Organic Search Marketing Complete Guide

Organic Search Marketing
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For many companies, an organic search marketing strategy is either a magic formula or a magic bullet as it promotes your website to the search engines in a very natural way.

It is free and a natural process that rakes in quality traffic to your online store. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to write quality content in such a way that the search engines will find it useful.

In this way, you can attract more traffic to your e-commerce store. Organic search marketing is a more effective way of promoting your business and website.

In organic search, you are targeting customers who are looking for the kind of information, product, and services you are offering. This means the visitors are actually looking for you.

If you are an online business owner or just a website that you are looking to draw more attention to, read on to learn more about how to make the best, cost-effective decisions to boost your search engine marketing.

What is Organic Search Marketing?

Organic search marketing is the process of showing up higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) naturally.

It is a type of organic marketing that improves your website’s ranking in search results through optimizations.

When web users search, search engines generate organic search results based on your website’s relevancy to a user’s search query. With organic search marketing, you optimize your website to appear in relevant search results when users type in the query.

To do organic search marketing correctly, most businesses invest in SEO services. SEO services help improve your website’s ranking in search results through on- and off-page optimizations. These services will help your pages appear higher in relevant search results.

If you want customers to find your business through search, you must be found on the first page of the results. 75% of internet users don’t go past the first page of results. Without organic search marketing, this 75% will miss your business.

Why is organic search marketing Necessary?

Organic search is one of the most effective platforms to gain traffic or conversions because it is free – relative to paid search, where you have to pay for your ad placement and clicks – and users understand that you are relevant for what they search.

There is a popular joke in the SEO industry that says, “The best place to hide a corpse is on page two of Google because no one is going to look for anything there.”

The point is that if you are not on the first page of SERPs, no one is going to see your content since no one goes there.

Think about the last time you went to the second page of Google to do anything like read an article or purchase a product. It doesn’t matter what you were trying to do; there is almost no way you went to the second page to do it.

Organic search marketing helps online marketers drive organic traffic to their websites. This traffic can turn into leads and conversions for their businesses. It’s valuable for helping the company grow online and even offline.

So when you optimize your website enough to get to the front page of multiple search results, you build credibility around your brand.

People are more likely to choose your brand because they believe you fit their search query. Building your presence in search results helps you earn more credible leads for your business.

With the growth in the use of mobile phones and mobile marketing, every day, Google witnesses around 15-20% of queries that it has never witnessed before.

Think about how often you are searching for something on Google on your mobile phone, whether it’s to search for a singer’s latest album, find a new product or service, look up a location, or type in something personal that you won’t want to ask anyone else.

The point is, Google is where your potential buyer goes to begin their buyer’s journey, so it’s important to ensure you are investing in organic search marketing so you can rank on page one for relevant search terms.

Organic search marketing

How Does Organic Search Marketing Work?

The simplest way to refer to organic search marketing is to think about what is the most relevant search result for a user to see when they type in a particular keyword or search query into Google.

Organic search is a process made up of multiple digital marketing strategies to ensure our result shows up first on the first page or, at the very least, positioned on the first page of search engine results.

Showing up in search results on the top of Google is not some magic trick. It takes coordination and cooperation from various departments, a talented team of marketers, executive buy-in, and SEO pros, and a practical way to track and monitor your results.

The organic search consists of a variety of different techniques, such as keyword research, content optimization and creation, technical auditing, and offline marketing strategies.

The goal of organic search marketing is to ensure the user has a great experience on your site and landing pages, and gets the answer they seek – whether that is to consume content, compare two things, or buy a product.

Google does not really care about organic search. What Google does care about is ensuring that its users find unique, useful, and relevant content that matches what they are searching for.

If you can match your content to the mind and heart of the user, then you can ensure that Google rewards your efforts and shows your page higher up on the SERPs.

There are multiple ways you can create a great user experience on your website.

Organic search is divided into three major categories: relevancy, discoverability, and authority.

#1. Relevancy is the relevance of a page’s theme and content related to particular target keywords.

#2. Discoverability is the ability for a website to be properly and easily found and indexed by search engines.

#3. Authority is the value a search engine assigns a Web page. The higher the value assigned, the more likely the search engine will return a Web page timely in organic search results.

These factors can contribute to pages being ranked higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) ideally on page one.

Those who work in SEO need to partner with a variety of different departments to ensure you can continue to provide the best user experience to your customers.

SEO specialists need to work with the content team to create high-quality content. They also need to partner with the development team to ensure their website is technically sound, and, finally, they need to monitor all of these results to make sure that what they are doing is working.

When working with the development team, you should ensure that the content you create loads promptly and is easily found by search engines and users alike.

One of the best ways to ensure this content is found is by linking to your relevant content internally. This makes it easy for Google search engine and users to find your content and understand its related content.

Page and website speed are also vital to keep top of mind, as Google places so much value on this as it relates to user experience.

Think about how many times you have left a website because it loads slowly – that’s why it’s crucial to consider this when creating content.

Many different factors and teams are involved in ensuring your site is in good shape, and this leads to successful organic search marketing.

One of the best ways to get more buy-in around organic search marketing is by showing fellow team members and departments the impact it can have on your business, brand awareness, and online brand visibility.


Organic search is the best way to ensure that users find your content. You aren’t paying for these clicks; you are earning them.

Users understand that the content showing up at the top of search engine results is the most relevant, authentic, and helpful content for what they are searching for.

By making life easier for Google, it rewards your efforts by lifting you and placing you in a strategic spot on the first page and you end up reaping the rewards, as your content and website receive more organic traffic, conversions, and recognition naturally.

Becoming more visible organically or should I say naturally is not an easy undertaking. It will come with a lot of trial and error before figuring out what works.

That’s the most interesting part of SEO though, once you figure out what method works, you can replicate those wins across the entire website.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a basic understanding of what organic search marketing is, why your business must include it in its marketing strategy kit, and how it works. Leveraging this knowledge gained will catapult your marketing campaigns to the sky.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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