Facebook Ad Library: Ad Spy Tools & Ways To Find Your Competitor’s Ads

Facebook Ad Library
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If you are interested in gaining a competitive edge over your competitors, Facebook has a tool “Ads Library” that allows you to see the ads from any page.

Using the Facebook Ad Library, you can view any business’ ads, ranging from your direct competitors to companies you’d like to compete with now or in the future.

The tool allows you to see any current ads your competitors are running; you can go as far as seeing whom they are targeting by hovering on the Ads to see their targeting information

Nowadays, for any brand to succeed and remain on the competitive race track in marketing, as a marketer, you must dig into knowing your competitors and their ads, and to achieve this, you must make competitive research a crucial part of your Marketing strategy. It gives you a fair idea of what’s working for them & what’s not.

If your competitor is strong in the market, the best way to understand their entire setup from ads to sales to fulfilment to shipping to support is to place a spying eye on them.

How does viewing your competitor’s Facebook Ads help your Ad Campaign?

It helps you test the waters and check whether your Ad Campaign will create the right bang or sink with your resources.

This article will exhaustively walk you through the inroads to find your competitor`s ads and draw out beneficial strategies and inspiration from them.

By the way

What is a Facebook ad library?

The Ad Library is a place where you can search for ads that are running across Facebook platforms. You can use it to get information about the ads that are currently running across Facebook platforms, whether you’ve seen them or not.

The Ad Library also shows you additional information about these ads, such as who funded the ad, a range of how much they spent, and the reach of the ad across multiple demographics.

Facebook Ad Library

How to find your competitors

#1. Go to the Ad Library at https://www.facebook.com/ads/library 

The Ad Library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running across Meta technologies.

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#2. Search ads

This option to search ads is placed strategically on the touchdown page of the ad library. Under here you have onscreen instructions to:

#1. Select country

#2. In the Ad, you are asked to drop down, down (either all ads or issues, elections, or politics). Select All ads. 

#3. Enter what you’re looking for in the search bar. (You are given the option to either search by either keyword or advertiser)

#4. Select See ad details to see more information about an ad.

Facebook Ad Library Spying Tools.

#1. AdSpy

AdSpy is a powerful ad spying tool packed with several unique features, but don’t worry because it is not as expensive as you want to think, matter of fact it is less costly than other spying tools.

For this, we can call it a powerful and highly inexpensive instrument. To improve the strength of your campaign, you need to spy on your competitors’ ads so that you can improve and outrank your campaign on Facebook.

As a business owner of an e-commerce store who uses Facebook to advertise, Adspy is a must-have tool. It offers all of the insights you want to take your e-trade enterprise to the next level.

You can also view detailed reports on traffic sources, demographics, conversion rates, ad placements, and more.

AdSpy is not the priciest spy Tool in the market as we have already mentioned above. For $149 a month, you can enjoy all the goodies that come with this powerful Spy Tool.

#2. Adplify

Adplify is a 7-in-one Facebook advertising toolkit that helps you run successful Facebook ad campaigns even on a slim budget.

It comes with 7 powerful functions and includes Pagewatcher, Hidden Audience Finder, Behavioral Retargeter, Page Targeter, Email-List To Audience, Ad Decorator, and RoI Calculator.

All of these functions are packed in one tool to help you beat the competition to achieve better click-through rates from the target audience.

Despite being such a powerful tool, Adplify is affordable and can help any small business achieve great results even if it is their first Facebook ad campaign.

It saves both time and money and can be used by anyone be it an experienced Facebook Ad campaigner or a newbie who has just started out and still figuring out his style of campaign creation.

The best part of using Adplify will be that it lets you keep an eye on your competitors as well as lets you calculate the minimum you must spend to get the results you want even before starting a campaign.

Let`s briefly recap the reason this tool stays ahead of other ad spy tools

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#1.  Pagewatcher: It is enabled to track a bunch of cool things about your competitors automatically. It shows you who is dominating top positions on your chosen keywords; it lets you see what their ads look like and notify you of new competitors.

#2. Hidden Audience Finder: This allows you to discover hidden Facebook audiences you didn’t know existed with Facebook ad hunter.

