Taboola Native Ads: Perfect Guide For Publishers

Taboola Native Ads
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There are several native ad networks for publishers across the industry that give publishers the opportunity to monetize their traffic with unique native ads embedded within their content.

One of the most popular among them is Taboola native ads and now AdsTargets Native ads for publishers.

Today we are going to explore Taboola, these native advertising platforms that are among the best performing and certainly the largest in the industry apart from Google Adsense.

In this article we will learn more about this platform, how it works, everything it has to offer and whether it is a good option to make money as a publisher.

Read till the end to get full insight 💪

What Is Taboola?


Taboola is one of the largest advertising platforms and is a leader in the segment of native advertising with over 1 billion unique visitors worldwide.

In addition, it has investments from thousands of companies and millions of advertisers, more than 400 partner sites and 17 global offices from west to east.

Their way of advertising differs from that of other platforms such as Google Ads.

In place of products, promotions and brands, Taboola advertises content from other sites in order to generate traffic and the resulting agreements.

You, most likely, have seen Taboola ads while reading an article on some internet portals, because it is precisely on the portals where it advertises.

Its strategy is to display content on the most visited sites on the Internet, in a way related to what the Internet user is reading, thus generating traffic for advertisers.

And for this, Taboola unites advertisers and publishers (affiliates) in an equation that creates opportunities for both parties.

On one side, the advertiser receives qualified traffic from people interested in what they have to offer; while on the other side, the publisher monetizes their website and earns money from clicks and impressions.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that Taboola is now one of the best ways to monetize websites and blogs.

By becoming a publisher, you can turn your readers into profit!

Below, you will better understand how it works.

How Does Monetization Work With Taboola?

Taboola is one of the best monetization platforms on the market today and it offers a range of resources to make your website monetization more profitable with less intrusive ads.


Its operation is similar to other forms of advertising monetization: you register, you receive a code to insert in your website and from that moment, it starts serving attractive native ads to your visitors.

Until then we have not talked about making money as an affiliate. And we know it.

But calm down because you have to understand the whole process so that it makes sense for you and your business!

This code is part of an algorithm that, uses machine learning, and acquires and analyses hundreds of signals to identify which type of content is most likely to interest each reader in particular.

Therefore, it shows what the user wants to see, increasing the chances of him/her clicking and/or engaging.

When this happens, Taboola returns part of the profit to the publisher, who starts receiving the money to show the content to its readers.

And the best part is that Taboola provides resources to make monetization more efficient for publishers and more enjoyable for the audience, such as Feed Taboola.

Taboola For Publishers

The company has grown exponentially in recent years.

With the promise of making money without leaving home, many digital content producers are joining these monetization programs.

However, when it comes to affiliate, the task is not so simple.

By requiring the ability to sell, many end up failing to make a profit or scale their digital businesses.

On the other hand, there are other content producers who monetize their websites or blogs by selling advertising space.

In Taboola, for example, you offer your ad space to advertisers to publish their videos or related articles.

So every time your reader interacts with the advertising, you get a percentage of the platform’s earnings.

So if you are interested in this monetization format, know that, before anything else, you will need to be approved by the platform.

Below we will explain how to proceed.

How To Register With Taboola?

Those who want to earn money with Taboola must go to the official website, click on the “Publishers” section, enter their registration data and finally request a contact.

Once this is done, before getting your feedback, Taboola will analyze your website data so that we can provide you with a script to start showing ads.

However, it is worth remembering that, in general, only sites with high-quality content and a high volume of visits are accepted.

More specifically, to subscribe to Taboola and display ads on your website, the process is as follows:

Step #1. Registration: you must register with the Taboola Ads affiliate program so that you can monetize your content.

Taboola registration

At this point, you will register as a Content Provider, which creates and makes content available to other sites (advertisers). Or, as a publisher, who owns a website and will monetize its content.

After submitting the information, Taboola will contact you. They will review your website and check whether it fits the policies of the platform.

In general, only sites that already have a good amount of traffic and quality content are accepted;

Step #2. Approval and implementation: if your site is approved, you can start showing ads.

For this, you will receive a script that must be inserted into the code of the website. Then, depending on the views and clicks on your ads, you will be paid.

How To Improve Your Income In Taboola In 3 Steps

#1. Produce good content

The first and most important advice to improve results with Taboola is to produce quality content.

If you write articles, for example, do it well to generate more visits and also for readers who are there to get to the end of the text.

That is, where they tend to be sponsored posts.

Note: Obviously, a poorly made website with irrelevant content and little traffic will not be accepted as a publisher of Taboola.

However, there are many techniques that can help you to give more quality to your texts:

  • Clickbait “in the right dose”: Use these techniques in your titles to increase your CTR and, consequently, the volume of visits from search engines and social networks;
  • Storytelling: You can assemble the body of your text using storytelling techniques to capture the reader’s attention;
  • Scannability: many of the users who visit your site don’t read all of its content, so making text scannable, using titles and bookmarks, is an effective way for visitors to reach the end of the page;
  • CTA: invitations to action are powerful. Using them at the end of a well-written article can really take the reader to action. So try asking them to see your related posts.

