TikTok 101: Best TikTok Marketing Guide

TikTok Marketing Guide
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TikTok marketing is an outstanding tool for businesses in the past few years due to its revolutionizing features, user-friendly and content display.

This marketing groundbreaking platform was launched in 2016 by a Chinese company called ByteDance.

TikTok has become a very popular social platform with consistent, intelligible analytics, a unique accessible dashboard, and monitoring technology.

What is TikTok marketing?

Tiktok marketing is explained as the use of the TikTok platform to promote brands, products, and services and get better views and conversions.

This can be achieved by using measures like marketing influencers, TikTok advertising, viral content, TikTok challenges, and hashtags.

From the inception of TikTok, video contents were limited to 15 seconds, later elongated to 60-seconds, and now it allows 3-minutes videos.

TikTok is now referred to as the father of short-form video content production, it is also an eye-opener for bigger platforms like Instagram and YouTube which also added features warranting short video clips just like TikTok

Social Media Marketing team Bold x Collective guide will give you more insight on Tiktok strategy, Anthony McGuire has also made a useful content for TikTok marketing from his five years experience of working for Facebook where he was educating the world’s largest marketers community and as a consultant for small businesses across the globe.

What is TikTok?
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Key to effective Tiktok marketing

Here are some of the best practices on TikTok Marketing.

  1. Constant posting
  2. Post SEO contents
  3. Trends
  4. Link up with TikTok Influencers
  5. When to Start Marketing campaigns
  6. Create original contents

Tiktok marketing is now a big deal for many influencers who have a good number of followers.

Creative content also boosts users’ presence on TikTok, not forgetting trends and hashtags as being key to successful TikTok marketing as well.

1. Constant Posting

To maintain a noticeable presence on TikTok, it is very important to maintain posting consistency which could be memes, pictures, videos, or live streams.

This helps you to get a trusted fan base for your business, who readily engage your content easily when you post.

Well, this doesn’t really guarantee you avid followers but it has the tendency to generate potential customers or clients which helps you to market your products and services on Tiktok.

You also stand the benefit of your content being suggested to a crowd of users whose behaviour is similar to your kind of posts. 

The post range for TikTok is recommended to be between 1-3 times daily, too many posts are regarded as spam by the TikTok algorithm, so please stick to the best practice of posting to get results.

Make sure you are very creative and make relevant research to be able to post what the audience wants when to post it and stay consistent in others not lose followers.

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2. Post SEO Optimized Contents

Choosing one niche is very important in posting on any media platform when you post content relating to your brands, your content ranks among the top posts when suggested to users who search for related information.

Use relevant hashtags and keywords relating to your post to be able to build a trusted and optimized followership for effective TikTok marketing, this allows the platform to naturally boost your ranking on its in-built SEO mechanism.

I earlier mentioned a niche, this is explained as sticking to a specialized segment of posting e.g. if you post on comedy, finance, or fashion, don’t post any other random post on your TikTok account to enable you to rank fast when someone searches about your kind of products.

For that reason, you are always relevant and your fan base or viewers will always be anticipating your new posts this is also important in TikTok marketing.

3. Trends

When you follow trends in posting on TikTok, you have the tendency to get more engagements for your post.

The reason is that when most people log in there Tiktok accounts, they click on the trend button and follow the rest, trends are the most searched topics, some of them are #hastags 

4. Connect with TikTok Influencers

Another way to grow your TikTok presence is to connect with TikTok influencers.

There are three ways to do that,

  1. Start-ups influencers
  2. Established influencers
  3. Run TikTok ads
  1. Start-ups influencers: these are users who already have an influence on TikTok, they may not necessarily have millions of followers, you can link up with them and build a community to share your content and do the same for them. This way it will help your contents go viral easily (e.g. post for me I post for you)
  2. Established influencers: these are the ones that have already established a massive followership and fan base, when you link up with them for your Tiktok Ads, they may require you to pay a certain amount of money to them as a charge before they can help run TikTok ads for you, some may do it free anyway.
  3. Run TikTok ads: to boost your TikTok marketing strategy simply log into your account, navigate to the TikTok Ads manager, and set up your ads account, select your most preferred audience if getting influencers will give you a headache.

You have the liberty to run the following Tiktok ads

  • In-Feeds TikTok ads
  • Images TikTok ads
  • Carousel TikTok ads
  • Videos TikTok ads
  • Pangle TikTok ads
  • Spark TikTok ads.
How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy for 2022

5. When to Start Marketing campaigns

To have an influential TikTok campaign, start your campaign when you have a noticeable crowd and some number of posts on your TikTok handle.

When you launch a TikTok ads campaign and someone decides to check your profile and authenticate your goods, they may even go as far as checking your followers, comments, and reviews.

If they surprisingly see nothing else but just the content you are promoting with no or few followers, the tendency of them engaging your ads will be a very low guess that is clear?

The reason is your profile lacks credibility and useful information to them, so buying their trust will be very hard even if your goods and services are authentic.

6. Tell Your Own Story

Telling people how and why it is so about your products is another way of getting a good fan base for effective TikTok marketing.

Don’t try to copy another person’s story because that will not just stop you from ranking on TikTok but most people might have seen what you are offering from another profile.

Tell your authentic story and remain consistent, resonate content will grow passion from your viewers.

Make sure your contents are educative or entertaining.

Be more interactive in explaining and answering questions concerning your products to keep your views coming even when you are asleep.


After reading this post, on Best TikTok Marketing Guide I hope you can get the best practice for your TikTok marketing strategy and of course know when to run a successful TikTok ads campaign and get a fulfilling result.

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