Best 16 Indian ad networks for publishers

Indian ad networks
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For many publishers in India, AdSense and other giant ad networks such as are the most preferred ad networks to monetize their traffic.

However, the majority of their applications are not approved because of one reason or the other.

Most of the publishers don’t know that several Indian Ad networks could be preferred compared to Adsense and others.

Because we care about your monetization, we decided to bring you the list of India’s best monetization channels accepting Indian publishers.

Stay tuned and read till the end to make the best choices.

Here are some of the best Ad Networks to monetize your traffic within India. Although some of these ad networks are not based in India highly welcome and accept Indian publishers.

#1. AdsTargets

Though AdsTargets is not based in India but has a significant presence in India, It works will Indian publishers allowing them to maximize their ad revenue on both websites and mobile Apps.

AdsTargets offers publishers in India a unique way of monetizing their traffic while earning the maximum amounts they can earn just like AdSense.

The threshold here is just $25, it allows for withdrawals every day as soon as you have the minimum withdrawer requirement. We pay our publishers through PayPal and wire transfers.

AdsTargets Ad Network for Indian publishers

Another great benefit of monetizing your traffic with AdsTragets is the multiple ad formats to suit your desire. Take a look at all our ad formats.

#2. SVG Media

SVG Media was founded in India in 2006 and is known to be one of the largest and most promising Indian ad networks plus online media networks with a global reach of over 33 million unique cumulative users, representing approximately 60% of India’s Web audience.

It offers publishers all media types to suit their publishing needs. Some of their media examples are, Product Listing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Dynamic Re-Targeting, Video and Native Ads, and Social.

Today, SVG Media is present in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

#3. Affle

Incorporated in 2005, Affle (India) Limited is a mobile marketing company offering Consumer and Enterprise Platforms.

The platform is designed to minimize digital advertising fraud, help user privacy expectations, and enhance the return on marketing costs by delivering mobile ads.

The consumer platform mainly provides the following services:

1. New consumer sales (acquisitions, investments, purchases) through specific mobile advertising;

2. Retargeting current customers to full payments of e-commerce businesses via relevant mobile advertising.

3. Online to offline (O2O) network that turns online customer interaction into in-store walk-ins.

#4. adChakra

Adchakra platform-wide Unified Online Ad product that can support online, phone, and other digital media ads with real-time lead and affiliate sales optimization. It is based in India with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. 

Adchakra is one of the country’s leading advertising networks to focus on channel-based optimization campaigns.

Adchakra utilizes its in-house technology platform and strong partnerships with top companies to deliver campaign solutions to advertisers that deliver impressive results.

#5. Collectcent

The collection is one of the top companies from India that deliver mobile ads that are created to be compatible with all mobile screens, delivering and monetizing millions of impressions a day.

They also developed self-learning algorithms in a big data setting that can target users who are more likely to be interested, tap, and purchase.

Their fraud identification algorithms can also be used to differentiate between actual and bot traffic. Using this method, Collectcent disables the traffic of the bot before it enters the network.

#6. is powered by Yahoo and Bing and controls a reasonable amount of the advertising industry. has one of the most advanced advertising technologies, it is one of the leading contextual advertising and monetizing platform in the market today. Adsense alternative ad network

the company has grown to employ over 1300 employees according to the latest figures shown on their About page. Their operations spread through America mostly the USA and Canada, Asia, and Europe.

However, their traffic distribution by Ad Spend/Revenues in 2018 mostly comes from the USA with 90%, 5% in the UK and Canada while the rest of the world takes the last 5%. Of these, mobile takes 62% and desktop 32% by devices. net is known for contextual ads, Native Ads which they run on desktop and mobile devices, they also run banner Ads, and Interstitials also known as full-screen Ads. Their inventory is very similar to Google Adsense and AdMob which make it an Adsense alternative Ad network for publishers. Payment threshold is also $100 similar to Google Adsense. These similarities make a top Adsense alternative ad network for publishers around the world.

In general, has almost everything you can get from Google Adsense.

Most publishers are okay with their payment terms and they usually pay through Paypal and Wire-transfers while Google AdSense does not use Paypal at all in paying publishers.

Since the company was started by an Indian and also used by a lot of Indian publishers, I think is fair to include it among Indian ad networks.

#7. Seventynine

Seventy-nine is one of the SVG Media Company. It is a major mobile advertising software and monetization company providing a wide range of products and services for online publishers to increase their advertising revenues and also performance-driven advertisers who aim to reach, connect and transform the right audience.

It is focused on providing the best-in-class advertising solutions with revolutionary marketing formats, placements, targeting & monitoring techniques as well as in-depth audience insights.

#8. Adson Media

Adsonmedia is a professional ad network focusing on online advertising services. 

Their strategies provide industry-leading platform-wide transparency that reveals unique and important insights into campaign results, placement, performance, and expense.

Through innovative ad management systems and an excellent customer service experience, they help online advertisers, media companies and brand marketers achieve their goals efficiently.

Adsonmedia offers integrated strategies for premium publishers to produce maximum revenue from their stock that is unsold or not guaranteed.

