Best ways to monetize your blog traffic

monetise your blog traffic
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There are several ways you can monetize your blog traffic. The fact is there are too many confusing articles out there which makes it very difficult for small publishers and site owners to understand.

This means that new bloggers have a lot of information on their hands but can’t make use of it.

In this post, we decided to evaluate the best ways you can monetize your traffic as a small publisher and make the best out of it.

How to promote your blog content

Promoting your blog is an important task. You can’t do otherwise: for getting good results you must work on different fronts. But at first, you have to remember to always show what you’re good at.

  • You just need to follow some essential steps:
  • To publish quality content constantly: your audience has to be interested in what you’re talking about.
  • To moderate spam with serenity: It’s always better to remove all spam comments and content linking to your blog in order to get better rankings in search engines as well as improved user experience.
  • To get more and more visibility.
Ways to improve blog content marketing

How to increase your blog traffic

There are several ways you can increase your blog traffic before thinking about how to monetize blog traffic. Most of them require hard work and constituency which leads to actual results of organic traffic.

Increase your blog traffic

As you might have heard or known, organic traffic is one of the most important traffic as it is very targeted. getting organic traffic requires not just writing quality blog content but also optimizing your content according to search engine requirements.

That’s where search engine optimization practices come in. If you are interested in boosting your organic traffic, here is a great post that teaches you all you need to know about Blog SEO.

Read the full post: Blog SEO Tips that can boost your traffic

Other ways to boost your blog traffic include social media marketing. Using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tailwind will increase your traffic dramatically.

However, all the above-mentioned social media platforms have a lot in common except for TailWind. The different thing you can’t find in these other social media platforms is the TRIBE feature you can get in Tailwind.

Tailwind tribe is a powerful tool that allows you to join niche-related Tribes and share your content and also share other content to increase your visibility.

There are so many special features you can find on the platforms which will definitely have a positive impact on your blogging traffic. My advice for you is to try it out and see how effective it is for your blog traffic.

How to improve your blog Search engine optimization (SEO)

So let’s jump into…

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monetize your blog traffic with Ads

There are several Ad types you can use to monetize your blog traffic. However, the most used and the most profitable ways are the pay-per-click, also known as PPC and CPM, which is paid by 1000 impressions. CPM or CPA.

These types of Ads are straightforward, unlike other Ad types, publishers are paid based on the number of clicks or impressions their traffic can generate.

Using all forms of Ads on your website to monetize your traffic will generally increase your income especially when done the right way. The right way here means, putting Ads in strategic places in your blog pages and at strategic positions.

Pay per click Ads

The pay-per-click campaign is one of the most widely used types of advertising on blogs or websites. With this system, you get paid any time someone clicks on an ad.

For example: if someone visits your website and clicks on an ad displayed on your webpage, you earn money.

The amount you receive varies based on several factors but can vary from a few cents to several dollars per click or a thousand impressions or views.

In most systems, the amount you earn is determined by how much the advertising company pays for space.

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If you are already wondering which system to use to make money with Pay-per-click or CPM advertising, AdsTargets offers you all the Ad formats you need to increase your revenue as a blogger.

To register as a publisher at AdsTargets and start making money, please register here:

Make money bloggingMake money blogging

Another publisher’s ad network is Google AdSense, It’s a very popular advertising service offered by Google. Thanks to it, you can start earning money by placing automatic advertisements on your blog.

There is no activation fee and you will be paid for every view or click made on the ads by site visitors. 

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Another great way to monetize your blog traffic using display Ads is to do it using CPM Ads. Some online marketing companies offer pay-per-impression platforms. With this system, you are paid every time the advertisement is displayed on your site. 

If someone visits your website and sees the ad, you earn, even if the ad is not clicked. Most of the time, the amount collected is counted for every thousand impressions of the ad. 

If you then display ads on multiple pages or use multiple banners, this figure increases accordingly. That’s how they earn news sites, have you ever thought about it?

To monetize with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept:

Many affiliate programs out there allow publishers to make money by promoting their affiliate links or banners within their web pages and earning a commission on their visitors’ purchases through those affiliate links.

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Many companies allow anyone who wants to sign up for their affiliate programs to get an affiliate link for each product on the portal.

These links can be published on your blog or on your social profiles and, if someone clicks and buys something, you are paid a 10% commission on the amount paid by the user.

Earning affiliate marketing means earning money by promoting the products of others.

The important thing is to choose products in line with your niche and quality, and those that your audience needs.

Asking for donations

Many bloggers ask their readers for a donation to keep the blog alive. It is effortless to insert them directly on your site to allow the aficionados to publish quality content.

When you are doing a great job, your blog readers will feel the need to buy you some coffee. That won’t just happen if you don’t ask for it.

Don’t be shy, ask your readers to buy you a cup of coffee and they will, especially if they value your content.

Asking for donations in your blog

monetize your blog traffic as an influencer

Here is when influencer marketing comes in. It takes time, though but once you are at this point, you can do wonders. So what are you talking about here…

Let me break it down for you.

Once you can have a lot of traffic and possibly become a famous blogger in your niche, you have the ability to control a large audience as many of your readers will become your followers on social media platforms.

Using social media could be a great way to monetize your blog traffic; we are talking about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

You can actually charge businesses to advertise their product and services. Businesses are making it big these days by selling through influencer marketing.

Once you reach fame with your blog, you can convince your users to follow you on Instagram to increase your notoriety and your followers to contact companies related to your business that need to advertise their products, acting as influencers.

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However, As I mentioned, you need to work hard for you to get famous before venturing into influencer marketing.

Create products and services

These days you don’t actually need to be a genius or a programmer to create APPs, Plugins, or other web applications. You can actually hire a programmer to create anything you want for a token.

Cheap Banner advertisingCheap online advertising

You need to figure out a good product or service that solves digital marketers’ problems. Once you are able to figure out what you want, you can start messaging freelancers on and explaining your idea.

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Once you are done creating your product or service, you can add that to your blog and start marketing it. The best way you can market it is to create explanatory videos and write a ton of blogs about it.

This way of monetizing your blog traffic has a significant impact on your income and general online growth as a blogger.

Digital marketing products

Once people start noticing your product, you will start selling and making money especially when it solves problems for businesses.

Again, if you know how to program or have some programming skills, you can create free WordPress plugins. In this case, obviously, your income will be indirect.

Still, I can guarantee you that, once your plugin is approved and appears in the directory, you will get excellent links and lots of traffic that will allow you to improve (so much) the positioning of your blog, and consequently to increase the earnings of your blog.


Here is some valuable advice for bloggers if you are looking for ways to monetize your blog traffic

The first step is to not think about monetizing. You, who are reading this article, are starting badly if that one is your first goal because it will come by itself, over the years. Invest today to see results in 2-3 years. And to “invest” I mean just thinking about creating quality content. You need value creation at the center of your strategy.

Giacomo gaggiassi

Giacomo gaggiassi

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