TikTok Ads Examples: Boost TikTok Ads From These examples

TikTok Ads Examples
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That you opened to reading this article means that you have read about Tiktok advertising on our page or anywhere else and now you want to learn Tiktok ads examples.

You are following the learning curve rightly, I mean it’s just as important to see how other brands are utilizing TikTok ads.

This will inspire in you with a few ideas on how to run your campaign.

In today’s article, I’m going to go over the best Tiktok ad examples around and how you can apply them to set your ads apart from your competitors.

Check out these awesome examples of brands that launched brilliant advertising campaigns on TikTok, Let’s go.

Powerful Tiktok Ads Examples

These examples come with a lot of inspiration and takeaways for anyone, whether you are a seasoned expert or just learning how to advertise on Tiktok.

#1. Chipotle

Chipotle has been governing the TikTok platform with highly creative and pleasurable video content.

It also nailed its influencer advertising campaign to promote its annual “Boorito” offer for Halloween.

The brand roped in top influencers known for their creativity such as Zach King and Brittany Broski just to score its advertising goal.

#2. Kroger

Kroger was among the first brand to test out the TikTok “Hashtag Challenge Plus” feature.

This allowed TikTok users to shop right there on the app for Kroger products tagged with the campaign hashtag.

This not only motivated user participation and brand visibility but also improved user experience by offering a smooth shopping functionality.

#3. Smyth Jewelers

Another eCommerce brand that has drawn a lot of benefits driving awareness with TikTok In-Feed ads is the jewelry store Smyth Jewelers.

Smyth Jewelers is a hundred-year-old brand that leaned on the shoulders of TikTok to reach new, younger customers.

They grew their organic presence on the platform to about 19k followers but wanted to boost awareness for their wedding and engagement rings on TikTok.

Leveraging their content, they ran In-Feed traffic campaigns to reach and drive new viewers to their TikTok wall, bidding just $40/day in budget.

#4. Clearly

Clearly is a Canadian-based eyewear online store with a popular giveback program that has donated 570k pairs of glasses so far.

Selling contact lenses, sunglasses online, and prescription glasses, and, they leaned heavily on the shoulders of TikTok to drive more brand awareness and consideration with a formerly untapped demographic.

One such campaign has had tremendous success, generating over 20 million views.

#5. Experian

Experian launched an in-feed TikTok ad that’s elementary to understand. It displayed a simple text conversation between two friends to spotlight the benefits of Experian Boost for your credit score.

It came complete with a “Download” button. Everything about this ad is great because it puts directness and clarity at the center of the play.

#6. Amazon SG

Amazon SG

Amazon SG Leverages the Joy of unboxing with a branded hashtag and branded effect TikTok campaigns to improve engagement.

To drive awareness of Amazon Prime Day in Singapore, Amazon SG used TikTok as a bargaining chip for the unboxing experience to create a viral online campaign.

Creating the #UnboxAmazonPrimeSG campaign, Amazon SG stirred TikTok users to share their reactions when unboxing their Amazon package while offering prospective customers a chance to win a S$50 Amazon SG gift card.

#7. IHOP

 International House of Pancakes (IHOP) used TikTok ads to target millennials and generate buzz about its limited-duration offers.

For a short period, it rebranded as the “International Haunted House of Pancakes” for its Halloween 2021 campaign, promoting “Scary Face” pancakes and other hair-raising menu items.

#8. eBay


Online marketplace giant eBay is a household platform for sourcing popular and scarce sneakers.

However, they wanted to build more awareness among younger audiences, positioning themselves as the turn-to for kicks.

Launching a custom song, this campaign inspired TikTok users to lace up in their favorite kicks and show them off with rare dance moves.

While leveraging Branded Hashtag Challenge TikTok ad campaign, LaceEmUp, to celebrate the link between sneaker culture, music, and dance, they also collaborated with top TikTok creators and used In-Feed Ads to boost reach.

#9. Partymachines

Partymachines started using TikTok marketing in 2019 to grow its reach and generate more B2B sales of its foam-generating machines. (Entrepreneurs who buy the machines can then hire them out to local customers.).

One of the brand`s initiatives was to use Spark Ads to find popular content featuring their product.

In at least one video, the brand added a voiceover about their product and invited users to comment about how they would make use of a Partymachine.

Thanks to Shopify’s inclusion, TikTok users could click on the video, land on the Partymachines website, and buy the product.

#10. Kooapps

Kooapps wanted to boost awareness of its mobile game “Snake.io” and drive installs in the United States.

Here is what it think tank team did, It found two TikTok users who had created content showing how the game is played and collaborated with them to produce Spark Ads.

Within two weeks of putting the campaign up, Snake.io app installs surged by 67% among US users.


There is no doubt that TikTok is fast taking a commanding place on the table where other successful social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram are seated, and their eCommerce-specific features are swelling quickly.

The trick to the success of these ad campaigns lies in one major element: the originality of the platform.

Each of these ad campaigns tapped into the soul of TikTok’s platform and users, working with it to drive engagement, rather than against it, something that, unfortunately, a lot of businesses do with social media marketing.

With more than a billion monthly active users and three billion installs, TikTok surpassed Twitter, Telegram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Snapchat in monthly active users in 2021 and is still expanding quickly and on the heels of Instagram Reels and Stories.

Therefore, when it comes to building a booming marketing strategy for eCommerce retailers, there is no doubt, serious eCommerce brands should be adding TikTok ads for eCommerce to their marketing campaigns.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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