16 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts For Online Businesses

16 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts
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To grow your business in many ways, listen to these digital marketing podcasts for starters and existing agencies as a guide to grow a business and grow traffic to your website.

All digital marketers should know that the industry is quickly changing its fashion and the ability to adjust and stay at the forefront of the industry is what this post is all about.

These podcasts can do you a lot of good, you can listen to them even in your leisure time because they explain several ways you can boost your digital marketing skill and grow your business this 2022.

These podcasts are well researched and carefully sort out by digital marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs who have shared various success strategies for business that will be innovative and good lessons for both beginners and pros in the industry.

Your success story in digital marketing is not far away, just listen to the following tips from these entrepreneurial experts in the industry and begin.

People may start asking why this form of education on digital marketing, well times are changing and the new digital life equally requires requisite skills and principles to be able to take your digital marketing to the next level.

You will understand how to write content and get them optimized, which is principal to digital marketing life.

Just listening to these podcasts will update your knowledge on how to effectively sustain a digital marketing life.

Below are the best Digital Marketing Podcasts for you;

#1. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
Duct Tape Marketing

This one-streamed podcast is a perfect piece for marketers who are just starting and average marketers.
It was created by John Jantsch through his experience in the industry and research.

He also frequently interacted with authors and experts, making him one of the pros in today’s digital marketing industry.

Source: Podcast

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#2. Marketing Jam

Marketing Jam Podcast
Marketing Jam

This podcast speaks about outbound marketing, it covers almost every aspect of the marketing industry, the host is an award-winning marketer and CEO of Jelly Marketing which is also an award-winning digital marketing & PR firm.

This is a highly recommended podcast that highlights tactics, marketing insights, trends, and techniques in digital marketing.

It is a weekly show that is hosted by a couple of other industry professionals.

Source: Website, iTunes

#3. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee podcast
Marketing Over Coffee

The description must be funny but I feel it implies what their priority is already.

This podcast focuses on digital marketing, tactics, and trends in the industry on a weekly basis, It discusses social network services, SEO marketing, email marketing, copywriting, must multivariate testing, etc.

These are the top trends in the digital marketing industry.

It compares the offline mode of marketing and the new digital age marketing strategy.

The hosts are John Wall and Christopher S. Penn who do campaigns concerning the industry and attend to questions.

I refer to this podcast as medicine to the digital marketing industry, you have one or two points to add to your knowledge and modify your old content or the motivation to start one after listening to them.

Source: Website, iTunes

4. #AskGaryVee

AskGaryVee Podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk of New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker plus a renounced digital marketer that host this podcast on digital marketing.

Gary host the show with a trending social media tag #AskGaryVee where people ask questions through it.

Source: Website, iTunes

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#5. Marketing School

Marketing School Podcast
Marketing School

This digital marketing master class and advice is usually delivered by Neil Patel and Eric Siu some big names in the digital marketing industry.

This lecture is held 10-minutes daily in different sessions, they teach basic knowledge in digital marketing and some other tips on how to boost your digital marketing ideas.

The podcast provides insightful, expertise, valuable information for starters, and general references about the profession.

Source: Website, iTunes

#6. Search Engine Nerds

Search Engine Nerds Podcast
Search Engine Nerds

Search Engine Neds specializes in providing information on how to align Search Engine Journal.

During each session which the delivery period is every fourth night, listeners have the free benefit to listen to their interviews who are providing vital answers on the latest SEO strategy, social media, paid search, and content marketing skills.

Source: Website, iTunes

#7. The Influencer Podcast

The Influencer Podcast
The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon is a digital marketing, award-winning, New York Times best-selling publicist and influencer.

The entrepreneur airs this podcast every fourth night, highlighting the secrets behind ever-changing trends of influencer marketing in different episodes.

Any social media plan that is beneficial to you should come with, techniques on how to grow trending digital media and monetize it, and the influencer podcast represents that.

