15 Twitter Ads Examples To Copy For Your Next Campaign

Twitter Ads Examples
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Bring your organization to the present and be sure that you are walking it into the future when you leverage Twitter for your next ads campaign.

Trends are the Talk of the town and Twitter trends often surprise us a lot. In other words, Brands create a buzz on Twitter often and often and often making the audience feel their presence.

That’s why the platform has continued to have advertisers pushing and shoving to get ad space on Twitter.

The platform promotes its trending topics heavily on both its website and its mobile apps; the appeal of promoted trends is that they spark discussion among consumers to enhance the brand’s image.

They also allow advertisers to drive Twitter users to their websites (via links) and amass new Twitter followers.

This gives the advertiser a direct communication channel with the Twitter user as a follower of their brand.

The platform doesn’t run boring display advertising with big banners, Twitter ads examples are catchy, making ads feel unobtrusive and part of the system.

In this article, I will walk you through a list of brands from different niches leveraging the platform. This list contains the catchiest Twitter ads examples.

Twitter Ads Examples

#1. Coca-Cola

In this Twitter ad example, Coke makes twitter a bit more personal as it launches a new Twitter ad calling out viewers by their name.

Coke uses Twitter to encourage viewers to take part in the “Share a Coke” campaign by buying bottles with their names on them.

For example, the user receives a Tweet in his feed that is addressed to him with “Hey Kelly#ShareACoke is back!” and directly suggests ordering a personalized Coke bottle.

Great hook, right?

Coke’s Promoted Tweets are promoting the main “Share a Coke” campaign by directly interacting with the consumers, while the campaign itself represents a more personal connection between the brand and the customers.

Takeaway: Sending a personalized message to someone is like giving them a suit already tailored for them. They fit into it more.

Coke bottles In Ads

#2. Volkswagen Jetta

In this Twitter ad example, Volkswagen Jetta takes advantage of the platform to run a Fun and quirky ad campaign.

In the said ad, Grey Digital designed a social media campaign, wherein popularizing the ‘#anything4jetta’ hashtag on Twitter became one of the major parts of the campaign.

The hashtag remained the top trending topic on Twitter India for two days, users needed to post a madcap and catchy tweet on what they would do to win the all-new Jetta.

And with a unique call-to-tweet system, Followers were also encouraged to upload their photos and videos showing what they can do to win the all-new Jetta

Twitter users around the country flocked to the hashtag, posting catchy one-liners, embarrassing pictures, and hilarious videos.

For this tall performance, @volkswagenindia also became the most popular Twitter account in India during this time.

Takeaway: innovative content encourages massive engagement, interest, and participation.

#3. Nike

Nike’s ads are always a sight to behold.

This Twitter ad example titled ‘You Can’t Stop Us, proves that Nike is ready to stay atop the advertising game in a pool of so many competitors.

The latest ad from the brand has brought along several good moments of the sporting world together to highlight what dreams are made up of.

This Twitter ad example comes with marvelous editing that will leave you completely astonished and might make you watch it over and again.

The advertisement put together by Wieden + Kennedy team has put 72 sports actions together in 36 split-screen slides, where the actions on both sides are somewhat similar and match perfectly.

To create it, the team researched 4,000 sports action sequences and the result is jaw-dropping.

From basketball to cricket, tennis to athletics, no part of sports has been left untouched by the team that created Nike’s advertisement.

Takeaway: Great content editing is great.

Nike Ads Gifs

#4. DiGiorno

DiGiorno used a hashtag about domestic violence to sell pizza on Twitter. Twitter lit up after the suspension of NFL player Ray Rice for beating his wife Janay, with thousands of women opening up about #WhyIStayed in violent relationships. Janay Rice has faced criticism for her decision to stay with her husband following the incident of domestic abuse.

In a bid to stay #social #media #relevant, DiGiorno’s Twitter account hijacked the trending hashtag to … sell frozen pizza.

Takeaway: Trendy topics are great for igniting discussions on the Twitter space. Join relevant conversations by using a variety of targeting tactics

#5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors’ Twitter advertising campaign seems to target HENRY (“High Earners Not Rich Yet”), consumers. These are the people who make between $100,000 and $250,000.

With $550 handbags and $350 watches, Michael Kors is becoming a better choice for HENRYs, as they can flaunt it without putting too much burden on the pocket.

Takeaway: Audience targeting is great in advertising.

#6. WhatsInYourKors Campaign

In 2013, Michael Kors came up with an online media campaign with the help of Twitter under the title “What’s In Your Kors?”

The idea of the campaign was simple- based on its accessory base, Kors invited fans to accessorize their wardrobe for the upcoming holiday and summer season.

They asked followers and fans to upload photos of what they’re carrying around in their beloved handbags.

This was a great early visual user-generated content campaign that tapped into the individuality of each Kors customer.

An interesting thing to note here is that they used the same hashtag alongside style tips and advice.

Takeaway: picking the right hashtag for your Twitter ads campaign holds a lot of potency in advertising.

#7. Mother’s Day Contest

Michael Kors’ marketing team rolled out a campaign called “What She Wants” for Mother’s Day. The idea was to reach out to daughters in need of last-minute gifts, affluent consumers who are also mothers, and aspirational consumers who want to win products.

In this Twitter ad example, Michael Kors’ used the hashtag #WhatSheWants to stimulate a conversation. For example, @MichaelKors tweeted, “Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Get her #WhatSheWants!”

Consumers were able to win one item chosen by Mr. Kors from the summer collection each day for the next 13 days leading up to Mother’s Day.

Takeaway: Contest sparks so much interest in users.

#8. McDonald’s

In June, Twitter France held a #BestofTweets award ceremony celebrating great creativity. The ‘Client’ prize was awarded to McDonald’s (@FritesPotatoes) for its ‎‎#FritesPotatoes campaign.