#2. Edit ad positions

As we said, most users do not follow the entire content of a page.

On smartphones, for example, the average number of readers reaching the end of the article is less than 15%.

So if you want to increase the number of impressions of the ads allocated on your site without using popups, simply edit them.

Here are some suggestions from Taboola itself:

  • Mobile devices: insert links with only a video or an article in the middle of the page;
  • Desktop: on the desktop, where reader loyalty is usually higher, the possibilities also increase. Here you can, for example, insert carousels of articles to offer your visitor more options and also increase the percentage of clicks.

Related posts next to your article also automatically generate more visibility.

So use it but don’t get any suggestions.

Try and see the best placement for your audience.

#3. Meet the Taboola Feed

Promoting the user experience is a great goal of companies in the digital environment. And for Taboola it couldn’t be any different.

To go beyond the known formats of related posts, Taboola Feed was created with the places where users spend most of their time online: on social networks.


Taboola Feed is a solution that has generated many results for publishers.

It provides, at the bottom of the page, a custom content feed with videos, articles, products and many other related links.

So be sure to test this feature to earn more money as an affiliate.

Tips To Improve Your Taboola Ads

Even with access optimization functions and even artificial intelligence, getting high ROI on your campaigns on Taboola requires some effort.

So, thinking mainly of those who are not very familiar with the platform, we have three tips for you as follows:

Campaign: this is the phase of structuring and assembling the campaign, in which you will give the first coordinates for the positioning of your ads;

Display: here your ads are already displayed on the publishers’ sites, so users need to click on them;

Destination page: finally, the user has clicked on your ad, but an appropriate conversion page is required to convert them.

#1. Campaign


When structuring your native ad campaign, there is only one way to optimize your results: define your target audience.

This is because, although native advertising is a resource that takes content that the user wasn’t looking for, the message delivered to the public should not be delivered at random.

So knowing your ideal consumer, your chances of getting a relevant article or video increase.

After all, you will provide content tailored to the preferences, characteristics and behaviors of your audience.

In addition, it is often possible to publish ads of general interest: a real “click hunt”.

However, even in these cases, you need to filter your campaigns for people who are willing to interact with your brand, product or service.

So at Taboola it’s not just about the number of visits, but about their quality.

That is, you have to use segmentation tools to reach a converting audience.

#2. Display


Once you have defined the target audience for your campaign, it’s time to assemble the ads.

This is your first contact with the user and, consequently, your ability to generate clicks.

For this reason, you should know that in Taboola or any native advertising platform this contact with the user is summarised in the image and title of the ad.

So, here are 4 suggestions to optimize these elements:

  • Create a tone of mystery: do not provide all the content in the title. Make a promise and offer an advantage that encourages the user to click on your ad;
  • Quote lists: lists like “10 customer prospecting tools” work well because they tend to generate interest in the topic;
  • Use opinion leaders: if you know your audience, you will also know who the opinion makers in your niche are. Using celebrities, renowned professionals or other influencers in your ads usually also improves your performance;
  • Test A/B: When planning a marketing action, know that there is no formula for success. So try to get the best results from your audience.

#3. Landing page


Your audience has finally clicked on your ad, so you need to be consistent with your title and deliver what the consumer expects.

Here are some tricks that make any landing page more attractive to the user:

  • Clean Layout: A ‘clean’ design tends to hold the consumer back a lot more. So create your template without many images and with harmonious colors;
  • Short texts: avoid large blocks of text. Improves readability – after all, your article is not content that the reader wants spontaneously;
  • The main content of the funnel: Native advertising requires the superior content of the channel.

The audience that finds your Taboola ad can be found on a publisher’s website and uses articles.

So they have almost no intention of making a purchase at that time. Therefore, try to convert your audience into leads to feed them and ultimately make sales proposals;

  • CTA: Whether your goal is to acquire leads, get followers on social media or convince them to stay on your site, ask them.

That is after you have structured all the content of your ad, use the invitations to action to encourage the visitor to take action.

However, always consider placing these calls at the end of the content. This is because, as this is native advertising, you must first activate it before ordering anything.


Taboola Ads is a great tool to generate traffic and so as to monetize your digital content (Websites or blogs and Apps).

Whatever the business, with the right strategy and oriented to the characteristics of the platform, it is possible to have excellent results.

But Taboola Ads is just one of the countless media to advertise and get more traffic.

So, “Which one to use between Taboola, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or another Native Ads platform?”.

However, it is up to you to answer this question.

Each audience reacts differently in each channel, so analyse which tools provide a positive return on your activity and make your choice.

If you liked this article, let us know in the comments and keep following us so you don’t miss the next interesting topics! 🎯

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