Paid Advertising: Benefits and Examples

benefits and examples of paid advertising
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If you want to gain more traffic to your site, paid advertising is one way to go about it. With many platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, monetizing data they collect from customers you can now run ads to reach your desired audience.

There are different examples of paid advertising, it is now left for you to decide which one you prefer to make use of.

The ease of accessibility of these platforms makes it more competitive to gain organic traffic, these makes paid ads a great way to gain traffic.

It is difficult to rely solely on organic traffic, businesses no longer mind paying for traffic. Now the problem is knowing which platform to choose from with the dozens of media available. 

Here you are going to learn the different examples of paid advertising, so you can know which to pick from. 

What is paid advertising?

These are online advertising methods used to gain more traffic to a website or social media platform. They are used to get the attention of the target audience faster through the examples of paid advertising that will be explained below. 

Various example of paid advertising comes in various pricing models like; pay per click, pay per 1000 views, pay per action, and pay per lead. 

These ads come in various Ads formats like; banner ads, video ads, text ads, native ads, pop-up ads, and text graphics ads. In combination with the right audience targeting options, paid advertising is super helpful. 

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Let us dive into the different examples of paid advertising. 

Examples of paid advertising 

For easier understanding, the examples of paid advertising are going to be classified into two. 

#1. Paid search engine ads

Paid search engine advertising is commonly done on Google and Bing. These examples of paid advertising make use of search engines with Google being the most used. 

Bing (Microsoft) is the second most commonly used search engine for paid ads. Other search engines that can be leveraged are; yahoo, Ask Network, and AOL.

Different ad formats can be used such as; shopping ads, text ads, responsive ads, image ads, app promotion ads, video ads, and call-only ads. 

This is an example of a Google shopping ad:

an example of paid advertising

Display ads are also a great way to advertise on websites on Google. They are visual-based ads you see when scrolling through Google, watching a video on youtube or using a mobile app. 

These display ads are placed on websites and apps that belong to the Google display network but there are other ad networks like Adstargets that can be used. 

#2. Paid social media ads

Using social media platforms for advertising has become increasingly popular over the years. There are lots of platforms to choose from like; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

This example of paid advertising is placed on the user’s feed as they scroll. It can be can either be an image or a video. Other placement formats could be placing ads between users’ stories.

Some social media platforms are more beneficial for B2B like LinkedIn. Businesses can use LinkedIn to market their product or service to other professionals. 

This is a Linkedin paid promotion:

linkedin paid advertising

For B2C social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat are better suited for e-commerce brands. 

Other examples of paid advertising

Affiliate marketing

This is when brands pay affiliates to promote their service or product. These affiliates are usually bloggers and promote the brands’ products on their website, then they get paid with every successful sale. 

Affiliate marketing as an example of paid advertising is beneficial to brands because they get to choose who they partner with. As a brand, make sure to choose affiliates that align with your company’s objectives and goals. 

Email marketing ads

An effective way of reaching your audience is through email. You do not have to have the emails of your target audiences. 

Here is an example of a G-mail paid ad:

gmail paid ads

With googles smart targeting option, you can be able to reach out to your audiences using Gmail. A teaser of your ad is displayed in the inbox of your target consumers. 

Benefits of paid advertising 

#1. They are measurable

The best part of paid advertising is being able to measure how your ads are performing. You will be able to know which ad campaigns are doing well and the ones that are not doing well. The low-performing ads can be modified to get the best outcomes. 

If you are also not impressed with the results of the ads you can decide to stop them completely. 

#2. Diverse ways to reach target consumers

The various examples of paid advertising stated above allow you to reach target consumers through different platforms. Choose platforms that can be used to reach your audience easily and effectively. 

#3. Quick results

If you want fast results, paid advertising can help you achieve this. The ad campaigns reach your audience quickly and within a few hours, your goal is on its way to being achieved. 

Your target audience who are interested in your product/service can now visit your website and start purchasing. Compared to organic marketing, paid ads are quick and effective. 

#4. Valuable insights into the target audience

Paid advertising platforms allow you to gain valuable insights into your audience and their interests. You can create multiple versions of ads and optimize them based on audience interaction. 

Data collected about your consumers allows you to refine your ad messaging to suit them based on their interactions. 

#5. Cost-effective

All examples of paid advertising are cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of advertising. With paid ads, you can narrow your audiences and reach them are a cheaper rate. 

There are different pricing methods of ads and this ensures that every amount of money spent is worth it. The different methods are pay-per-click, pay-per-1000 impressions, pay-per-action, pay per click. 


Online marketing has been making waves in recent times, which is why marketers need to know the examples of paid advertising and their benefits. The knowledge of this allows marketers to make informed decisions when looking for various routes to reach their target consumers. 

Paid ads are here to stay and when compared to organic marketing they tend to be much more efficient. 

Chidubem Achugbulam

Chidubem Achugbulam

Chidubem is a digital marketing specialist | Search engine optimization specialist | Social media marketer. Chidubem is a creative thinker who loves to implement different marketing strategies to help brands grow. She is passionate about brand growth and creation of marketing campaigns. She enjoys learning new things and is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge.

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