Instagram Target Audience: How to Build a Target Audience on Instagram

Instagram Target Audience
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When you build a target audience for your business on Instagram is very important especially if your contents are visual-oriented and you need an audience of a specific age for example age-grade 18 to 25. Or targeted audience in a particular geographical region or based on their interest.

When you build a list of the audience who are ready to engage or potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your offer, it is easier for you when you start Instagram Ads for a new or existing product to a “target audience” list.

Instagram Target Audience is key for online businesses and any social media marketer who is willing to get serious exposure on Instagram should understand everything revolve around your audience type.

So let’s guide you through the process of creating a target audience on Instagram.

What is a target audience?

A target audience is a group of users that will readily engage your business adverts and content when you publish them.

Meaning targeted audiences are potential consumers due to their behavior and are more likely to update them on your new products or changes done to your business.

They are groups or lists that customers subscribe to your business ideas and want to be updated about them.

This has come to be due to needs and want from social media user, who are interested in your products or service

One f the main condiment of social media marketing is the targeted audience, they allow you to have the best statistics about your sales and it is ideal to have one as a marketer.

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Target Audience on Instagram
Instagram targeted audience

Below are the types of target audiences

  • Main target audience: These are the kind of Instagram audience that will initiate a purchase and in the long run influence the final decision of your customers plus command your sales volume. For example, when your ads are about children’s clothing Instagram ads will be useful they can help you reach your target audience.
  • Indirect target audience: This audience facilitates the decision of your customers on Instagram and turns them into action. These ads can be targeted to a certain age grade or demography which will drive the action by buying indirectly. For example, when you target a younger age grade with your ads, you may pressure their parents to buy for them this is an indirectly targeted audience.
  • Wide and narrow: Generally narrowly focused audiences are more accessible here, you can also segregate your customers based on what they want you.
  • Website traffic audience: this kind of audience is compiled for website traffic, those looking for traffic need this kind of audience who search for their favorite news or product information and with a list of providing them with their needs your website.

It won’t be wise enough if you don’t know the kind of audience you need for your eCommerce business, so before you use Instagram features (in-feed, story, reels, TV, life) to promote your products, have a defined targeted audience who will engage your post readily once you post.

You need to search and know the best audience before starting your promotion on Instagram and any other platform.

If you can’t efficiently do this, then you can hire a social media marketing expert, with a proper strategy your business will grow higher.

Well if this is too much weight for you to carry in searching for a suitable group of an audience then POSTOPLAN is your insurance on that.

POSTOPLAN is an automated, and smart platform to help you search and compile an expanded audience to increase your business traffic.

How to set your goals

To acquire a target audience for your Instagram business, you need to be smart about it and enlist those who will readily engage with your post about your business.

First, demonstrate your plan with a paperwork flow chart secondly, ask yourself who needs your ideas and how to get them ready for your benefit?

For example, if you want to create such flow charts for the American continent, you need to rely on the following parameters gauges:

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#1. Geographical: what is the gain of your business from selling Tees to residents of sunny Atlanta during summers?

#2. Demographic: this has to do with gender, age, marital status, education, occupation, and why they will buy your idea of selling jackets during summers.

#3. Psychological: what is important for this user, what are his needs, hobbies, dreams, fears, and facts

#4. Socio-economic: does the client have the opportunity to make a purchase, what is his income level, and material conditions.

#5. Behavioral: what fascinates this Instagram user from this location to buy specific personal items, is their attitude towards related brands, are they ready to make a purchase right immediately after you release a product in the market, and how informed are they about your product/service.

With the use of Mark Sherrington’s 5W methodology, you can arrange your Instagram target audience and know when to use them to grow your business.

Your Instagram audience target survey chart should contain questions like:

  • What products will I sell to this particular group?
  • Who is the person who wants this product?
  • Why is this customer buying my goods?
  • When will this customer need this product am selling?
  • Where will it be easier to market this product on the store’s website, on the Instagram stories, reel, in feed, etc.

Try and arrange your target audience based on the above questions and know which will give you an optimizing benefit for your digital advert budget.

Search for Target Audience

Below are the ways to search for the befitting audience;

Competitor Analysis

  1. For any product that you want to make and bring to the market, make sure you do competitors’ analyses.
  2. Visit as many competitor’s pages as possible and check reviews and preferences for your those offering similar products as you.
  3. Find out where active users can be gotten, best age-grades, profession, financial involvement, and their preferences.


This kind of business idea for businesses is focused on your intended location for your business idea.

It won’t be bad to advertise your business which is situated in America on another continent for travelers who may need such services when they travel to your business geo, it is easier to get better ROI if you focus on the primary location which is American where your business is situated.


One of the most powerful and free Instagram and social media general marketing features is the #hashtags, it will help you define and segment your audience.

Research and get 10–15 key phrases that contain your products if you make a post on your clothes business your hashtags should be “#clothes,” “#dresses #jacket,” “#Tees”, etc.

Consumers who search for such keywords on Instagram will definitely find your tags and they may become your potential customers.

At the same time, there are platforms that generate auto hashtags for you to approve and post, e.g LinkedIn is a good example.

Create Polls

Creating social media polls for your Instagram business is a good way of letting you take statistics about your target audience’s feelings and behaviour toward your products, it is very informative and interactive.

Setup polls from time to time, it serves as your business questionnaire.

Don’t focus on customer data like age, occupation, preferences, tastes and location.

Below are some of the strategies to use and Build a Target Audience on Instagram

Create a clear promotion strategy, ideally a content planner for the next month with an indication of what will be in the posts and what will be the topic of the profile.

#1. Profile description is a way of gaining users’ trust for effective business marketing on Instagram, update logos of your brand as Avatar with bold logo and name of your business on it. This will define your business to your users when you are even away.

This can help you give you an edge over undefined competitors who live there blank or post avatars not related to their businesses.

#2. Posting regular content about your business on Instagram is another way of getting closer to your customers, Instagram notified followers of your page from time to time about your updates and this also keeps your business in the limelight I recommend that you post at least 1–2 per day in other not to spam your user’s timelines.

#3. Know when to post your content, most people are available online when they are off duty, so schedule your post for when you know it will be engaged.

#4. If you think you will be busy when you are supposed to post your content, always use POSTOPLAN to schedule your work when for the time it will give your result.

#5. Post videos on Instagram most engaging features that will support your businesses to grow easily, use reels, and stories for video content and creative pictures as well.

#6. Post quality and catchy captions alongside your videos and photos especially for in-feed Instagram posts for better business growth.

#7. Coat your personal stories, behind the scene, and combine different features to showcase your content for better results.

#8. Resurface old contents and spice them up with good graphics, be brief in writing your text, and avoid jargon and stories.

#9. Post regular surveys, give discounts, contests, polls and do giveaways.

#10. Doing analysis and data collection of the target audience will save you the cost of hiring experts to analyse your data because Instagram offers them to you for free.


To target your Instagram audience via several features made available, you need a proper strategy to achieve this, with this post I believe you can use the tips to manipulate and build the best audience for your business.

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Louis Agoh

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