Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions!

AdsTargets advertiser program allows advertisers to create their text/banner pay per click ads and advertise it in our network and partner websites. AdsTargets gives you complete control on your ads and your expenditure on each and every ad.
Signing in AdsTargets advertiser program is very simple. You may just click here to register with us and start advertising.
Advertiser ads will be displayed on our network sites, search engines as well as our partner.
Each and every click you are getting for your ads are gone through so many verification procedures and it will be counted only if it is identified as a legitimate click. Our fraudulent click tracking system is well capable of identifying all invalid/repeated clicks as well as fraudulent publisher clicks.
Advertiser payments are powered by paypal. Even if you do not have a paypal account, you can go ahead and pay using your credit card in the same paypal payment gateway.
While creating a new ad campaign, you can specify the maximum monthly budget for this ad. Once your ad reaches that limit for a month, it will stop showing up from our network/partner websites.
We have a click rate suggestion feature which will give you an optimal click bid rate for each keyword for your ads. If you set it to the suggested click rate, your ads will be displayed more often in our network/partner websites.
No. Currently you cannot transfer money from your publisher account to advertiser account. Both accounts are maintained separately and inter-account operations are not allowed.

Publisher Frequently Asked Questions!

AdsTargets Ad Network publisher program is an advertising partnership program that will let publishers display ads in their websites and will get paid for all legitimate clicks on ads. Publishers are free to join the system and can start displaying ads on their websites immediately.
Signing in AdsTargets Ad Network publisher program is very simple. You may just click here to register with us and start showing up ads in your website.
Ad formats are pretty simple to manage and you can create your ad block code yourself. You may decide how many text ads you would like to show as well as the banner ad formats.
Ad display code generated for the search engine is specifically for search engines which will show ads depends on the exact keyword match for the keyword used to search. Code for content pages will identify the theme and content of the page automatically and show relevant ads.
You may place any number of ad blocks in your webpage. But for each subsequent ad code, we recommend you to generate the display code again.
Yes, you can restrict ads of your competitors from showing up in your website. While creating the ad block, you may select the ads from websites which you want to exclude.
Currently we support Paypal and Check withdrawals. You may raise a withdrawal request from your publisher login area.
You may raise a withdrawal request if you have at least $45 in your account.

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