The creation of this new product #FritesPotatoes was motivated by customers` Tweets as they questioned whether they have fries or potato wedges with their burger.

According to them, having to choose between these two products is a real puzzle. To unravel the puzzle, McDonald’s fulfilled every indecisive person’s dream and launched ‘Frites-Potatoes’, a carton containing both fries and potato wedges, in every one of its restaurants in France.

The campaign enjoyed impressive results.

Takeaway: Consumer insight is a good place to start. McDonald’s recognized a popular topic of conversation amongst their customers early on and leveraged it heavily.

#9. Starbucks

Recently Starbucks fell on the tray of hot topics for discussion due to their red Christmas cup not being Christmas enough, even starting a worldwide debate around the hashtag #merrychristmasstarbucks.

The brand expressed this by showing off the cup in many different forms, even in their cover photo.

They also do a fantastic job of showcasing their followers by retweeting them and interacting with them.

Starbucks understands the importance of engaging on Twitter and knows how to engage Nitizens very well.

Whether it’s a photo collage with a witty headline, a video, or even a gif, they do it often and always do it right.

Also, take note that every tweet has a hashtag in it (which even further extends their reach).

More than just being a great coffeehouse, Starbucks knows how to skill around on Twitter. They should have a medal already.

Takeaway: Innovativeness is everything landscape of advertising and in the Twitter ad example above, Starbucks packed a load of it into the campaign.

#10. Samsung Mobile US

Who said that a mega-sized global brand can’t do local marketing?

@SamsungMobile is ahead of everyone in the mobile phone market when it comes to having the largest possible audience to market to on Twitter.

Part of the magic Samsung uses in staying ahead is consistency and high-quality visual content on Twitter. As a Samsung user — it makes me happy to see Samsung at the top of this list.

Having sub-accounts that are tailored to specific countries and regional demographics is another great marketing tact employed by Samsung and each one has its unique content for that region

The average user will largely be ignorant of this fact, but Samsung has positioned itself in many different communities and regions by simply having more than one account.

They have separate accounts for different languages and countries and tailor the content on those accounts to those audiences.

Plus every single tweet that they send out has some sort of visual attached to it. This is no small feat with 1 – 5 tweets coming out every single day of the year. There’s no question that they invest wisely in content creators.

Takeaway: Having multiple Twitter accounts with custom-tailored content that consistently features on the accounts is a great advertising strategy as evident in this Samsung Twitter ad example.

#11. Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is the most popular retailer on Twitter and is a leading example of Twitter’s power to build millions of relationships with a single customer at a time.

With over 4.2 million Twitter followers, Whole Food commits to using this Twitter presence to give answers to customers` queries and inquiries.

They do this by posting recipes and other tips on how to better cook with the food they sell and stay under such posts to answer questions from their Followers.

Takeaway: customers relations is a powerful marketing tool

#12. Etsy

Etsy does a really good job of mixing up the types of products they tweet about — and they don’t just keep it about products women might buy.

They are also great at retweeting their followers when they are mentioned. Plus they have a great sense of humor!

Etsy is a perfect example of how quality Twitter content keeps people coming back for more. Once you start looking at their Twitter page — you won’t be able to stop

Takeaway: Interesting content is a magnet.

#13. Pepsi

I don’t know who is behind the curtain for @PepsiMEX but they know what they are doing. The soft drinks brand is doing exploits on Twitter.

Pepsi Mexico wanted to use its new Pepsi Fútbol campaign “Como Aficionado Nunca te Retiras” to connect with audiences in a human way to generate reach and engagement on Twitter.

The brand used Promoted Tweets with Video Cards to launch its campaign #ForeverFan, an alignment to the song “Forever Young” that played during the TV spot, with the slogan “Como aficionado nunca te retiras.”

For this campaign, @PepsiMEX partnered with retired Mexican soccer stars such as Cuathemoc Blanco (@Cuauthemocb10), who has more than a million followers.

To mobilize this large fan base, the brand whitelisted @Cuauthmocb10 Tweets about the #ForeverFan campaign.

This Promoted Tweet had an engagement rate of 4.07%, two times more than the country’s benchmark.


#1. Use Twitter cards to put content in front of your target audience.

#2. Partner with influencers to multiply your results.

#3. Join globally relevant conversations by using a variety of targeting tactics.

#14. Progressive

This twitter ad is descriptive, sarcastic, and matches the message of rate transparency. Seeing the spokeswoman of Progressive in tears draws your attention and highlights the differentiator by comparing competitor rates to Progressive.

The call-to-action is convincing and in line with the central message of the ad.

This Progressive ad is a prime Twitter ad example of how to successfully reach your Twitter audience

#15. Amazon

Amazon is a giant in the eCommerce world, but to continue to be successful, they still need to keep people interested and engaged with its brand.

Promoting flash sales in this Twitter ad example helps to serve that purpose.

This special offer is for accessories from Kindle and Fire, which are both Amazon’s high-end products. Users who click on the ad probably already have one of those products, so Amazon is essentially rewarding consumers who have committed to their goods already.

By making the deal time-sensitive, consumers also have an additional incentive to convert quickly or risk losing out on it.

Takeaway: If sales are the engine of your business, sales incentives are the high-octane fuel needed to drive performance. This is an ever-popular, tried-and-true tool used to energize consumers to buy more and win great prizes.


Get inspired by these 15 Twitter ads examples and see how you can use Twitter for your next big campaign.

There are many reasons for brands to use Twitter, and one of the most popular is to reach their target customers.

Every business needs customers and gets customers, a business will first need to build brand awareness and grow the business by building a strong organic following using relevant content.

 By expanding your message on Twitter, you can connect and engage with new fans, network with partners, and identify influencers.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

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