Twitter Ads Costs: How Much Does Twitter Advertising Costs In 2022

Twitter Ads Costs
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Whether you’re a small business or a large company, Twitter Ads campaigns can be customized to fit perfectly into your budget.

Twitter ads costs depend entirely on the advertiser’s budget; there is no minimum campaign spending. You choose a daily budget for your ads during campaign setup, and Twitter will never go over this amount in your setup.

In other words, I have said there is no minimum ad spend required for a Twitter Ads campaign, and you always have complete control over how much you want your campaigns to spend.

And Twitter provides you with an opportunity to promote your products and reach new users who might be interested in what your brand offers.

Considering there are many ultra-simple Twitter ad formats and no minimum advertising budget, now is a great time to consider running your first Twitter ad campaign.

 In this article, I will uncover important Twitter costs to enable you to learn and pick the ones that fit the purse of your ad campaign.

How much does Twitter advertising cost in 2022?

The average cost of advertising on Twitter is around $0.38, but on the whole, the amount you will pay for your campaigns is determined by you.

First, decide what the goal of your campaign is. Is it to drive more link clicks? Or drive up engagement? Decide?

Each of our campaign goals is specialized to fit specific targets and serve each part of the marketing funnel. You’ll only be charged when someone takes that particular action you have activated during your Twitter ads campaign setup.

So the cost of a Twitter ads campaign depends on that and a few other factors. Most importantly, which type of Twitter ad do you want to run? Each Twitter ad type has a different average cost range:

#1. Twitter promoted ads average (Promoted Tweets) about $0.25 to $2 per action.

#2. Twitter follower ads average (Promoted Accounts) about $2 to $4 per follow.

#3. Twitter takeovers average (Promoted Trends) about $200,000 per day.

While Twitter takeovers have a set rate, follower and promoted ads have a much wider average cost range.

The amount your business ends up spending on a campaign depends on the quality of your ads, their relevance to your audience, and the amount you bid.

#4. Twitter Promote Mode. It costs about $99 per month.

Twitter ads costs: Twitter promoted ads average (Promoted Tweets)

Promoted Ads are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who intend to reach a wider group of users or ignite engagement from their existing followers.

All Promoted Ads are labeled as Promoted when an advertiser is paying for their placement on Twitter. In every other respect, Promoted ads are just like regular Tweets and can be Retweeted, replied to, and liked

With promoted tweets, You pay to have your tweets enabled to the top of search results and marked as such. If people respond to it, then it keeps being promoted and you keep paying; if not, the tweet stops being promoted.

With promoted tweets, advertisers pay only when somebody replies, clicks, or retweets the post. I recommend using Twitter Promote Mode when your following is small and wish to increase it.

This seems similar to buying Google search ads.

How much does it cost to promote a tweet?

The cost of promoting a tweet is between $0.50 to $2.00 for every first action. On average it falls around $1.35 every time a Twitter user clicks, replies, or retweets your content.

This makes Promoted Tweets a perfect match for brands that want to capitalize on high-performing tweets.

Average Twitter Ads Costs

Twitter ads costs: Twitter follower ads (Promoted Accounts)

Twitter follower ads are paid ads that promote an account as a whole to attract new followers and increase brand awareness.

This pushes an account to different users that don’t currently follow and may consider the account interesting.

You can target a particular audience to reach users interested in your brand when you run your Twitter ad campaign.

To expand your Twitter account’s reach and grow your audience, start a followers` campaign in your Twitter ads account.

Follower ads boost your follower’s growth, so they are best used when the goal is to build an engaged audience to louden your message on and off Twitter.

People who follow you not only see your content but are likely to become brand ambassadors and patronizers.

How much do You Need to Promote your Account?

The normal cost of running Promoted Accounts is between $2.00 and $4.00 per follower.

Twitter ads: Twitter takeovers (Promoted Trends)

Twitter Trends appear alongside or within every customer’s timeline and represent emerging popular topics. Trend Takeover occupies the top spot among a customer’s trends, and can receive massive exposure.