#3. Behavioral Retargeter: This allows you to make targeted offers to people who have previously purchased something from your store or landed on your page.

#4. Page Targeter: Get market intelligence & audiences from competitor pages.

#5. Email-List To Audience: continuous retargeting for your autoresponder list.

#6. Ad Decorator: make your ads pop out in the overcrowded feed.

#7. RoI Calculator: Having the foresight to determine if an investment will result in a positive return allows you to make financial decisions that will ultimately help you successfully grow your business.

The Adplify tool enables comparative analysis, all for a fee of   $9.95 Monthly for the elite package and elite Yearly costing of $37.00.

Facebook Ads Library Spy Tools

#3. AdLeap Software

AdLeap Software is an exclusive tool that helps you to find and analyze the Facebook ads of your competitors for “free”.

The benefit of this tool is that it helps marketers learn about well-performing ads, set alerts, and contact support whenever necessary.

With a one-time fee of $97, you can have this powerful tool in your box forever.

#4. AdSwipers Facebook Ad spy tool

AdSwiper collects and finds Facebook ads using a combination of extensions and pages. The tool comes in a free as well as paid version. The free version only shows competitor ads that are in your newsfeed.

With this spy tool, you can access thousands of ads from every industry around the world. It’s the best way to stay updated in your industry (in different regions).

It allows you to find out top ads by performance. You can sort by engagement using metrics such as likes, comments, shares, video views, and more.

Price: Free / 247$ per year.

#5. AdEspresso Ad

This is web-based advertising software that allows businesses to grow their fan base, sales, and engagement within their community, it is a powerful and easy-to-use Facebook Ad Management and Optimization tool created by Hootsuite.

It lets users quickly create, manage, and optimize all the social media ad campaigns in one place regardless of their experience and skills with software systems. This enables marketers to save plenty of time, effort, and money.

Basic Features of AdEspresso

#1. With this ad tool, you can control the timing, placement, and audience for your ads.

#2. The AdEspresso allows you to automate the entire ad creation and management process effortlessly.

#3. It is quick and easy to set up, it requires no special technical knowledge to set up.

#4. AdEspresso is speedier and more effective than other ads management tools in the market.

#5. This spy tool works efficiently on multiple platforms.

Price: Free.

#5. Adsova

This ad spy tool shows you all the competitors` newsFeed, desktop, and mobile Fb Ads together with the data, so you will be able to find the best converting ones and replicate them in your campaign.

Price: starts at 39$/month.

#6. PowerAdSpy

Poweradspy is an effective tool for anyone and everyone using Facebook to advertise. This spy tool allows you to quickly find out which ads work and which don’t.

It is more than just a spy tool. It offers priceless details and insights. Every serious advertiser needs it to stay ahead of other competitors in the cutthroat competitive world of online advertising.

PowerAdSpy allows you to create winning ads while saving time, effort, and money. Plus it is totally easy to use and has a massive impact and value to the Facebook advertiser.

Price: starts at 49$/month.

#7. Anstrex

Online advertisers and performance marketers of all kinds use Anstrex to uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers.

This tool provides you with data on your competitors’ online advertising and marketing campaigns.

Anstrex is an incredible tool to have in anyone’s arsenal, it has helped advertisers with their company’s advertising, and has skyrocketed their sales.

Basic features of this spy tool

#1. See What is Working: This ad spy tool monitors tens of thousands of publishers to give you a complete picture of what ideas are working for advertisers

#2. Campaign Insights: Segment any campaign by traffic source, geo-target, and device to understand how to target your campaign.

#3. Related Ads & Landing Pages: Find all the relevant ads and landing pages for any campaign. It lets you get a complete picture of the entire campaign.

price starts at $249/month


Nowadays it has become easy to find your competitors on Facebook. All thanks to tools like Facebook ad library, AdEspresso, AdLeap Software;  Adplify AdSpy, and more) that made it possible to spy on your competitors.

Every advertiser loves to stumble upon their competitor’s strategies and statistics so they can draw inspiration to craft better ads for their campaigns.

In this article, I have outlined in specific detail how to find your competitors` ads and the efficient tools that you can use to draw out important insights from these ads.

I hope this guide leads you the right way as you journey to spy on your competitor`s ads for inspiration.

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