10 Effective Copywriting Examples

Copywriting Examples
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I stumbled upon a copy written for a very popular motorcycle apparel brand. I got quite the laugh reading through it.

I was like “how did no one spot this and stopped it from entering the mainstream?”, anyway, I do not want to sink my nose deeper into how cringe-worthy this copy was but I kept wondering how the copywriter was able to hit the publish button, perhaps he felt guilty as soon as he did, perhaps he just hit the button absentmindedly.

That copy made quite a strong mental impression on me, I will remember it for years at least.

Now to avoid falling into that same pit the copywriter in my story fell into, I am putting out these effective copywriting examples to help you draw inspiration from the best hands in the game and come out with crisp and outstanding copy that will earn you a good conversion rate.

What Is Effective Copywriting?

Effective copywriting tells your prospects what they need to know to move and make a purchase or how to contact you for more information.

Irrelevant details clutter the minds of your audience, which increases the possibility of them forgetting the most vital aspects of your advertisement.

Effective copywriting is that which converts toward your marketing goals. Your goals could be any of the following. You need to begin with an understanding of your goal:

#1. Encouraging prospects to reach out to sales for a conversation about their needs

#2. Encouraging prospects to sign up to receive emails from you

#3. Building awareness that your brand exists

#4. Encouraging prospects to purchase on your website

Powerful Copywriting Examples Every Marketer Needs to See

#1. The Engaging Email

How many emails do you delete without opening them? And what makes you open the ones you open into?

Usually, it is because:

You have confidence in the sender and want to hear what they have to say, or you can’t repel the subject line.

None knows this better than Laura Belgray from Talking Shrimp, the empress of email marketing whose conversion rates are soaring through the roof.

Here’s a typical email from Laura:

The Engaging Email
Image credit: Smartbloggers.com

#2. The Dollar Shave Club

The moment The Dollar Shave Club launched itself to the world with its in-your-face viral video, it took an outstanding position in marketing with a unique brand voice.

They speak to their prospect, who knows how awkward and expensive shaving can be.

Through their copy, Dollar Shave gets to the point, be it through an advert, videos, or their website.

Take this banner ad here as an example:

The Dollar Shave Club
Image credit: Mirasee.com

Front and center it reads: “Buying Razors Sucks.” This short statement immediately speaks to the user reading it.

They either agree or refute. If they do, the line below explains how they solve this pain.

Using “EM” instead of “THEM”, they write as they speak. It aligns with the in-your-face voice they use in their videos, not only creating a consistent message but appealing to their end user.

#3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has one of the most powerful brand voices online. It’s constant and has always taken a first-person perspective approach. It feels like you are having a one-on-one conversation with them.

Their use of the words like “you” and “your” is powerful, creating an informal and natural tone.

Mailchimp copywriting example
Image credit: Mirasee.com

It may sound easy, but few brands have a conversation with their audience. Most talk at them, oftentimes in a bid to become an authority. This results in your reader losing interest.

Two fundamental rules of good copywriting are to:

 #1. Focus on your audience, and

#2. Write conversationally.

Mailchimp doesn’t make its copy about them. They focus on their prospect. They speak with them and to them, not at them. It’s a subtle difference, but one that can have a huge impact on your marketing results.

#4. Innocent Drinks

Good copywriters sell products, but grand copywriters turn simple products into charming experiences.

Note how Innocent Drinks connects a simple drink with a holiday feel. They stylishly mix facts and emotion—a persuasive recipe:

“There are times when you fancy a bit of extra sparkle with your refreshment. So allow us to introduce innocent bubbles tropical – a delicious, lightly sparkling blend of pure pineapple, orange, grape juice, spring water, and absolutely nothing else. It’s a bit like a posh holiday in a can, only without the pesky sand. And with one portion of fruit and only 90 calories per serving, it’s the bubbly way to get one of your 5-a-day.”

We often judge selling as presenting the rational arguments to buy, but you sell on emotion first and then help buyers justify their purchase with rational arguments.

#5. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has to be one of Kickstarter’s most efficient and successful case studies.

Not only blunt but at times abusive toward its prospects.

“A party game for horrible people” This may go against the grain of most great copywriting examples, but it also immediately sets it apart from almost any other board game.

From the moment it arrived on Kickstarter, Cards Against Humanity has leveraged its unique voice to great effect.

Cards Against Humanity effective copywriting examples
Image credit: Cardsagainsthumanity.com

There are a few vital copywriting rules at play here:

#1.Target emotions (humor, in this case)

#2. Writing that flows quickly and to the point

#3. Simple language devoid of jargon

#4. Pattern interrupt-it goes against the grain and stands out

The above copywriting example is quick, witty, and funny. Will it turn some users off? Of course. But those it attracts are hooked instantly, and nothing gets complicated with the overuse of words.

