TikTok marketing strategy To Boost Your Business

TikTok marketing strategy
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There is no magic to effective TikTok marketing. It’s all about strategy and the first is creating original content that is interesting and engaging for users.

You need these fun and entertaining videos to hold the attention of the users before anything else.

The younger generations who make up the largest number of users on the Tiktok platform are highly cynical about traditional advertising.

To a large extent, they have ceased watching conventional television, listen to the radio station less than their elders, and receive more of their news through social media than via the newspaper.

Many of these persons prefer to spend their time on TikTok, an average of 52 minutes per day, and they do take notice of their favorite TikTok influencers.

If any of these hotshots of TikTok were to recommend a brand, their followers would most definitely take note.

This article will underpin everything about TikTok’s marketing strategy that is important to every marketer.

Tiktok Marketing Strategy

Following these suggested strategies, you should be able to successfully market on TikTok and rake in massive conversion for your brand. Before we go deeper in, Just remember to be creative, authentic, and engaging, and you will be sure to find success at the feet of this social media marketing platform.

#1. Take Your Viewers Behind-the-Scenes

Give the viewers a little peep into what you do with an intimate look into your office, factory, team meeting, or production process.

There’s something naturally satisfying about seeing behind the scenes.

Consumers and prospects will be happy to know how well your team works together and how much they love working for your brand.

This is a powerful way to show the personality of your brand, as it reveals the faces behind the product they are or might be purchasing.

You could even include interviews with key stakeholders involved in the project where they explain the process behind the product.

#2. Highlight your Success story

Highlight your Success story
Image credit: Pixabay

How do you motivate leads to jump that final hurdle and convert? One of the most powerful ways is with a success story.

Do you have a new office or new office equipment? Have you won an award? Are you in the middle of a really fascinating project?

Show it! Share progress and success with your customers and potential customers.

Your followers will enjoy watching the process and achievements. It helps to demonstrate how healthy your brand is and that you like investing in your team.

If you are succeeding, it should certainly mean that you are doing something right. That’s the idea behind sharing your brand`s success story.

#3. Make it fun and personal

Users normally watch this type of content in their free time. Offer them something interesting to watch and keep them glued to your content.

Posting only corporate-related (too salesy) videos is boring and repetitive. Make your audience laugh!  Prospects get uncomfortable and unresponsive when you seem like it’s only about the sales you care about and not them.

Know also that this content is also more likely to be shared than others, as people would more easily engage with it.

So, go ahead, and show your culture, values, and brand personality.

#4. Host a Livestream

More than 80% of adults surveyed would rather watch a brand’s live stream than read its blog or social media posts.

According to live streaming statistics, the live video industry is flourishing, and the benefits of live streaming are made clear.

So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, live video events must be a crucial part of your Tiktok marketing strategy.

A live stream is a great opportunity to announce a new product drop, share some exciting brand news, host a Q&A, or interview a special guest, while viewers chip in in the comments with insights and maybe a crude emoji or two.

#5. Show your process in fast-motion

Whether you are painting a mural, latch-hooking a rug, retreading tires, packing up an order for shipping, or using a chainsaw to carve a statue of a bear, it’s fun for the viewer to see how something comes together, especially if it’s fast-motion and we don’t have to linger too long on the boring bits.

Film yourself making your thing or practicing your activity, speed it up, and set it to lively music. The effect is hypnotic and magnificent.

#6. Create a branded hashtag challenge

Challenges are spicy on TikTok. Sure, you can follow along with whatever the most recent trend is (e.g. drink in one draft a cup of dry nutmeg).

But why not take it to the next level by creating your own with a branded hashtag, like Dora’s #buybetterwearlonger campaign?

#7. Be a weirdo

Be a weirdo
Image credit: Pixabay

Get absurd for the sake of fun. TikTok is full of great pranks and silliness you can serve your viewers and they will receive it with delight.

Delight your followers by doing something crazily weird like buying an all-pink breakfast.

#8. Record a “get ready with me” clip

For some reason, it’s appealing to see people’s routines. Record a day in the life or even a “get ready with me” clip where you show just how you roll, if the world wants to see just how you make your black coffee in the morning, who are you to deny them?

#9. Educate Your followers

It’s time to flex your skills and prowess, break down valuable information or guide your followers through an educational how-to video.

This type of content works because it can be used in any industry or niche, and you can share your knowledge about a particular subject.

#10. Tell a Story

Stories are one of the Tiktok marketing strategies that resonate with people the most.

Your followers are more likely to remember stories than statistics you are rolling. That is the power of storytelling in Tiktok advertising.

The stories that you tell are what set you apart from your competitors. Your marketing campaign should include a powerful message that your followers can emotionally connect with and relate to in their lives.

Whether it’s a good story about your business, or an ad with a story about a pet, stories work. Think of your favorite story ad from the Super Bowl. Chances are, it had a narrative curve. That is what all Tiktok ds should claim to do.

#11. Create or Join Challenges

Join the social challenges that are trending online or launch your challenge with a hashtag from your brand.

Challenges are one of the biggest trends to leverage in TikTok marketing. Innovative brands are already using challenges to fast-track their growth and reach millions of users on the platform.

#12. Post Dance Videos

Dance videos are one of the outstanding types of content on TikTok. They get a lot of attention and you can even combine a challenge and a dance.

 Dance videos on TikTok are trendy and blend well with the present times. Because of this, users who are watching or recreating the dance steps immediately feel a sense of social involvement.

In addition, the platform’s short video reels are able to hold the users’ short attention spans.

#13. Make Duet Videos

Duets are another trend on Tiktok. They are based on taking an already published video and then adding your own recording to it.

The duet feature enables you to make a TikTok video alongside another video from your favorite creator, artist, or brand, so you can cash in on their reach and earn more brand visibility.

#14. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with an influencer to produce content. This can be mutually beneficial and offer interesting content for your followers.

Finding influencers who have the perfect audience for your product is a big task and when finding them, pat yourself on the back and make the most use of them to drive traffic to your page.

#15. Make Before and After Videos

These can be about clothing, makeup, decoration, etc. These types of videos are suitable for many topics and help you show the amazing results of your products and talent.

Contrast can be a powerful tool for illustrating a benefit, which is why showing a “Before and After” video when promoting a product has stood the test of time.

This is one of the greatest Tiktok marketing strategies out there that allow marketers to share instances when their product has led to real, positive change in a user’s life.


Posting creative and authentic TikTok content is a huge part of finding success on the platform but to build lasting engagement and an audience of loyal fans, your Tiktok marketing strategy needs to go beyond just uploading your masterpiece.

Dig deeper into our guide to TikTok for business to learn how to build conversation and cultivate a community of dedicated customers that will last beyond just a season.

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