great role. Content is the king that can either make or break your digital presence.

No matter how expert we get at marketing skills, we always need some help to perform even better. These five tools serve as a foundation for creating top-notch content for your content marketing campaigns.

These tools can help you succeed in all your digital marketing tactics, develop strong relationships, and expand your reach to potential customers.  So, incorporate these tools to create your web content but remember there is no tool that can handle your complete content marketing strategy single-handedly.

Tools only guide you to take a safer path to reach your target without overburdening yourself.

If you are seeking some help in creating excellent content for your content marketing plan, please look no further than these five amazing tools.

So, without a second thought, try these tools out and see how they can work for your content.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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