#6. iPod

Apple has always stood out with its copywriting, and much of this boils down to its focus on benefits.

Even today, as they go out to sell you their latest phone, they show you how it will benefit you, instead of focusing on the many features it has.

One of the greatest marketing copy examples of this is when they first launched the iPod.

ipod copywriting example
Image credit: Mirasee.com

A subtle difference, but a profound one. The feature (1GB of MP3s) means little or nothing to most people. Whereas the opportunity to have 1,000 songs in your pocket transformed a generation.

Features are great, and you oftentimes need to tell your prospects about them. However, they only really care about features once they are ready to decide.

Before this, you must entice them by showing them how your features will impact their life.

#1. Will using it save them time?

#2. Will make their life easier?

#3. Will give them more freedom?

#4. What emotions will it produce when they use it?

This is where good copywriting begins, not with a list of tech specs, a big reason why the iPod defined a decade, whereas competitive products vanished into forgotten spots.

#7. AppSumo

Being seductive requires more than offering solutions to customers `problems. You also have to bat away potential customer objections.

For instance, to market a course on creating a business plan, AppSumo doesn’t beat about the bush around the objection that business plans are a waste of time and resources:

“I know what you are thinking: business plans are a waste of time. They become outdated the second they are finished.

And for the most part, you would be right. Old-school business plans can suck up months better spent creating awesome businesses.

But as the age-old Hawaiians say, “You cannot hit what you do not aim for”

To market, you need to explain why the user should care about your offer, and then take away their indecision to buy, in an honest way.

#8. FiftyThree

Weak copy is full of marketing messages. In contrast, persuasive copy is contagiously passionate. Fiftythree designs and manufactures styluses for iPad using brief sentences and easy words, they convey their passion and message without sounding too salesy:


Practical, beautiful, meaningful stuff.

We make what we love.

We  what we do”

However, over the years, I noticed that somehow, along the way, software designed to enable us to be creative actually made us less creative. I believe the best ideas often come from the simplest tools: pencil and paper.

#9. Sofa.com

Don’t want your copy to sound like you are shoving products down people’s throats?

Then try a using conversational tone in your copy. The people at Sofa.com sound like people you would like to meet and learn from:

“not convinced yet? Oh, dear! You are a tough nut to crack. Why not come and check us at our showroom in Chelsea or Bath and try one for size?”

#10. SPANX

SPANX and its founder Sara Blakley go arm in arm. Both have attained cult status, and a large reason is that both Sara (the individual) and SPANX (the brand) speak to a specific person.

Sara was this person. To a large extent, still is.

She knows their pain points and the feelings they feel.

Spanx copywriting  example
Image credit: Spanx.com

SPANX is a case study of effective copywriting across the board:

#1. “SPANX founder Sara Blakely was getting set for a party when she realized she didn’t have the right undergarment to offer a smooth look under white pants” Storytelling, Check.

#2. “In March of 2012, Founder Sara spotlighted the world’s youngest, self-made female billionaire by Forbes Magazine”  Social Proof, Check.

#3. “In addition to keeping butts covered up from Savannah to Singapore,” Unique Voice, Check

#4. “SPANX also shapes the world by concentrating on our mission: To assist women to feel great about themselves and their potential.” Evoking Emotion and Creating Community, Check.

Above all, SPANX is always down to earth and on a level with its customers and prospects.

They know who they are speaking to, and they know how to speak with them: informal, on the level, plainspoken, and down to earth.


Marketing without an effective copy is like laying the floor plan for a house and forgetting to add the stairs.

Copywriting is a valuable part of your marketing campaigns and neglecting it can lead to a disconnect or failure to reach your prospects, just as a house meant to have stairs loses the connection between floors and people get not find a way to get in.

Effective copy, like stairs, is necessary to reach where you are trying to go

What many marketers and companies don’t realize is that effective writing can make or break their marketing campaigns.

Effective copy does the following:

#1. Draws customers in

#2. Promotes the company image

#3. Most importantly, effective Copy Sells like hotcakes

It only takes one spelling error to knock your company’s professional image down and bury it in the trenches. Beyond issues with simple grammar, bad copywriting is boring and causes prospects to leave your website and not finish reading your content.

The content you write should give you the platform to express your creativity and showcase the originality of your brand. As a business, you want to get the most out of your time and money. an effective copy will make sure that your marketing investments are not a waste.

For these reasons, I have handpicked 10 choicest effective copywriting examples to look at and draw inspiration to make yours even more effective. 

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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