How to become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate
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Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs which is used by millions of publishers across the world. hundreds of thousands of webmasters and bloggers use Amazon CPA marketing to earn money even more than Adsense ads.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is an easy productive way to monetize your website or blog traffic, there are minimal challenges too involved, it simply requires you to sign up, get approved and finally upload amazon affiliate links on your website or blog.

You make money using your referrer links. Whenever anyone makes a purchase through those affiliate links, you get a commission giving publishers the opportunity to have a residual income source.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate program also known as Amazon Associates, is a free affiliate marketing program for publishers to advertise products on the Amazon website on their websites through affiliate links, and earn a commission (referral fees) whenever a product is purchased.

Advantages of the program

Amazon affiliate program is considered one of the best forms of affiliate marketing in the world, Some benefits to motivate you to engage affiliate program include:

  • A variety of payment methods (Amazon gift cards, direct deposits, checks)
  • A great variety of products at your disposal to promote due to Amazon`s vast resources
  • Amazon has excellent brand recognition, therefore it is a trusted merchant
  • Amazon`s affiliate program is easy to implement, therefore it can be adopted easily by novice affiliate marketers.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

The Amazon affiliate program is very convenient, one of the major strengths of this program is the ease involved in joining, however, it is relevant that you have a website first (WordPress is highly recommended).

The following steps explain how to successfully become an Amazon Affiliate marketer;

1. Create Your Website

Having a website is paramount to becoming an amazon affiliate, applying for the affiliate program will be impossible if you do now have one, it is recommended to create a website or blog if you do not have one.

Amazon affiliate account creating

Your goal as a publisher is to generate traffic on your website, this is achieved by creating valuable and interesting content that will attract an audience to your website.

We recommend you find a niche that is interesting to you as a publisher, this will give you the passion and motivation to always find contents to post.

Once you have successfully set up your site, you can apply for the Amazon affiliate program.

2. Sign Up to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program is free to join, and anyone can signup for it, all you have to do to begin the process is, visiting Amazon associates Account page and click the “Join Now for Free” button, the sign-up processes will be outlined for you.

To continue this process there are 3 things you must ensure you have, these are:

  • Amazon account – you need to have a standard Amazon account if you do not have one you need to create one.
  • As emphasized at the beginning of this blog, you must have a website to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon. The URL of your website must be provided during the course of registration.
  • Finally, you are obligated to provide an elaborate description of your website`s, its content and what type of goods you intend to market on your website.  

3. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

Upon completion of your account, you will be redirected to the Associates’ homepage, here you will find relevant information such as products that may be relevant for the content of your website and the analysis of your performance (number of clicks, revenue overview, a summary of monthly activities)

Creating an Amazon Affiliate link

You have the option to Choose either “Quick Links: “Search for Product” or “Browse for Product”

  •  “Search for Product” this enables you to search for a specific keyword such as “computers,” “Phones,” “Shoes.”
  • “Browse for Product” this enables you to search for products based on the specified category they fall under, such as “Sports,’’ “Health,” “Fashion.”
Creating Amazon affiliate account form
  • After choosing a relevant product(s) for your content, you click on the “Get Link” icon. 
  • Next, you design your link by selecting convenient choices for the website, you can choose between ads with images only, ads with a widget, ads with texts or ads with images and texts, then depending on your choice, customize the size of the image, colour of the background and title colour.
  • Finally, preview the link to ensure it suits the requirements of your webpage and suitable to your taste, this is because you must promote content that reflects your brand, do not forget to include a link, short-link or Html.

Approval Policy

Amazon affiliate program gives new affiliate marketers a 180 days trial run, it is expected that during that time frame, you are capable of making at least 1 sale, this is important to note because it reveals that your affiliate links are reaching out to the right audience on your website traffic.

Therefore, failure to meet up with this quota will lead to the deactivation of your account.

Tips to improve your Amazon Affiliate marketing

  • All the content on your website must be related to products you intend to market, this will spike the interest of your audience and encourage them to engage with the affiliate ads on your website.
  • Ensure that the ads on your website are strategically placed and not excessive, this is because too many ads on a website reduce audience experience and they may leave the site without engaging the affiliate ads
  • As an affiliate marketer, it is your duty to ensure your audience interacts and purchases products through the ads you provide, therefore you must always think like a paying customer and post up ads that suit the needs of your audience.  

In Conclusion…

Amazon affiliate marketing is an easy and reliable method of revenue generation, Amazon cooperation has the largest online retail catalogue worldwide, thus it is an excellent platform to adopt for affiliate marketing.

It is also a reputable brand, therefore, it is a partner your audience can rely on when making purchases thereby creating revenue for you.

Apart from amazon affiliate, you can access thousands of CPA, CPL, CPM offers here at AdsTargets. These offers range from $1 to $15 or even more. These offers pay far more than monetising with regular CPC and CPM ads from ad networks.

Steve Kalu

Steve Kalu

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