#9. ADAttract

ADAttract is a CPA Affiliate Network that offers online marketing-based performance to marketers and publishers

It offers creative advertising styles such as full-screen, vertical, or in-feed video and native advertising. ADAttract was developed with a strategy to provide top-level experience and incomparable affiliate support to marketers and their publishers.

Their CPA Affiliate Network uses a stringent advertiser endorsement system and a dedicated team of affiliate record managers allows their members to check deals across a variety of media platforms and may offer different monitoring techniques.

#10. Tyroo

Tyroo was founded in 2006 and is based in New Delhi. 

Nowadays, Tyroo is one of the top three customer acquisition channels for e-commerce, travel, BFSI and online business. Tyroo provides solutions such as Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Download, Retargeting, Pay Per Call, and Mobile Performance Marketing.

Tyroo has grown to be one of the largest multi-screen performance networks in India with over 90 million hits from different visitors every month. They deliver over 20 billion+ ads every month to consumers across 15 focus markets.

They have a physical presence across Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore, and expanding across the world.

#11. XapAds

Xapads is a programmatic advertising network that provides a platform for self-service monetization and integrated RTB solutions. 

There are many companies on the market offering digital marketing products, but Xapads is the first exclusive digital marketing agency to cater to the offerings of online display ads and online video ads.

Xapads Digital Advertising Company provides studies and strategic planning related to competition in the marketplace. 

The company has offices in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, India, and has offices in Singapore and the United States. It draws 65% of its income from abroad.

#12. Adgebra

Adgebra was founded in 2013, and this is a native ad platform that delivers local advertising with high impact. 

Currently, Adgebra reaches an audience of up to 250 mm and serves 5 billion monthly impressions in over 10 Indian local languages including English.

Adgebra is one of India’s fastest-growing native CPM ad networks and provides its publishers with an interactive payout.

The ad network allows publishers to monetize their blogs and websites with local material that are otherwise rejected by AdSense and other display ad networks.

Adgebra offers: CMP Payments, Innovative Mobile Ad units, Time Integration, Audience Data Exchange, Real-Time Reports, and Personalized Content Recommendation

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

#13. Pubmatic

Rajeev and Amar Goel formed PubMatic together with Anand Das and Mukul Kumar in 2006. Since then, PubMatic has consistently been the first to market products, services and systems for publishers that have changed the industry.

The PubMatic system empowers individual app developers and publishers to monitor and optimize their digital advertising business.

The Publisher-centric strategy of PubMatic allows marketers to optimize ROI by targeting and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, exclusive environments through media forms and platforms.

#14. Komli

Komli Media is a digital technology platform offering display, mobile, video, search and data-related solutions. The company provides a network platform of strategies for lead acquisition, targeting audiences, rich media, online audience measurement and brand impact measurements. 

Komli has concentrated on upgrading the software for the next few years, introducing digital and video advertising products to its portfolio. 

In India, digital marketing opportunities rose from less than $50 million, when Komli was founded, to about $500 million this year, according to industry estimates. Goel says that Komli is the largest independent player in his space.

#15. Exponential 

The Exponential Business Tribal Fusion offers multiple advertising solutions for advertisers and revenue opportunities for publishers. 

The cost-per-thousand (CPM) network of Tribal Fusion provides personalized placements across 1,000 high-quality locations to premium brand advertisers.

More than 70% of campaigns are targeted or adjusted to the needs of advertisers. Tribal Fusion provides site-specific and exclusive placements, audience targeting, user targeting, geotargeting, and daypart marketing and tandem advertisement.

#16. InMobi

InMobi is an Indian worldwide provider of business platforms for marketers. It develops an advertisement that serves an algorithm that helps to optimize the ranking of advertisements on mobile phones.

They have recently acquired a mobile-rich media company, Sprout, which allows them to offer premium mobile ads as well as an enormous amount of additional inventories. InMobi also provides marketers and publishers with access to near-real-time reports to track ad campaign quality and website monetization status.

As the leading technology company founded in 2007, InMobi was recognized as the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 company and the 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies.


If you are in India and have used any of the above Indian ad networks, Please share your experience with us in the comment section. Let us know your favorite and reasons.

I believe most of these will work just fine for many Indian publishers both new and established publishers. The trick to choosing the best Ad network is to test as many Ad networks as possible and see which one works best for you and possibly in your region.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

Founder at AdsTargets | Online advertising expert | Search engine optimisation expert | Social media marketing expert.Eugene is a Passionate writer on topics relating to online advertising, branding and generally interested in creating digital marketing content. He is curious about the future of digital advertising.Follow Eugene on LinkedIn @ eugeneagoh

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  1. Great eaning within a short period of time and withdrawal was faster and easier more than I thought. I was almost discouraged after seen a negative comment somewhere about this network but after trying for a few months am very happy and will stick here forever.
    Thanks for accepting Indian publishers cause we really need trustworthy ad networks like this. Indian publishers have so much un-monetised traffic and I’m sure you can make a lot with Indian publishers

    1. Hey James,
      Thanks for your comment/review.
      You are most welcome and we are happy to have Indian publishers here at AdsTargets.
      We don’t tolerate any form of malpractice and when people sign up with the intention to cheat the system, they are blocked and that’s why you have few bad guys living negative reviews but our genuine publishers are happy with us and we are very pleased to have them here.
      Welcome to the family 🙂

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