By displaying a trend, you capture and hold the attention of interested readers who may be new to your brand. Promoted trends show up at the top of the page, or second to top, slots of the Trends for You section in their home timeline and explore tab.

Advertisers run Promoted Trends campaigns by paying to have a hashtag created for their campaign that displays on Twitter’s trending topic list for 24 hours.

Consequently, this reaches a much larger audience than Promoted Tweets. The drawback is that it’s costly to run this type of campaign which can go as high as 6 figures a day.

While out of reach for most small to mid-sized companies, Promoted Trends can drive tremendous amounts of targeted traffic for companies who can afford it.

So how much do Twitter-promoted trends cost?

Promoted trends cost $200,000 per day.

Twitter ads: Twitter Promote Mode

This option was introduced back in 2017 and it’s pretty much a fully automated advertising method. And guess what? It only costs $99 per month.

Twitter Promote Mode is basically a subscription service that will automatically promote your tweets so that you do not have to create Twitter ads or campaigns yourself. It is a quick and easy way to promote your content on Twitter. Mind you, this is not for free. Twitter Promote Mode comes with a price tag of $99 per month.

For as long as your subscription runs, Twitter Promote Mode will act as an always-on service, promoting your first 10 tweets of the day. However, this package does not cover your retweets, quote tweets, and replies.

Twitter management predicts that on average, an account will reach 30,000 more users, and will gain around 30 followers a month. That is an intimidating figure rise.

Ultimately, Twitter Promote Mode is for the time-poor marketer who is looking to raise awareness for their organization or brand and looking to increase their followers.

What Additional Twitter Advertising Costs Can I Expect?

In-House Team

From the above Twitter ad types, whichever option you select- outsourcing or in-house control of your Twitter accounts, you’ll be providing information.

As with any outsourcing choice, you’re paying for the time that it takes to post. A business will charge you hourly based on the number of tweets you need per month, and that’s the reason why the price may vary so widely.

A fantastic company won’t just give you a tweet package, however, additionally, they will provide you with a few Twitter training, to set up you for long-term account management all on your own.


There’s also the choice of choosing a freelancer. With this option, the average pay is around $35/tweet. It is possible to do the math with that.

Should you need 20 tweets per month, then that amounts to around $700. Some businesses prefer the freelancer option more as it’s possible to buy as needed and as wanted. There aren’t any long-term contracts to follow, and it could be cheaper.

A social media marketing company

The last option you have on your plate to pick from is to hire a social media marketing company to conduct all of your marketing activities for your business.

To start, you need to decide how much you would like to invest in the company’s marketing. Take note that outsourcing, as good an idea it is, is going to cost you good money, but do you expect anything different?

The social media marketing company is going to take the burden of marketing off your shoulders and that is something worth paying good money for.

The benefit of this is that you’ve got somebody else taking charge of drafting and posting for you daily. If you decide to handle your social media inside your company it is demanding self-discipline, for it to succeed long-term. 

Instead, outsource it for an affordable $99 social marketing and free up your time to concentrate on growing sales and profits of your company.

Social media marketing companies will not be “too busy” or “too overwhelmed by other things” to get the job done–it is their job.

They’ll know precisely what keywords to use and the way to include you the most in your posts. They also know keywords and how to efficiently utilize them.

There’s a wide variation in pricing also, it’s contingent upon the organization’s reputation. A more recent company that does not have “proven outcomes” however will be much more prepared to negotiate hourly prices than an established business that has pushed its customers to viral media standings.

If you supply content, this can decrease your price. On the other hand, if you would like the media outfit to draft the content and perform all other tasks leading to the posting of tweets that will require more time and it will be reflected in your cost.

Ideas to Note when Outsourcing Your Twitter ads

If you’re reaching out to some businesses and discover their social networking advertising costs are fair, nevertheless ask them to split down the plan for you.

