Online Banner Advertising -How to Increase your Online Visibility

Online Banner Advertising
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Online Banner advertising also known as display advertising is still the most popular and effective form of online advertising. Even though it has evolved a lot in the last few years. The traditional way of banner designs and placement still remains the same.

As the advertising industry faces more competition, many digital display networks have created programmatic advertising tools designed to help advertisers gain leverage over their competitors.

However, with or without those tools, the guidelines and standard procedures still remain the same. It is a matter of focus and determination that will lead your campaigns to great success by implementing the best strategies.

In this post, we will explain those strategies and the DOs and DONT of online banner advertising that will increase your online visibility.

So first… Answering the most important questions.

What is Online Banner advertising?

For a moment let’s go back in time, before we get into the online banner advertising, As far back as in the 1940s. Businesses of all kinds started implementing different kinds of approaches in order to boost their sales. The word “advertise” started appearing more often.

During this era, people started seeing banners of products around the shops with images and text for products and services which started to boost sales as businesses get more flesh and bones.

The peak, of course, comes in the late 1970s with Banner advertising. Huge banners displayed around cities and at the fronts of any shop had become part of consumer’s daily life.

Nowadays. As the advertising and marketing industry revolve, banner advertising is done differently with the goal of boosting business visibility using online platforms.

Hence, banner advertising is still one of the most effective and popular forms of advertising online and is mostly used by all advertisers.

Nowadays, banner advertising can be found around the world wide web on many internet pages using different formats such as (.jpg, .png) or even as a small animated image .gif ) and goes by the name of online banner advertising.

So, as a summary of the above, we can now define “Online Banner Advertising”.

Online banner advertising is a type of advertising, that is connected with Ad Networks (ad servers) and embed into the websites of any kind. The banners are linked with a landing page so the advertisers can gain traffic. This is an effective way for businesses in order to reach their clients, by promoting the products and services they offer through the internet.

Definition of “Online Banner Advertising”.

Is Online Banner Advertising Effective?

Around the world wide web, you may come across some comments which support that banner advertising as a display advertising form is dying. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Here at AdsTargets, we will explain why banner advertising is still very effective and why it will not go off-trend. As we have already mentioned in previous posts, we like to support our opinions with facts.

Recent researches about online banner advertising have shown that websites with this kind of display advertising can increase their CTR by 38% more than the other options of digital advertising.

Apart from that, Almost 93% of businesses online use banner advertising in their campaigns, over 50% of these businesses record very high conversions and sales using banner ads campaigns.

To sum this up, All these businesses engage in online banner advertising because it is a profitable and less expensive way to boost your online visibility.

But don’t misunderstand us. This percentage as attractive as it may seem is not that easy to be achieved. Banner advertising requires a lot of factors in order to be successful.

Banner Advertising for Small Businesses

As we expand more into our topic, let’s talk about why and how you should use banner advertising as a small business. If you own a small business that cares about your growth, you will like to consider using banner ads as a growth strategy.

Here is how banners ads will help you grow as a small business.

  • Expand Brand Presence
    Placing banner ads across websites with similar content will help you attract other people who are searching for your services/products, to land on your page and maybe they will make a purchase.
  • Increase Customer Base
    With banner advertising, you increase your online visibility and it is a way to put your product or services in front of the consumer. By showing your product or services using display advertising you turn your visitors to customers.
  • Banner Advertising Allows Re-Targeting
    As we have already mentioned in a previous post, “Remarketing vs Retargeting -What Advertisers Should know”, effective retargeting works pretty well when the right data is collected and expanded. Banner advertising will be a very helpful tool for retargeting. Re-targeting can create ads that will increase conversions and ROI.

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Tips to Increase Visibility with Online Banner Ads

Now let’s look at the various ways you can increase your online visibility with banner advertising using the following tips.

  • The Size Matters
    The dimensions of banner ads can vary and differ for websites but in our opinion here is some of the most popular.

    728×90px — Leaderboard
    300×600px — Half Page
    300×250px — Medium Rectangle
    336×280px — Large Rectangle

    Keep in mind that large banners ( 336 × 280 pixels) and Leaderboard ( 728 × 90 pixels) receive more clicks than standard banners.
  • Positioning / Placement
    If you want to increase your CTR you should be careful and do not underestimate the importance of the place you are going to have your ads displayed. For example, a high traffic blog will be alluring but if the open position for banners is in the bottom you may have to reconsider your choice.
    Place your banner ads at the top of the title and in-between the page content should be your first spots to look at and go for it.
  • Pass the Message Loud and clear
    The message needs to be targeted, this will attract your targeted audience to check you out immediately and will reduces the time spent searching for your products. Therefore, be sure that your content is displayed through Banner Advertising on the right website with similar content as your product.
  • Awareness and Design
    All around the web people come in contact with many ads and in most cases they don’t notice those ads because of the design.

    So let’s do this and try to get their attention.

    In order to create awareness of your business while running online banner advertising campaigns, Take advantage of to add your brand name on the banner. By doing this you will be able showcase your brand and cut the attention of the viewer.
    Use the right colours, frames, Text fonts while designing or creating your banners. This will not only attract your viewers but will get them to visit your website to know more about you.
  • Text size and length
    Keeping your Text in check is very important when it comes to banner advertising. Most advertising platforms have a text limit to what you must have on your banners. Generally, Banners with less text perform far banner than banners with so much text.
  • You should try and keep our text as concise as possible so that the right message is sent with the most important worlds.
    Of course, there are several other things that you need to know and you can learn with AdsTargets with our previous posts like “Banner Advertising – What You Need To Know”.

Banner Advertising Examples

Here are some examples of the banner ads you should consider designing for your banner ad campaigns to increase your visibility.

  • Call to Action (CTA) Banners

This image has several examples of call to action ( CTAs ) banners. With this type of banners, your possibilities to get more clicks in your ads are more likely as you can provide discounts or time-limited offers to the user that is searching for.

  • Pick & Combine Colors

Most advertisers think that picking colors is not that professional and the users may find it annoying. Up to a point, they may be right mixing colors and picking bright ones is not an easy option, but once you find the right way to achieve it the click-through rates can get really high and the banner to pay you off.

  • Online Banner Advertising Between Content

As we have already explained above, when you pick to have your banners between the content you must be aware of the page content and be sure your product is similar to it. In this example, you can see a perfect implement of this type.

  • Animated Banners

This is the new trend in display advertising. Animated banners seem to be more user-friendly when they are placed in the right position. The message is easier to pass from advertisers through this type

Animated Banner


Growing your business online is crucial. Even though there are free ways to grow your online business for free, you will need some form of advertising to accelerate your growth.

This is where online banner advertising comes in and considering how important it is, we hope this post will give you some insight on how to increase your visibility using banner ads.

If you have been in the market of having been using banner advertising, Please share your experience in the comment section. Likewise for newbies, please let us know your challenges below in the comment section.

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