10 Ways Instagram Stories Can Boost Your Business Growth 2022

Instagram Stories
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Becoming a successful marketer or business owner in this 21st century depends so much on Social media the powers tool, which Instagram is outstanding, it boosts business growth in countless ways.

But in this article, let us focus on how to use the Instagram Stories feature to grow your business and marketing in other to receive the highest ROI.

With social media giants Facebook introducing so fascinating adverting features including stories, reels, etc. But Instagram can never be written off concerning what any advertising platform can offer.

Currently, many people are using the Instagram platform for marketing and advertising instead of Facebook, now let’s find out why it is so.

This is so because of trends, Instagram is growing popular and it has a lot of new interactive features while Facebook gradually going outdated.

For this fact, Instagram remains the front runner for marketing businesses in this present time.

Now let’s take a look at how you can use Instagram Stories to grow your business in 2022.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are defined as the feature on the Instagram app where users can post related content like text, photos, emoticons, and videos, they are arranged in a swipe through an array format.

Contents posted on our Instagram stories typically disappear within 24-hours from the time of successfully posting them, it also allows users to use links and stickers.

According to Instagram, the Instagram stories feature allows users to post more content for business partners, friends, and family members.

 These contents can be skipped and since they vanish within 24-hours, it gives users the liberty to post many updates without crowding their Instagram timeline.

How Instagram stories can grow your business

#1. Instagram Stories have massive views of over 400 million daily
#2. They are entertaining, fun, and engaging.
#3. They are one of the most used Instagram features.

Collecting feedback about your business from customers is very vital, this makes you understand where to make improvements to your growth.

When you don’t have the exact data of your customers and their behaviour, you are left with nothing but guesses about how they feel about your business.

But with Instagram stories, it is very easy to keep track of your business and how users feel about your goods and services.

Instagram stories have features like an interactive poll sticker which is extremely engaging and fun for many users on it.

Below is an example of an Instagram Story View.

Instagram stories

Let’s jump into the list…

#1. Creating an email list with Instagram stories

It will be unacceptable if one of the best advertising features “Instagram Stories’’ won’t be able to help you build an email marketing strategy right?

On the Instagram Stories feature, you can post a registration link for more people to subscribe to your email list, Instagram allows users with 10k or more followers to add links to your Stories.

Another feature is all Instagram Stories links are invisible, they are hidden under the “See More” option below the page

Below is an example of an Instagram story link

Instagram story link

Now to make customers understand you posted a link on your story, you have to add a call to action notification write-up, for example, “Swipe up to sign up.“ As shown in the above image.

#2. Increase your business visibility

Exposing your business brand to the world with Instagram Stories can also help you get more local exposure for your brand.

The use of location stickers, can boost your visibility to the local audience and beyond.

Location stickers tell where you are at a particular moment, the location of your physical store, or current locations. This makes them perfect for the growth of brick and mortar stores businesses.

 Below is an example of Instagram story location stickers

Advertise at AdsTargets
Click the banner to Advertise at AdsTargets
Instagram story location stickers

#3. Tighten customer-brand relationship

When you have a mutual relationship with your customers, you stand a better chance of getting the customer back to patronize you again, and that is the foundation of building your business, it brings loyal customers.

The more loyal customers believe in your services and you understand them, the more you benefit from them.

Now all you need to do is create

See the examples below.

● Easy tutorials and do it yourself (DIY) videos.
● Post intriguing questions on your stories.
● notify them of new changes and do giveaways to followers.
● Post user-generated content (UGC) and appreciate their contributions to your business growth.                                                      


#4. Drive traffic to your blog

With Instagram stories, you can share your new blog’s content on it just like any other platform, e.g Medium, and Facebook, and also add a link to it to help boost the traffic of your site, be it E-commence or normal web blogging.

That can also help build your business and improve your sales.

Instagram stories blog content post

#5. Boost your sales with Instagram stories


When you share pictures and videos about your business, new products, or related information on your Instagram stories, you inform many people online and that encourages potential linkup.

Instagram displays thousands of ads from different companies, this kind of ad may make some lose followers as users feel bombarded with too many posts.

We all know Instagram stories disappear just within 24 hours and notify followers only when they are posted.

So I believe with this I’m able to convince you that Instagram stories are one of the best ways to advertise a new product without disturbing your followers much.

Example of how to boost your sales with Instagram stories

These Instagram stories feature has been engaged by millions of Instagram users daily.

#6. Build a consistent audience

When you start a business to make it grow faster, you have to build a consistent audience that will earn your trust, this will grow your online audience, all you need to do is post fascinating photos or and/or videos on your Instagram Stories with useful hashtags relating to your business.

#7. Boost brand awareness


Creating awareness about your business makes people know more about it,  this can make it, even more, easier for people to patronize you when they are familiar with you.

When your run a real estate business, for instance, people will always go to the popular brands than to new and unpopular ones because of the brand’s reputation and popularity so it is good to boost your brand’s awareness to increase traffic to your business and Instagram stories can help you with that easily.

To boost your brand’s awareness always posts your content e.g. links, videos, and photos of your brands on your Instagram stories and other social media platforms as well.

Also share other content especially when they tagged on their post, that way people will also acknowledge your post as well this can help in growing your business brand.

Make a logo of your brand and post it on your profile avatar, and add it to your Instagram stories too.

Below is how to boost your brand with Instagram stories:


#8. Improve your  brand loyalty

To make customers patronize you and become loyal, the first thing to put in mind is to always fulfil your advert promise, and this will keep more of them coming back and you which earns you profit.

Try to bring in new customers every day through campaigns like discounts and referral programs from time to time.

When you improve your brand’s awareness,  people usually prefer to buy or hire existing reputable brands most times and this can give you an edge over other competitors.

This may not be easy but it is not impossible when you keep doing it right.

Share reviews and organize polls to get more insights

#9. Avail yourself to Customers

So many people don’t usually like interacting with robots, they prefer to be attended to by humans like them to be able to question poor services leaving them with only a programmed attendant that will make them look elsewhere they are attended to by fellow humans.

So please use robots only when necessary this can also be achieved by posting about your products and services on Instagram stories and replaying them directly to their DMs this will also help in interacting with willing customers.

#10. Constant Advert

To grow your brand you don’t just relax with posting on your Instagram stories alone make sure you post regularly to catch even neglected users, surely one day they may want to view what you are always adverting.

Secondly, when you post on your Instagram stories alone you are limited to only your followers, run Instagram Stories ads to make your product reach more users across the globe to be able to expand your brand

Keynote: Instagram notifies your user when you post and this is another key to growing your business in 2022.


Apart from Instagram advertising, this post, I believe you now know how to use Instagram stories in several ways to grow your business this 2022.

Share this article with friends, you may just be a helper on their timeline to help enlighten them on how to efficiently use the Instagram stories feature to boost their knowledge on how to their reach more potential customers.

Louis Agoh

Louis Agoh

A highly experienced digital marketing expert with over seven years in the field. Loius focus his writing on digital marketing practices that help small businesses boost growth online while minimizing costs on online advertising and search engine optimization.

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