Everything you do not need, tell them to take it out of your bundle. Don’t settle for a “blanket bundle” that they use for every one of their clientele. You would like something built only for you, your marketplace, your organization, and your clients.

Let them know that.

Uniqueness is essential here, It is simple to do the same thing for every single customer but does this truly serve every one of these brands? A resounding no.

Additionally, if you are currently paying for the support, you would like a custom-created plan and a flawless match.

How to get started with Twitter ads

#1. Choose your ad objective

What do you want to achieve with your Twitter ads? It is largely based on your ad objective, Twitter will offer the best engagement types and actions for your campaign.

Some of the core objectives include:

#1. Reach:  If your goal is to use Twitter to display your ad to as many people as possible within a set timeframe. And you only have to pay for every one thousand (1,000) Tweet impressions. the benefit is that you can use it to raise brand awareness and improve brand perception.

#2. Pre-roll views: If the objective is to display your ads at the start of a video. This helps put your brand in front of a bigger audience.

#3. Video views: This campaign objective is to help you get more views since video content grabs attention so much. Use it to drive awareness for your brand and increase viewer engagement.

#4. App installs: If your Twitter ad goal is to increase downloads for your app. This adds an Install button to your ads.

#5. Engagements: the goal could be to drive more conversations around your brand by designing ads that people would want to interact with.

#6. Web click: if the goal is to get web clicks, Twitter will deliver your ads to the people that it believes is most likely to click on them.

#7. To gain followers: The followers objective allows you to promote your Twitter account within the timeline to attract new followers and grow your audience on Twitter.

#2. Fill out your campaign details

Running a campaign is an amazing adventure. It involves coordinating several activities and resources geared towards achieving set goals.

Here, you name your campaign, set a budget, and decide on a time frame.

#3. Create ad groups

Ad groups allow you to run many different audiences, creatives, and bidding types rolled up into one campaign.

They are part of your entire campaign structure and they make it easier for you to organize, optimize, and manage your campaigns.

Typically, your campaign structure consists of three levels: campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Campaign: A campaign matches a single advertising objective, like followers, video views or app installs. You always specify your campaign name and chosen funding source at the campaign level.

Ad groups: Ad groups are the sections where you choose how you want to spend your dollars. A campaign can have many ad groups and an ad group can contain many Ads.

Ads: you can have as many ads as you would love to in an ads group. Automated creative optimization will combine the creatives and optimize the best-performing creative within an ad group.

#4. Choose your target audience

Once you are done setting creating your ad, the next big step is to choose whom your ad is targeting.

Twitter gives you the option to select a highly specific target audience for each ad group.

For starters, you can choose the age range, gender, location, and language of the people you want to target.

Other options include matching your target audience based on the devices they use.

To reach people who are most likely interested in your brand, you can even choose to target follower look-alikes.

This allows you to reach people who share the same interests as the followers of an account. This is a great way to find a new and highly relevant audience group who shares similar traits too, for example, your account’s existing follower base.

#5. Choose your ad placements and creative

Choose where you want your ads to appear. There are so many places where Twitter ads can be displayed. This is set at the line item utilizing the placements parameter.

Next, you will select the ads you would like to promote within your ad group.


Twitter may not be the cheapest platform to advertise on; however, when you consider the kind of click-through rates, interactions, and the overall ROI you’re going to get from it, it is worth big consideration.

Twitter ads are more than worth it in 2022, and for a good while after that. Don`t take my word for it. Try this yourself.

Although your Twitter ads costs are influenced by several variables, that doesn’t mean you can’t control your spending and it is one of the good things that come with placing your ads on Twitter.

Just following the above steps, focusing on creating quality ads, targeting relevant audiences, and optimizing towards the right objectives, you can reduce your Twitter costs and deliver cost-efficient conversions.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba has over 11 years of digital marketing and specifically focuses on paid advertising on social media and search engines. He loves tech and kin in learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He consults on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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