Reddit Advertising Ultimate Guide

Reddit Advertising
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Reddit has become one of the most popular websites with massive number of active users all over the globe.

This present huge potentials for marketers to market their businesses using reddit advertising and subreddits to engage with their potential customers.

Affiliate marketers have seen huge success using this platform and B2B and B2C businesses have taken advantage of the platform to buy targeted traffic.

I find it necessary to review the forum and explain what it’s all about and the potentials it present for digital marketers and media buyers.

What is Reddit? in this guide we will discuss about one of the most popular online forums that are depopulating the web!

” Post, comment, vote”: these are the three words with which I would describe the Reddit community.

If you are finished on this article then you are looking for real-time news from all over the world!

Reddit as of today 10.10.2020 ranks number 18 in global traffic websites. According to Alexa Reddit rankings with over half a million active users who generate more and more interesting content every day.

It’s the users of this very active community that produce authentic content and viral videos with dizzying numbers!

The project was funded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, two recent graduates united by a great goal: the front page of the Internet.
A unique page for each of us that presents only topics of our interest. How did they do it?
The secret ingredient is the subreddit system!


We will talk about this and much more in the following article, with the aim to let you discover every secret of this platform!

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregator, a mix of discussion platform and link distributor, divided into forums, the so-called subreddit.

The users, the Redditors, are content creators, consumers and editors.

Using a point system consisting of upvotes and downvotes, the community determines which content and discussions are important: these will be displayed at the top of the feed.

The platform is largely self-managed, the moderators act as forum guards.

Reddit defines itself as “the first page of the Internet”.

In fact, on the social news aggregator, you can find the most important news and topics of the day, just like the front page of a newspaper.

In both cases what appears on the “front page” is chosen by the editorial staff, which in the case of Reddit are its users, the Redditors.

What is Reddit

Each user can also have his say on other users’ posts, simply by voting, leaving comments and generating discussions.

Posts are organized into categories of interest called subreddit, in order to simplify the search. Even the Redditors can create one, of a theme of their choice!

Basically on other social media you can see other people’s facts while on Reddit you can talk to users from all over the world interested in the same topic!

Your homepage will be full of content published in the subreddits you are subscribed to and will always be interesting!

The idea was a great success: it soon became a favourite destination for bloggers, news seekers and even charitable initiatives.

What is Reddit used for?

But now we come to the point: why should we spend time on such a site, so different from all the others?

First, its breakdown by interests puts content and information at the center of the scene, not individual users.

In this way, Reddit becomes a valuable resource for journalists and a solid base for viral content; I often find news here before on Facebook or Twitter!

Are you a company that wants visibility? Or a freelancer looking for useful material or information? Reddit could be right for you.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there’s probably a sub-income for that.

Reddit Up Votes

Last, certainly not least, it’s the Reddit advertising system: a system full of opportunities and potential to be exploited.

How to use Reddit Advertising

The form of advertising used is called native advertising these are advertisements with the same appearance as a post, adapting to the context of the page you are browsing!

In fact, doing marketing campaigns on a similar site brings considerable advantages, especially for 2 reasons:

#1. – An extremely organized platform
The subdivision by topics immediately defines a targeted audience, for a very effective targeting!

#2. – An advertisement, a discussion!
Another thing to know is that the same advertisement will become a post. This means that all the Redditors will be able to give it a vote and comment on it!

In short, a real panacea for your engagement.

The Subreddits

The subreddits are the main core of this site.

Subreddits are more or less large communities that share something and that is the main reason for aggregation in the subreddit: for example, there is a game community and they all have in common the fact of playing on PS4 sharing the same game titles, more or less.

Here comes a subreddit.

There are all sorts of subreddits, here are some of them:

As with Facebook pages or YouTube channels, you can subscribe to multiple subreddits at the same time.

All the subreddits we are subscribed to, moreover, appear in our Home, which is personal and through an algorithm similar to that of other platforms selects at the top the most viewed threads among ours in which we are subscribed.

There is also an alternative Home, the Popular, where the most popular content of all Reddit is shown, a bit like the Trends section of YouTube.

It’s a great way to discover new sub-grids or to start subscribing to the most popular ones.

The Threads

Threads are the main structure of the subreddits. They are equivalent to Facebook posts.

In the threads, a discussion is launched about anything, clearly inherent to the subreddit, since it must respect the rules of the subreddit.

For example, in a subreddit Vexillology, you must post only threads about flags, whether they are fictitious or real because the subreddit is dedicated to fans of flags.

Talking about soccer, for example, is not inherent.

Subreddits can also post flairs, which correspond to tags that are shown next to the thread.

Thanks to the flairs you can evaluate at a glance the type of content you are about to open: a very convenient feature.


Comments are also a vital part of the subreddit, and therefore of Reddit itself.

A world of discussions can develop in comments, whether they are inherent to the thread or not.

They are organized in a chronological way and with a “genealogical” scheme, so cluster all comments that respond to other comments.

The scheme, as chaotic as it may seem as I described it, is actually very effective for quickly filtering out the type of comments you are going to read.

Here are some examples from PC and app:

#1- A example of “genealogical” scheme comments: in this case, each one answers to the previous comment:

Reddit Comments

Same comment, but from app. You can see how the answers are already compressed:

Reddit comments


In every subreddit, in every thread, you can notice that there are no likes, loves or other reactions, but the Upvote and Downvote.

As it is easy to foresee, the Upvote increase the number of “likes” that a thread has, while the Downvote decreases the number of “like”.

Moreover, each person who posts a thread or comments to an existing one automatically puts its own Upvote to its thread or comment.

However, you can also remove it. For example, if two people put Upvote to another person’s comment and one person puts Downvote, the total number of Upvote is 2.

Interestingly, Upvote can also be negative: less appreciated comments can also overcome icy peaks like -20 or -50. The least rated I’ve ever seen was close to -100!

The interesting thing about this system is Karma. Karma takes into account the difference between Upvote and Downvote received and allows you to access some things, when expected.

For example, some subreddits can have their own internal Wiki, and the contribution to the Wiki can only be given to users with a well-defined Karma, for example, 500: all users with a Karma greater than or equal to 500 can edit the Wiki.

If it may seem like a lot, there are users that also count one Karma over a million, but they are real Reddit Stars, like u/Shitty_Watercolour.


In this article, you have had the opportunity to discover the main features of Reddit including Reddit Advertising, an innovative social network that is gaining more and more popularity all over the world.

As you have noticed, Reddit also represents a fundamental tool for companies and their advertising campaigns.

Your goal must therefore be to better understand the mechanisms of this social network and try to start your advertising campaign using Reddit’s dynamics.

We hope this article has been useful to you. You are always welcome and come and visit us anytime!

See you soon!

Alessia Virgilio

Alessia Virgilio

Master's degree in Marketing Management at the University of Foggia. Currently doing a traineeship in Kaunas. 23 years old.

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