How B2B Advertising can Boost Business Growth

How B2B Advertising
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When B2B advertising is implemented strategically, it has the ability to reach out to a specific targeted audience, and put your business at the forefront of influential potential business partners.

It also, creates a vast business awareness for your brand and create an excellent relationship with business partners, this in return creates business transactions that generate revenue thereby increasing your business growth.

What is B2B Advertising?

B2B advertising can be defined as an advertising method used specifically to target other business platforms to invest in or purchase your business services or products.

This simply means, rather than targeting conventional customers, you focus on other businesses as your customer base creating an avenue potential for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. 

B2B digital advertising

Hence we live in a digital era, almost everything is done using digital platforms including B2B advertising.

Considering this fact, we also take a look at B2B Digital advertising as a process of reaching out to businesses by creating awareness for your business.

This method of online advertising utilizes services of trusted platforms such as AdsTargets advertising network, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing and Yahoo Ads etc.

To describe activities performed by your business, to parties who are interested and search for such activities.

Thus, B2B digital advertising is simply the method by which a business owner creates digital ads that target other businesses, explaining the nature of his/her business.

When you create a B2B ad, it is important to consider the need of the second-party business you are advertising to, this will create a clearer understanding of your marketing strategies and how well your products or services fulfil the needs of the second party.

Granted, there are similarities between B2B and B2C advertisement strategies, B2B audiences require a more unique and direct approach, this is because B2B ads target a smaller audience compared to B2C ads,  none the less if your ad campaign is strategic the size may be to your advantage.

It is also important to take note of the fierce competition within this industry,  thus, your ads must possess unique qualities other businesses do not have.

To ensure the success of B2B digital advertising, you must create an excellent targeting strategy that suits your business, therefore it is necessary to understand the targeting format that will be adopted by your company.

As a follow-up, these strategies are listed and explained below.


This is the first step in creating a successful B2B digital ad, this is the process of dividing your business audience into segments, this is important because it helps you distinguish companies into attributes like roles, industry, brand, size, geographical location, etc.

Distinguishing between companies gives a better understanding of businesses more likely to be your business partners. On the other hand, it also helps you filter out businesses that are NOT likely to partner or do business with your company.

Furthermore, this is an excellent form of data gathering in case of expansion in your business, you will have relevant data to create ads that target a new group of businesses.

Find interesting business platforms

After completion of the first step, you clearly have a finite number of potential businesses to target, however, you must understand that most of these businesses are already aligned with other business that offers similar services as you do.

Therefore, it is up to you to search further for free businesses not aligned with anyone or businesses looking to improve the current offer they have, that you can advertise your product(s) or service(s) to.

This is a more effective method of target advertising because it enables you to target specific businesses you can work with.

Here is an example to elaborate more. Imagine you are a consulting service company, and you created a targeted ad solely focused on the “segregation” level, you will probably consume most of your resources and receive minimal impact on your ad.

This is because the majority of those companies may not require a consulting service, therefore, to get an effective impact for your ad, you have to find a subgroup “interested business platforms” that require the services of a consulting company and create ads to target them.

Identify the needs of the audience

Furthermore, a company may be interested in what your business has to offer, but unwilling to act on it, your ads may be viewed by a lot of potential business partners, but non-willing to partner or invest in your business.

Thus, understanding the needs, challenges or problems those business face at a particular period will help you advertise your business to them better.

A company’s “needs” encourage them to find long-lasting solutions, therefore make sure your ads are seen by companies that have real challenges in your business field.

Doing this will encourage them to take action with your business rather than viewing your ads. Therefore, you have to understand the needs of these businesses by:

  • Keeping track of their behaviour and activities on your platforms
  • Retarget interested businesses to encourage them to take action
  • Clearly state a “before and after” phase so these businesses can see how efficiently they will function after engaging in your product(s) or service(s)
  • Create a part of your total advertising budget for this group of your audience, since they are the ones that will yield a higher revenue generated by your business.

