Display Advertising Benefits for your Brand

Display Advertising Benefits
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There are numerous display advertising benefits for brands more than traditional media and other marketing channels.

Such benefits include effective Ad targeting, real-time conversion measuring, and audience segmentation based on demographics, gender, income status, educational status, career, and many others.

Display advertising has the ability to inform a potential customer with more valuable and detailed information for decision-making, offer more options, build brand trust, and above all its less intrusive and interruptive than traditional media advertising.

Display advertising has proven to be one of the most important sources of web traffic that help hundreds of thousands of brands accelerate their growth within a few years or months in some cases.

It is obvious that traditional advertising is struggling to cope in today’s digital world. Many businesses have over the last ten years pulled all their advertising budgets completely from the traditional media to inject it into their digital advertising budgets.

It worked perfectly for many businesses and it can work for yours too. The trick is understanding what it all means and how to effectively use display advertising to grow your brand.

So what are the main benefits of display advertising? Well, here are some of the benefits you need to know as an advertiser.

Display Advertising Benefits

There are numerous benefits of display advertising many big brands spend a lot of money on it year in, and year out.

There is every need for you to start display ad campaigns if you have not started yet.

The results of effective display ads are promising and less risky to invest in if you have the budget. That being said, here are the benefits that await your brand.

Effective Audience Targeting

One of the most important benefits of display advertising is the ability to target the right audience giving your brand reach and visibility on a large scale and to a specific audience who are interested in your brand.

With many targeting options available, companies are able to finetune their target audience based on keywords, industry, location, demographics, topics, relationship status, educational status, career, device type, time, and many other relevant targeting options.

With these targeting options, brands are able to show their ads to only a specific audience while saving on advertising.

consequently, it also increases engagement and conversion rates since your ads are shown to a filtered audience interested in your business.

Display advertising benefits

Remarketing and retargeting

Another extended targeting benefit of display advertising is, It allows brands to retarget or remarket to the audience that made impressions without taking any action or people that took some actions but were unable to complete those actions.

This works perfectly for many brands. It is estimated that over 98% of the people that make first impressions or visit your website will leave without taking any action. Remarketing and retargeting give brands the opportunity to show more personalized ads to those people and encourage them to return to your website and become paying customers.

For Remarketing or retargeting to be effective, the brand will have to install cookies or pixels that will track and follow those people that visit their website. This tracking will guarantee the effectiveness of Remarketing and retargeting.

Ability to choose display channels

With display advertising, brands are given the option to choose where their ads are shown such as YouTube, Search results, Gmail, Adsense websites, and other Google products, etc.

This all depends on your priority and where your target audience is spending most of their time online. This is another flexible feature of display advertising that ensures your ads are reaching the right audience.

Results measurement

Another benefit display advertising has over traditional media and other forms of advertising is that it gives the advertiser or the brand the ability to periodically measure results and optimize ongoing ad campaigns.

This helps brands achieve great results as ads are consistently optimized based on Ad performance. By optimizing ad campaigns, brands increase engagement rates, and quality scores and reduce the cost of advertising.

Advertising data is relevant for successful campaigns and one of the most important benefits display advertising offers is to ensure your brand growth.

Pricing models

As all brands either big or small are much concerned with the cost of expenses generally, display advertising offers brands the flexibility to choose among several ad pricing models such as Cost per click (CPC), and Cost per thousand Mille (CPM).

This is designed to ensure brands have total control over their cost and adjust them based on their budgets and priorities.


Here is how these pricing models work

Cost per click (CPC) ensure you pay a specified amount per click. This means you can choose to pay $0.15 per click and it works based on your setting.

Cost per mille (CPM) ensures you pay a certain amount per 1000 impressions or views. All these works are based on a bidding system.

Bidding plays a vital role in your advertising cost. Bidding ensures you pay for clicks, impressions, or views only when you win for a specific inventory.

Responsive Ads

One of the revolutionalized features of display advertising is Ad responsiveness. advertisers have the ability to create responsive ads that will be displayed on all devices automatically and ad distribution channels without having to create a specific ad for each device or platform.

Google Ads has recently made ads more attractive by combining images and text to enhance the visuals while displaying smartly on the display channels websites and Apps.

This feature helps improve ad performance and higher ROI for advertisers.


Display advertising has helped a lot of businesses grow from small to multi-national businesses. Companies such as Amazon, eBay, and many other eCommerce businesses across the world.

This success can be achieved by doing the right things. creating ads that convert while using several optimization procedures.

Having the money to spend on Advertising is one thing. knowing how to create effective ad campaigns is another.

As an advertiser, you will have to deal with competitors while bidding for inventories, your success depends on how effectively you are able to create and optimize your ad campaigns, website, and landing pages all play a role in achieving a good quality score.

We’ll be pleased to hear about your experience with display advertising benefits and what newcomers should learn from your experience.

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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