How To Attract an Audience Using Mobile Marketing?

mobile marketing
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mobile marketing

Today, billions of people use smartphones. As more and more users switch to mobile devices, marketers are wondering how to interact with a mobile audience.

With the help of mobile marketing, brands can discover new opportunities and adapt to the digital reality.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the promotion of brand products and services among users of mobile devices: smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices have already become a part of life. And brands can use this opportunity to their advantage with the help of a mobile app advertising agency and a full-fledged development strategy. So, mobile marketing can help:

  • increase loyalty and recognition;
  • attract new customers and retain existing ones; 
  • improve customer experience;
  • increase brand trust.

Additionally, mobile marketing offers the opportunity to reach a wider audience, segment them, and convert them into quality leads. After all, people use their smartphones not only for chatting but also for shopping.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Increasing consumption of digital content is an excellent opportunity for brands to interact with their target audience. However, it is worth remembering that the way we consume content is constantly changing. And if a few years ago computers were the number one device for surfing the Internet, now smartphones are coming to the fore.

Without considering the mobile audience, brands risk losing a large part of their customers. When users find it inconvenient to interact with a brand on a mobile device, the likelihood of conversion decreases, regardless of how effective the promotion strategy is.

The saturation of the digital space and new devices for playing content has not only opened up new opportunities for brands but also created new challenges. To stay in touch with their target audience, brands should optimize strategies for mobile users and pay attention to mobile marketing tools.

Mobile Marketing Tools

In-app advertising, social networks, push notifications – brands can use all this to interact with the mobile audience. To choose the right tool, you need to take into account the advertised product, the behavior of the target audience, and the purpose of the advertising campaign:

  • Advertising in a mobile application helps reach the ever-growing audience of mobile applications using different formats (from static banners and videos to interactive formats and rewarded advertising).
  • Social media – there are billions of social media users in the world. This is a huge audience that can be converted into leads through advertising.
  • Geolocation – Using the location data, you can customize the display of an advertisement depending on the user’s location and catch the target audience in the right place and at the right time – on the way home, to work, or at the airport. For example, show a creative to a mobile user when he is within a 1 km radius of the company;
  • Search advertising on mobile devices – people use Google not only from computers but also from smartphones. This is an opportunity for brands to remind themselves and increase conversions, and also to shorten the path to purchase due to additional extensions. For example, an instant “call” button.

Mobile advertising, including native, banner, and video ads adapted for mobile devices, should be highlighted as well.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is not just about “being” on the Internet. That’s why marketers need to have reliable mobile marketing strategies:

  • Improved personalization and relevance – with mobile marketing, you can reach your target audience anywhere and anytime (at work, at home, or even while traveling). By customizing an advertising campaign based on user preferences, purchase history, and online behavior, brands can interact with audiences and offer products and services at the right time.
  • Profitability – mobile marketing is often cheaper than traditional forms of advertising.
  • Increasing coverage – the number of smartphone users is increasing every year, which means that the audience with whom you can interact online is also growing.
  • More possibilities – mobile marketing has many tools that a brand can combine and experiment with to achieve its goals.

Don’t forget about the concept of virality. Mobile content is easy to share. For example, if a user likes an advertising post, he or she is likely to share it with friends.

How To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Many approaches will help improve your mobile marketing strategies. However, it is worth focusing on the main ones.

First, don’t neglect mobile app analytics. It happens that brands ignore proven methods of tracking mobile activity. Some are used to promoting on desktops and do not understand the difference in attribution of traffic from mobile advertising campaigns, others use their systems or do not track at all. The result is a distorted view of the progress of the advertising campaign.

It is better to track a mobile campaign in specialized mobile analytics platforms. They will help you analyze user behavior in a mobile application, predict it, and understand how to attract users to an app better.

Use different creatives for display and performance campaigns. Display and performance campaigns are different ones with specific goals, performance, and creatives. 

Before developing an ad, you should define your goal: sales, leads, brand awareness, and traffic. This will determine not only the design but also the call to action.

Also, don’t forget about gamification. With the increasing saturation of the digital space, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold the user’s attention. Advertising formats with non-standard interaction mechanics attract customers and encourage action better than a static banner.

It’s important to optimize your website for mobile users. This is the first step towards a successful mobile marketing strategy. This will not only increase loyalty and improve user experience but also improve the site’s ranking in search engines.


One of the marketer’s tasks is simple – to find a user, attract his attention, make him think about buying, and make him buy regularly. Given that users are spending more and more time on smartphones, a competent mobile marketing strategy from Netpeak Agency is a significant advantage for a brand in the race for profit and user attention.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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