Source: Website, iTunes

#8. Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

This podcast focus on business owners and entrepreneurs, it provides adequate knowledge you need to grow digital marketing skills.

They interact with pros in this field via interviews, fresh tips, and execution ideas from Porterfield affiliates.

This Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast will do a lot of good to both starters and serve as a reference to many others existing marketers.

Source: Website, iTunes

#9. Marketing Speak Podcast

Marketing Speak Podcast
Marketing Speak Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Mr. Stephen Spencer who is a social media marketing expert that has contributed to many blogs and is an SEO expert as well, his experience has brought him a lot of recognition, he has featured on shows and other related events in the digital marketing profession.

This podcast is the one that covers the digital marketing strategy entirely.

Source: Website, iTunes

#10. The Growth Show

The Growth Show
The Growth Show

Success stories of businesses are told on this show, it is hosted by CEOs and entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry.

This podcast gives information to both newcomers and experts to help them develop and improve their ideas.

It is hosted on HubSpot, the hosts discuss the growth of their businesses and how their little beginnings in full depth, this podcast can serve as motivation and foundation for many SMEs who lack the basic starting knowledge on digital marketing strategies.

Source: Website, iTunes

#11. Call to Action Podcast

Call to Action Podcast
Call to Action Podcast

This podcast is hosted by those who have reversed the thinking of failure in the digital marketing field.

They cover many topics in the digital world, e.g Pay Per Click Marketing-PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Landing Page Optimisation, A/B Testing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO tips, etc.
This podcast can improve your digital strategies from good to pro.

Source: Website, iTunes

#12. Marketing Companion Podcast

Marketing Companion Podcast
Marketing Companion Podcast

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster believe that Marketing Companion is the world’s most entertaining digital marketing podcasts.

The podcast is a good mix of humour and marketing. Shaefer and Webster often host guests while recording this podcast, and together they discuss different topics based on marketing and also real-life incidents.

There is no better way to present a podcast than the way Shaefer and Webster do, the digital marketing information comes with entertainment as they cover so many key points in the field.

The host entertains guests during the airing of this podcast, they flavour the event with humour and digital marketing strategy for listeners to build on.

Source: Website, iTunes

#13. Growth Byte

Growth Byte
Growth Byte

If you’re running a startup and want to grow your business with quick information, I advise you to listen to Growth Byte because you can find the best startup online growth content there 2 to 3 minutes summaries are excellent for those who don’t want to listen to lengthy podcasts.

The podcast is updated every day since the episodes are too short.

Source: Website

#14. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible Podcast
99% Invisible

This podcast is hosted by Roman Mar which does teach people the main blueprint of digital marketing activities

It gives interviews and interesting sessions that can influence your businesses positively, which also influences your business architecture

Apple, Spotify, Stitcher

#15. Growth Byte

Growth Byte Podcast
Growth Byte

Growth byte is the podcast that focuses on beginners of eCommerce business, it will not just motivate you, it will put you in the right direction to begin a business and grow it.

Growth byte offers the best audio message on digital marketing, it is normally not too long to listen to, it has just 2-3minuts daily of well-cooked digital strategy for your utilization.

Source: Website

#16. The Bright Ideas eCommerce Podcast

The Bright Ideas eCommerce Podcast
The Bright Ideas eCommerce Podcast

This podcast shares knowledge on digital marketing from experience and successful business,
They give best practices to follow and become a top-notch entrepreneur in a series of episodes.

Its host is Trent Dyrsmid a writer in the field with BrightIdeas.co he simplifies how to deal with an eCommerce business on amazon on his personal website.

On the other side, he also interviews successful eCommerce specialists that share useful ideas with listeners.

Source: Website

This podcast on digital marketing will help you grow your business in the needed areas, listen to them at leisure and let the skill motivate you to start and give your business the best digital marketing life it deserves.

Louis Agoh

Louis Agoh

A highly experienced digital marketing expert with over seven years in the field. Loius focus his writing on digital marketing practices that help small businesses boost growth online while minimizing costs on online advertising and search engine optimization.

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