HostPapa Review – The ultimate beginner guide

HostPapa Review
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Here is a Hostpapa review to help you with all you need to know before signing up for a HostPapa plan.

So you are finally ready to kick off your idea and convert it to a business or finally you decide to start blogging after so many years of saying “I want to start a blog”. Whichever way, you are heading in the right direction.

This also means you are ready to start building your website or a blog which involves buying a domain and a hosting plan.

This is where you need a secured and reliable web hosting plan. In addition, a web hosting plan that will make things easy by offering you a free domain, unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, great support team and affordable price.

HostPapa stands a great chance in offering all the above-mentioned features and many other more.

But how? Let’s start with a brief introduction.

A brief about HostPapa

Just to have an idea about this hosting company, Hostpapa was founded in 2006 in Canada. The hosting company offers Shared hosting, reseller Virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans etc.

Start Hosting with HostPapa today

As of date, It is estimated to have hosted over 200,000 websites around the world. The company has a presence in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, European Union, France, Ireland, Belgium, Spain Germany, New Zealand and Mexico,

HostPapa Hosting plans

So what type of hosting plans one can find on HostPapa? Well, it turns out virtually all the hosting plans you might need whether as a blogger, a small business or a large business can be found on HostPapa

HostPapa has three hosting plans, the starter, business and business pro. Each of the plans is designed to suit your specific need.

Let’s say you are a blogger and decide to host your WordPress blog. You may decide to choose a WordPress plan offered by HostPapa with over 400+ Apps for free to build and start digitally marketing your blog.

For businesses, the HostPapa “business plan” which is the most popular will be an idea for your business. This is because it offers more features to help you run a reliable business while increase trust and search engine rankings.

The “business Pro” is mainly for businesses that are ready to scale-up their online activities and expecting or receiving higher web traffic.

It offers more features such as advanced security features, performance enhancement and many more essential features that you need to expand and grow your business.

Things you should know about HostPapa before you can host your website.

Here I will be brief about some of the Pros and Cons of using Hostpapa to host your website or Blog.

Pros of using HostPapa

#1. Great Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important qualities or feature of any hosting company. On average of 12 months, HostPapa was estimated to have 99.95% uptime which is a super good result for a web hosting.

This HostPapa test was actually done by hosting facts as seen below showing great results

#2. High advanced security

With over 40,000 website been hacked every day, One thing you can be sure of getting from Hostpapa is an optimal security system to ensure your website is always protected by hackers.

Hostpapa has great security features on all their plans and even on their shared hosting plans come with Panda Cloud antispam protection enabled.

In addition, HostPapa enabled server firewall and intrusion detection and 24/7 saver monitoring as well as spam protection to ensure your website is not spammed anytime.

Security is the key when it comes to web hosting and you should be sure you will get your website protected by HostPapa.

#3. Great price value

Considering all the features HostPapa offer for such a low price. It’s great to get started with them and probably stick with HostPapa.

The price for 36 months term hosting for business plan is only $142.20. This is extremely affordable and recommendable for most businesses.

You will definitely be very satisfied with this price especially when taking into account all the features that come with it.

You may decide to add other features such as domain privacy which is $9.99, automatic website backup at $19.95 and protection power website security at $19.95.

All these are optional however, our recommendation is for you to try and see if you enjoy these features.

#4. Easy Site migration

One feature most web hosting companies offer is site migration. Be sure you will get your website migrated as fast as possible by HostPapa professional support team.

This might actually look common but if you have ever tried migrating to your new host, you might have sometimes encounter issues which is highly unlikely when getting your website migrated by Hostpapa support technical team.

So simply relax your mind and get your website migrated by their team free of charge anytime you are ready to migrate.

#5. Automated Website Backup

This is one of the most important features offered by Hostpapa. Many other web hosting services do not offer automated website backup pushing their customers to depend on third-party services to back up their sites regularly.

In times of trouble let’s say while trying to modify your website files, something might go wrong and your website will be down. With automated website backup, you can easily get your site up and running in a matter of seconds

This feature is extremely important and helpful when you are attacked by hackers or simply run into a problem while working on your website. Think about it and make a wise decision.

Cons using HostPapa

Generally, there are no issues or let’s say serious issues to point out here. This is because the company has managed to improve a lot. One specific issue customers use to complain about is.

#1. Customer support

This has since been improved a lot. Their customer support services are now much better and dedicated to helping clients solve their issues as fast as possible.

#2. Renewal Fee

So on the most part, almost all web hosting companies charge standard feel after the initial fee is expired. This is a general and common practice with all web hosting company.


So after all these, do we recommend HostPapa hosting for both beginners and established businesses.

Absolutely “YES”

The answer is “Yes” because HostPapa web hosting service offers almost all the features you need to run a fast and secured website or a blog successfully.

It is critical to choose a good web hosting company as it matters a lot for:

  • SEO rankings and organic traffic.
  • User-friendly and user experience.
  • Reliable and secure online presence.

At the end, I believe going through this HostPapa review will help you make a better choice. Therefore, we will end up recommending HostPapa for your all web hosting services.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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