Maintain a Relationship with the audience

The previous steps will ensure that your business (B2B) advertising strategy will target and gain new business partners, however, it doesn’t define how you maintain relationships with these new businesses or older existing businesses.

While it is a great idea to expand your business it is also of equal importance to create ads that target your already existing customers, this will help you maintain your relationship with them especially, businesses that require your services on a periodic basis.

Offer them new products and services that may suit their company, keep up with problems these companies face, etc.

B2B Advertising Ad Networks

Here are some great ad networks you can use to advertise your B2B business effectively and grow your business.


We are one of the cost-effective and result-driven ad networks for advertisers around the world.

AdsTargets provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach a wider audience to increase their local and global reach even with low budgets. You can start adverting at AdsTargets for as low as $35.

We have simplified online advertising making it easier, flexible and more profitable for advertisers to grow their businesses using display ads.

Google Ads ( Google Adwords)

Google Ads also known as Google Adwords is a great platform for B2B advertisement, this Is because Google has created an avenue where businesses can pay to appear in the search engine results.

Therefore when businesses are searching for solutions to their problems or a new line of products or services to suit their need, your business appears if it creates solutions to those problems or needs. 

Social Media Ad Networks

Social media is another efficient method of B2B advertising, the objective of social media is to understand the characteristics of its user base, today, a great number of businesses have taken to social media to advertise their businesses.

This makes targeting advertising even more efficient, furthermore, these platforms enable you to create a B2B audience that is suitable for your advertising based on “what the audience finds interesting,”.

This can be based on audience interactions such as what they search for, groups they are part of, what they like, and interactions with comments on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Adstargets forums, etc, which are excellent and efficient methods of B2B advertising.

Types of B2B Advertising

Here are some of the known effective types of B2B advertising.

Paid Search Advertising

Another efficient method of B2B advertising can be running a paid search ad, this type of ad keeps you at the forefront of search engine results when businesses search for similar products or services you offer can find your business and engage with you.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, offers business the opportunity to run search ads on their advertising platforms to reach out to more business audiences.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is an efficient method to give your business an edge and keep it in sight of businesses that may invest in your products or services.

It creates an effective form of awareness for your brand as it has the capacity to reach out further to even businesses you didn’t think about.

As a B2B advertiser, you can utilize PPC to generate traffic for your business website, these ads are visible to interested businesses and you pay for every number of clicks generated on this site. 

Retargeting ads

Retargeted ads are highly recommended in B2B advertising, retargeting is highly effective this is because it brings potential businesses back to your website.

Thus, it is considered a powerful tool for B2B ads, retargeted ads for your business works in three (3) simple description;

  • A business platform searching for a similar product or service you render visits your website and they are tagged with retargeting cookies
  • Your ads become visible to these businesses on a variety of websites such as LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  • They are influenced by these ads and they click on them (them) leading them back to your website, thereby increasing the chance of a business transaction.

Retargeting is effective, however, it is not without the risk of being too aggressive, thus, you must make sure your ads are frequently refreshed and renewed to prevent them from going mundane.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that the set frequency at which the ads are retargeted is not too high, this will ensure that businesses targeted are more welcoming to the ads whenever they come across them.


B2B transactions are highly lucrative, however, this field of industrial and commerce is highly competitive and it is challenging to find businesses to trade with, however, it is not impossible.

To ensure the success of your business, you have to strategically reach out to other businesses to transact and invest in your products or services, thus, adapting excellent B2B advertising strategies will help you navigate how to put your business at the forefront of other businesses interested in your offers.

Keep a great relationship with already existing business partners, creates publicity for your brand, and attract and convince new businesses to trade with you.

Steve Kalu

Steve Kalu

Steve is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He spent most of his time helping small businesses with search engine optimization and social media marketing to survive the competitive world of digital marketing. Steve holds a bachelor's degree in digital marketing from Kaunas university of technology (KTU).

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